Acer TC-885-UA92 Desktop Review

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Acer TC-885-UA92 Desktop


Value for Money Score


Reliability Score


Performance Score


Specifications and Features Score


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  • Solid performance numbers
  • Good connectivity
  • 512GB SSD storage
  • Nice Price
  • Highly Portable


  • Case is a little tight
  • Not easily available
  • Slight hardware issues with time
  • Little bit loud
  • Gets hot with time


If you are planning to buy a desktop computer then Acer is definitely a brand that is very reliable indeed; besides this desktop which is loaded with the host of advanced features makes it very attractive indeed.

Given the price at which it is available this Acer desktop computer is something which you definitely consider buying to meet your specific computing needs.

Acer TC-885-UA92 Desktop & Variant PC Price


When it comes to Desktop Computer or for that matter any computer device, ACER is one of the most renowned and popular brands worldwide.

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The T Series Desktop Computers are the ones which truly live to the reputation of this reliable brand.

If you have the creativity and looking for really demanding jobs like editing home videos or combining photo albums, this Acer desktop is absolutely ideal.

Acer Aspire TC-885-UA92 Desktop

Buy for: Solid performance numbers | Good connectivity

Beware of: Case is a little tight

Best uses for: business purposes, education, home entertainment, music production.

The alternatives:


The Acer TC-885-UA92 Desktop Computer has been smartly designed which gives it a very smart and attractive look and also delivers top performance as well.

It is compact which is why it can be kept in a small space.

Acer TC-885-UA92 Desktop Interior View

What is also great about the design is that it has been done in a way that it is easily expandable to meet future needs as well.


Powered by the 9th Generation Intel Core i5-9400 processor this Acer Desktop Computer offers superb speed.

Besides it also comes in preloaded with the most advanced operating system in the form of the Windows 10 Home Operating System.

The combination helps it deliver great performance. Apart from this the desktop computer also has the best quality graphics and is designed for making the most demanding jobs like home video editing and compilation of photo albums simple.

Storage & RAM

For Storage, this Acer Desktop Computer has the 512 GB SSD, which is the standard storage capacity for the current web scenario.

Acer TC-885-UA92 Desktop SSD Storage

It has the 12 GB DDR4 RAM as well. This configuration is way above the standard capacity. Check out desktop pc brands list.

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Acer TC-885-UA92 Desktop RAM

Ports & Connectivity

The Acer TC-885-UA92 can be connected over Wi-Fi, over Ethernet LAN and Bluetooth 5.0 as well.

Acer TC-885-UA92 Desktop Wi-Fi Adapter

Besides it also has many USB, HDMI & VGA Ports as well.

Acer TC-885-UA92 Desktop Rear Ports

Thus getting connected with the desktop computer is simple and easy.

Acer TC-885-UA92 Desktop Front Ports

Additional Features

This Acer Desktop Computer is loaded not only with the most advanced regular features and along with the same, but it also has some useful additional features as well.

These include the 8 X DVD Writer Double-Layer Drive. This is very useful indeed.


What Do Users Think about Acer TC-885-UA92?

The Acer Aspire TC-885-UA92 offers stellar productivity and great performance with its ultra-tech processor and also this device has some unique features which are very useful to the users.

This device offers SSD storage and Intel 9th generation processor which are the best configuration for getting satisfactory performance.

On the other hand, if a user wants to play modern, updated, high graphical games and at the same time he wants to perform multitasking jobs, then this device is the perfect one for him.

But in this product optical drive feature is missing which embarrass some user at some point.

Our Testing & Analysis Report

Based on the performance of the Acer TC-885-UA92, we can confidently say that it is a highly reliable device for any business environment. It smoothly handles all business-related software.

We tested separate software for accounting, data management, and inventory management, as well as Microsoft Office Suite, QuickBooks, and Trello on this PC. It processed these applications seamlessly.

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Additionally, its advanced wireless connectivity greatly enhanced our multitasking experience while working with various casual applications in our daily computing activities.

This device is an excellent choice for education-related purposes. We used it for online research, accessing online educational platforms, and attending lectures.

Running Google Chrome, Microsoft Teams, and Moodle on this device, we did not encounter any major technical glitches.

Furthermore, this device is also well-suited for entertainment purposes. In addition to watching various downloaded movies, we browsed various online platforms such as Netflix and Disney Hotstar.

We also used this device for listening to music and podcasts, as well as playing some basic video games. It performed smoothly for all these purposes.

While the Acer TC-885-UA92 is not specifically designed for professional music production, it performed reasonably well for basic music creation. We used it to record, edit, and mix audio tracks.

With its efficient configurations, it easily processed these tasks. However, we did encounter an issue with overheating, which was a significant concern.

The main applications we ran for music production were Ableton Live, Audacity, and Native Instruments Komplete.

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