Acer Aspire TC 865 UR14 Desktop Review


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  • Overall performance is solid
  • Price is affordable
  • Good amount of memory
  • Small size ideal for office work
  • Design is great


  • Graphics is not great
  • Storage could be better
  • Gets little bit warm at times
  • Little bit loud too
  • Not easy to avail


If you are on the lookout for a high-end computer with a smart design and all the latest and advanced features this Acer PC has all for you. It not only offers a sleek and smart look but at the same time offers an impressive performance too with high speed and immersive sound for the ultimate user experience as well.

It also offers fast connectivity. It is a Multi-functional computer that is suited to meet any need that you may be looking for. Thus it is a true value for the money you would invest in it and is an ideal buy for sure in the current web scenario.

Acer Aspire TC 865 UR14 Desktop & Variants Price


Acer Aspire TC 865 UR14 Desktop

The Acer Aspire range is its premium range wherein you can avail highly sophisticated computers that are ideal to suit the needs of the current scenario.

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In this range, the Acer Aspire TC- 865 U 14 Desktop computer is at the very top of this range.

It is a multi-tasking desktop that is provided with all the latest and the most advanced features that enables it to deliver the very best.

Whether it is speed or whether it is graphics or storage and connectivity this desktop is designed to deliver top-quality results and is one of the most reliable computers that you would find in the desktop market at present.

So all in all in terms of reliability this is one computer that is difficult to match. Check out best desktop brands.

Buy For: Overall performance is solid | Price is affordable

Beware Of: Graphics is not great

Design & Build

The smart design of this computer enables it to make it a versatile computer that is ideally suited to meet different needs.

On the other hand, it is a very sleek and attractive look too. The design has a smooth hairline finish that provides this desktop with a very stylish look as well.

It has been designed in a way that makes it very fast and at the same time in terms of graphics and audio it provides a superb user experience.

With the dimensions of 13.78 X 6.42 X 13.39 inches and 15.42 pounds weight, it is very compact and is quite light too.

Everything put together this is one of the finest computers right now in terms of design for sure.


Loaded with the most high-end features this Acer desktop computer delivers the ultimate performance that any user seeks.

It is loaded with all the latest and the most advanced features that would surely delight you.

To begin with, it is powered by the highly powerful 9th Generation Intel Core i-5 9400 Computer owing to which it generates very high speeds that are desired for most computing jobs in the current web scenario.

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To go along with the same this Acer Computer also has the highly advanced Intel UHD Graphics 630 for crystal clear images and it can also support 2 HDMI Ports for the best effects.

Apart from this for a completely immersive experience this desktop computer audio-wise as well.

This is owing to the HD Audio with the 5 in 1 Channel Surround Sound that enables it to deliver crystal clear acoustics as well.

So with it, you could have a complete theatre-like experience as well.

What is also great about this Acre Computer is that it has the 16 Liter Chassis which means that there is plenty of space for a lot more that can be added based on needs.

You would also be availing of the Acer Care center that provides a whole range of device-related services.

So you can be sure that you have a hassle-free experience in terms of performance.

Storage & RAM

Speaking of storage and RAM you would be happy to know that this has been provided with the more than sufficient 1 TB of Hard Disk Drive that is ideal for the current web scenario where large storage is a basic need.

To go along with the same you can also have the 8 GB DDR 4 RAM with which this computer performs multiple tasks with seamless ease.

Ports & Connectivity

Coming to ports you would be happy to know that this Acer Desktop has 2 HDMI ports and 1 VGA Port for the best video output.

It also has many USB Ports. This means that you can easily plug in all your key devices.

When it comes to Connectivity it can easily be connected both over the 802. Ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 which are some of the best connectivity options that are currently available in the market.

So you can enjoy the fastest connectivity at all times enabling you to enjoy all the latest movies and entertainment without any interruptions.

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Additional Features

When it comes to Additional features this premium Acer Desktop has the preloaded Windows 10 Home one of the best-operating systems that helps to enhance the functionality of the computer multifold and makes it very versatile as well.

It also has an 8X DVD Writer Double-Layer Drive that is very useful as an additional feature.


What Do Users Think about Aspire TC 865 UR14?

If you are to scan the user reviews of this Acer PC you would see that most users are very happy using the product and this computer has a high user rating.

Some are very happy with the fact that the installation process is very easy. Some also feel that the PC is fast and fairly priced.

Other Expert Views

PC Benchmark is saying they are quite happy with this Acer Desktop and feel that it is one of the best available in the market currently at this price range.

The graphics are no doubt saying the best of it. Large amounts of data can be taken into consideration. It is good for games depending on the card you insert.

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