Alienware Area 51 R4 Review – Pros, Cons, Specs

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  • Expensive
  • Motherboard issues
  • Loud at times
  • Little bit slow compare to others
  • Ugly interiors

Alienware Area 51 R4 gaming desktop is designed with extreme fineness. Powered by intelligent assembling of top-in-class hardware components, the desktop does not fail to deliver at any point of time. Check out Best Price and Alienware Area 51 R4 Review.

Alienware Area 51 R4 & Variants Price

Alienware Area 51 R4 Review

Buy For: Two graphic cards | Rock-solid build quality

Beware Of: Motherboard issues


This Alienware gaming desktop offers uncompromising performance due to assortment of the best-in-class components under the lid. Though designed for the hard-core gaming enthusiasts, it is a versatile system capable of handling a variety of memory-hungry tasks in addition to high-end games.

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Design & Build

For the gaming aficionados, speed and overall performance are most important criteria when buying a gaming device.

However, design is also a crucial aspect and should not be ignored. When it comes to design and build of Alienware Area 51 R4 gaming desktop, our experts cannot help but praising its fineness and sophistication in disguise of amazing simplicity.

The model looks smart and innovative from every angle. Check out Top 10 Dell Gaming Desktop PC.

On top of style, sturdy body feels like a cherry on the cake as it assures users of its lasting for years.


This Alienware gaming desktop draws its power from Intel 7thgeneration i9-7920X Skylake-X 12-Core16.5MB Cache processor.

The processor having normal clock speed of 2.9 GHz can pick up speed as high as 4.3 GHz. With an incredibly powerful processor anchored inside the box, the gaming system is capable of delivering up to promises.

Provided the setting is perfect, expect to enjoy a seamless gaming experience. Play the latest games and you are less likely to experience any hiccups.

In a word, Alienware Area 51 R4 offers superlative performance for an invigorating gaming, multimedia and entertainment experience.

Storage & RAM

The gaming device offers plenty of storage space to help users save text files, gaming videos, apps and others.

The device houses 4TB HDD that spins at 7200 RPM. Furthermore, it comes with 2TB SSD as if 4TB HDD is not enough.

You can retrieve any of the stored files within the blink of an eye and the same is true while saving files.

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The gaming desktop makes room for 64GB DDR4 SDRAM. The powerful processor, heavy storage area and RAM size makes a great combo to boost up its performance to the sky level.

Ports & Connectivity

The gaming device features the right types of ports. Check out Best Dell Desktop Computers.

In addition to keyboard and mouse, you will be able to plug in a number of external devices as per your requirements.

Additional Features

The gaming desktop runs on Windows 10 OS and its hardware components are compatible with this high-end operating system.

It houses 2x SLI NvidiaGeforce GTX 1080 TI 11GB GDDR5X – PCI Express 3.0 x16 Graphic Cards and that explains for its offering stunning visuals.


What Do Users Think About Alienware Area 51 R4?

The users are really very happy with the performance of this device but they are really concerned about its price which is too high.

But true game lovers cannot resist themselves from buying this classy, unique, updated product of Alienware. Check out best desktops list.

It is truly a gem in the segment of game. Some buyers are really very satisfied with the unique, sophisticated design of it and they are happy with its point to point performance. Check out Alienware Area 51 R4 Manual.

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Other Expert Views

According to Tomsguide, a widely known review site, this product has truly attractive design which supports latest Intel Core i9 processor and the future of the product helps it to run and process huge amount of data in a very small time. The LED lit design also makes the product classy.

According to digitaltrends, design and internal layout of this product are really of world class. The users can enjoy a vivid experience of virtual world by using this promising product.

The powerful processor which mixes with great RAM and dual graphics card makes the product more powerful which helps the users to enjoy games with great excitement.

Techspot also says that the product provide great performance and its great looks also attract users. This device doesn’t create any sound while running games and its superb build quality and great processor are always ready to run any operation at any time.

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