Acer TravelMate P6 Laptop Review


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  • Light and compact
  • Long battery life
  • Suitable for operational and non-operational task
  • Faster Performance
  • Secure


  • Average Design
  • No touchscreen
  • Average Fingerprint reader
  • Average Keyboard and touchpad
  • Slightly pricey


The Acer TravelMate P6 laptop will not only serve the corporate goers but it also serves the normal consumers. It is affordable and has advanced features for corporate use. Very classy and is very secure.

Acer TravelMate P6 Laptop & Variants Price

Acer TravelMate P6 Laptop Overview

Acer TravelMate P6 Laptop

Reliability is an important factor and the Acer TravelMate P6 is quite a reliable laptop. This device serves well for office use.

The design of this machine is not so catchy. It is not made for its outward design. Therefore, it comes with an average design. But behind this average design lies the better performance of the laptop.

Since it is quite reliable like the other laptops, it is very lightweight and durable. Making it suitable for office work. It falls under the mid-range laptops, which is business oriented.

The focus is given on the performance more, because it is suitable to offer security and good performance to it’s users. Acer TravelMate P6 comes with a standard OS and proper connectivity.

This makes it efficient for travelers as well as business professionals. It not only provides better performance but it even provides proper security and durability.

The fingerprint reader serves just right when it comes to security. The fingerprint reader is average but workable. Therefore, it ensures that the data of the users’ are safe and secure.

The Acer Travelmate P6  gives a tough competition to the other office laptops in the market. Because it is not only for business professionals but also for regular use as well.

Very suitable for corporate users and normal consumers as well. Lastly, if one is looking for a better laptop with good performance, security, and is affordable then the Acer Travelmate P6 is reliable and a good option to go for.

Buy for: Lightweight, long battery life, fast performance, secure.

Beware of: Basic design, average touchpad and keyboard, no touchscreen.

Best Uses for: Travel, small business, normal use, internet browsing and other purposes.

Best Alternatives: Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5, Acer Swift 3, Microsoft Surface Laptop Go

Design & Build

The Acer TravelMate P6 comes with a very simple and plain black design cover. The logo is situated at the side in silver. Giving it a classy look for corporate users.

The lid is black and gives a matte finish keeping it simple and professional, both on the interior as well as the exterior. With a simple and sleek look, it even comes with flexible hinges.

Since it is a travel laptop, the weight of the Acer TravelMate P6 is very light and is very portable. Weighing only 2.6 pounds which is suitable to carry as well as to travel.

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The TravelMate P6 is an “ultraportable” laptop because of how light the laptop is. The machine is not so bulky and heavy. It is of 12.8 x 9.06 x 0.65 inches dimension and easy to carry.

These features are very classy and meant to last for a longer period of time. The keyboard is an average backlit keyboard like the other business laptops.

The Acer TravelMate P6 does not come with a touch screen like the other high-end laptops. It is sufficient for its size and performance.

Therefore, the touchscreen does not become a necessity if one purchases this laptop. Providing a professional 14.0 full HD, 1920 x 1080 wide led-backlit IPS display screen resolution is very suitable and reliable for presentations and meetings.

It is adequate for the users to view extreme angles without any distortion as well. Lastly, it is a very hardy device with a military tough grade which means that the laptop is very tough.

It even has the capacity to function in tough situations and can work under a lot of pressure. It contains 8 key U.S military testing standards.

The laptop can function in extreme conditions like drops, rain, and even daily life challenges. Therefore even though it is a mid-range laptop it is very durable and tough.

The built and the distinctive feature of the Acer TravelMate P6 provides the user with a product that is tough as well as hardy with the protection of the product in challenging conditions.

It is lightweight which is a very good combination for a professional and business laptop. Check out most reliable laptop manufacturers.


This system is well known for its durability and weight but there is another feature that the Acer TravelMate P6 is known for, the performance. Immune to the serious and heavy workload, the laptop can perform larger tasks like spreadsheet, video transcoding.

The processor in this machine is an integrated processor. It comes with 2 variants providing more or less the same performance.

The first one is the 8th Generation Intel Core i5-8265u processor containing the processor count of four. It operates at a speed of 1.6 GHz base frequency.

It can be extended up to 3.9 GHz using the Intel Turbo Boost Technology including 6MB smart cache. The second one, is somewhat the same as the first variant but it contains the vPro processor.

It comes with the 8th Generation Intel Core i5-8365u vPro processor. It operates at a speed of 1.6 GHz base frequency.

But it can be extended up to 4.1 GHz using the Intel Turbo Boost Technology including 6 MB smart cache.

The third variant is the i7 variant which is the i7-8565u, it operates at a speed of 1.8 GHz base frequency and can be extended up to 4.6 GHz using the Intel Turbo Boost Technology including 8 MB smart cache.

The Acer TravelMate P6 comes with integrated graphics. It comes with Intel UHD graphics 620 which is suitable for daily computing and office work.

Intel Turbo Boost Technology which can be extended is very suitable and efficient to perform corporate tasks as well as daily computing tasks.

The smart cache, on the other hand, plays its part in speed and performance well on the device.

The i5 variants come with the Intel UHD graphics 620 which is suitable for daily computing and office work, tasks that do not require intensive work related to graphics since it is a corporate and business laptop.

The graphics are not a necessity. Whereas the i7 variant comes with Intel UHD graphics 620 and also with Nvidia MX250 graphics which is suitable for light and low-resolution gaming.

Therefore high-end graphics are not needed in this device since it’s made for IT sectors and professional office use.

