Acer Veriton M4660G Desktop Review – Price & Specs

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  • The user can attach multiple display units.
  • Quad-Core processor offers quite standard performance in its class.
  • This device has plenty of useful USB ports.
  • The PC is available at an affordable price tag.
  • An optical drive is present in this budget friendly system.


  • This device does not have any dedicated graphics card.
  • The Ram capacity is only 4 GB.
  • SSD drive is missing in this basic system.
  • This PC lacks an advanced cooling system.
  • No display unit is attached to this specific package.

Read Acer Veriton M4660G desktop review and see the price. Being an international desktop provider, Acer has varieties of desktops. Products of Acer are famous for offering quite satisfying performance.

This Acer Veriton M4660G desktop is one of the best choices for beginners and casual users. It is a very basic system. One can’t expect very high-level processing from this PC.

At a decent price tag, it offers quite standard performance in its class. The casual users will be happy by regularly using this PC for easy to moderate tasks.

Acer Veriton M4660G Desktop & Variants Price

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Acer Veriton M4660G Desktop Review

Acer Veriton M4660G Desktop

Buy for: This PC of Acer is available at a pocket-friendly price. Besides, very useful USB ports, inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity is also present there. The gamers and the high-end users have to avoid this deal. As it has very basic configurations, its processing speed can’t satisfy the high-end users.

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Beware of: It is a very basic system; so high-end users and gamers need to avoid it. Its processing capabilities are also limited.

Best uses for: Elementary Students, browsing internet and other purposes.

Best alternatives: Acer Aspire TC-885-UA91 and Lenovo IdeaCentre 3


This device is a perfect choice for those, who search for a basic setup at an affordable price. It is also a very great deal for the beginners. One can also place this PC of Acer at any commercial or business place to perform basic to moderate tasks. 

Design & Build

This device does not have any great or attractive outfits. It comes with a very regular outfit.  Black is the most common color variant of this product.

There are plenty of useful USB ports on the cabinet and there are sufficient air vents, at the rear side of this product.

One can easily locate an optical drive at the front panel of this PC. It does not occupy a huge space on the disk but it is not a compact product.

This computer measures 16.91 x 6.89 x 14.82 inches. The manufacturer makes this PC quite steady and its build quality is also quite good.


This device offers quite a decent performance according to its configuration.

It doesn’t have very high configurations; even we can say its configurations are of low level when we consider it with the other products of this generation.

In order to cut down this PC’s price, the company doesn’t attach any advanced configurations in it.

So, from this type of product, one can’t expect very high performance. But, the beginners and the casual users can be satisfied by using this budget PC.

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It comes with a quad core processor; named Intel Core i3-8100. One can get an average clock speed of 3.6 GHz from this processor.

This processing speed is quite standard to perform easy to moderate tasks. The processor can easily handle the workloads of elementary students.

This PC doesn’t have any dedicated graphics unit. So, its graphical performance is not so strong.

But for handling some basic graphical contents, it has inbuilt Intel UHD Graphics 630. It is capable of handling basic HD videos.

But it is advised not to run any HD game or 4K contents in it, else the PC can be hanged.

Windows 10 Professional is the OS, on which this affordable PC runs.

The users can transform this basic PC to a device with great responsiveness only after upgrading its components.

Storage & RAM

In terms of storage and RAM configurations, this PC also disappoints the high-end users. It comes with a DDR4 RAM of only 4 GB.

This RAM is efficient only to perform some basic day-to-day tasks. The RAM is so inefficient that if the user scans any large PDF, the PC gets hanged.

So, in order to cope with the huge tasks of this generation the users need to upgrade its RAM capacity in a very short time.

The PC also lacks an SSD drive. It doesn’t process any SSD. It comes with a HDD of 500 GB which runs at 7200 RPM.

So, as we can see the storage capacity of it is also not promising.

The users of this generation need to use an external storage or have to enhance the storage’s capacity by installing additional storage units.

To keep the purchasing price of it low, Acer doesn’t add any updated components in it.  

Ports & Connectivity

The ports and connectivity segment of this PC is the only portion that doesn’t disappoint any customer.

It has both inbuilt Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. This product of Acer is compatible with 802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi.

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Inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity of version 5.0 is also available in this computer.  By using this duo the user can connect various peripherals externally and wirelessly to the main system.

One USB 3.1 Type C Gen 1 port is present at the front side of this device.

Total 3 USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports are present in this product. 2 of them are located at the rare side of the product and one of them is located at the front side of it.

On the rare side of the PC, there are 2 USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports and 4 USB 2.0 ports. 2 display ports and one HDMI port are also present in this device.

So, the users can attach multiple monitors with this PC to create a proper working environment.

One VGA port and a total of 5 audio ports are also present in this device.

Additional Features

The desktop doesn’t process any advanced cooling system. It comes with some cooling fans.

There are plenty of air vents in the cabinet but its overall cooling capabilities are also limited. So, the users can face heating issues with this product.

The cooling fans of it also create some irritating noise.

The internal portion of this PC is quite spacious and the users can easily upgrade this product to make the device an efficient one.


What Do Users Think About Acer Veriton M4660G?

The beginners and budget users are satisfied by using this budget-friendly product.

But the one who wants quality performance is disappointed by experiencing this system.

Except the price, useful ports, and connectivity options, nothing of it is appreciable.

It is a very basic system made to perform basic tasks. Check out Veriton M4640G Support.

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