The Windows 10 Pro OS or the Operating System is suitable for computing professional and cooperative tasks on the Acer TravelMate P6.

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The performance of many mid-range laptops is less than the ones provided by Acer.

This machine is a first-class, corporate laptop that provides one of the best speed and performance for the users.

RAM & Storage

This system consists of three specific variants which consist of different RAM and storage.

The first and the second variant is the i5 variant consisting of 8GB DDR4 RAM for onboard memory, the PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive is of 256 GB making it suitable and efficient.

The other variant which is the i7-8565u variant comes with the 16GB DDR4 onboard memory, the PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive or SSD is 512 GB which is slightly more than the i5 variant.

And therefore both the variants contain different capacities of storage.

Ports & Connectivity

The ports and connectivity are based on the two sides of the laptop. One is on the left side and the other is on the right side.

There are few ports on the left side and a few on the right side. The left view of the laptop contains the Ethernet port (RJ-45), it consists of 10/100/1000 based networks.

The next is the VGA port or external display port it connects to an external monitor LCD projector or any display device, the HDMI 2.4 with HDCP is also present which supports the digital connection which is of high definition.

The USB or the Universal Serial Bus, the USB type-C, or the Thunderbolt 3 port whose transfer speed is up to 40 Gbps.

Which connects to a USB device that adopts the type C connector. Lastly, comes the headset speaker jack which connects the audio device like the microphone speaker and headset.

Then comes the ports on the right. The first is the USB port which connects to USB devices. The USB port which connects to USB devices.

The USB port of power-off charging and the last is the DC-in jack which connects to an AC adaptor. The machine also comes with Bluetooth 4.2.

The port and connectivity in the Acer TravelMate P6 are reliable and proper for many computing tasks.

Battery Life

The device or the system is battery powered. The battery is a lithium ion battery.

The Acer TravelMate P6 is known for its long lasting battery and fast charging. It contains up to 12 hours of battery life.

The Power capacity is up to 100% in just 2 hours with fast charging.

It helps the users working in an office, to work more on the laptop even when they do not have any access to charging in front of them.

Additional Features

Some features which do not fall under, but are the most efficient and very reliable. These features make the machine more efficient for users.

The first feature is the security feature. The security feature used in Acer TravelMate P6 is the fingerprint reader.

The Acer bio protection fingerprint solution on the power button featuring computer protection. The fingerprint reader is an average fingerprint reader.

But is very reliable for the machine. it is situated on the power button making it easier for the user to spot.

 The next is the webcam which is one of the best features of the Acer TravelMate P6. It has a Hello Certification HD webcam 1280 x 720 for Windows supporting super high dynamic range.

The camera shutter which comes on top of the webcam can be closed when the camera or the webcam is not in use. It helps in protecting one’s privacy and making it a secure device.  The webcam is very efficient for Skype meetings and other purposes.

This machine provides a first-class user experience. Which consists of greater clarity and high quality audio for better audio performance.

It also consists of a 4 mic array that picks up vocals which are even 13 feet away from. It even consists of dual speakers for proper audio experiences.

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These audio features enhance the conference calls on Skype or any other platform for business use.


  • Brand: Acer
  • Screen: 14 Inches
  • Display: 1920 x 1080
  • Storage: 256GB
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Storage Type: SSD
  • RAM Type: DDR4 SDRAM
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-8265U
  • Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620
  • Processor Speed: 1.6 GHz and up to 3.9 GHz with Turbo Boost
  • Processor Brand: Intel
  • Product Dimensions: 12.80 x 9.06 x 0.65 inches
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro

What Do Users Think About Acer TravelMate P6?

Reviews regarding the Acer TravelMate P6 from normal users to the professional users, corporate users as well as others, all of them had both positive as well as negative responses about the machine.

Many users were very satisfied with the product which was provided by Acer. As a corporate laptop, full features and as well as speed and performance match up to the level of proper mid-range laptops.

Many IT buyers have also purchased the Acer TravelMate P6 because of its lightweight and security options.

Making it one of the best corporate laptops in the market. Many users are also content with the military testing results and have believed that it is tougher and one should not only go for its lightweight but should also know that it is a very tough and handy laptop.

Its performance and productivity for work have also become a plus point for the laptop.

Because of its flexible hinges and fast battery, the laptop lasts longer and will not cause problems in the future, if handled properly.

The components are also up to date and have enough connectivity and ports. Check out Acer TravelMate P6 Manual.

There were a few negative responses regarding this machine. Many users have also had complaints regarding the unreliable fingerprint reader because many of them cannot log in because of the average fingerprint reader.

Which is integrated into the device. Many are disappointed with the keyboard as well as the Touchpad for being average like the fingerprint reader.

Lastly, many have also complained about the high price and how expensive this mid range laptop can be regardless of the variant.

Many have also got confused between the gaming laptops and the Acer Travelmate P6, because of this being expensive.

Both variants are a bit more expensive than the normal midrange laptops. And there are better alternatives than this machine.

Users who have purchased or do have used the Acer TravelMate P6 have many good reviews and many good responses to say than the complaints.

Other Expert Views

PCMag reviews Acer TravelMate P6 to be a red laptop which is used for business purpose which contains a generous number of ports with a thin and light chassis this is a potential choice for many travelers.

TechRadar reviews Acer TravelMate P6 having a dull exterior but to its surprise, it consists of better battery life and a brilliant selection of features. They are fascinated about how good the performance is as well as its battery life even though the machine offers a very basic and bland exterior.

ExpertReview response on the Acer TravelMate P6 is that it is a well equipped business laptop. But it misses the mark with the average screen which is provided on the laptop.


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