Alienware Aurora R5 Review – Pros, Cons, Specs

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  • Toolless access for internals
  • Relatively compact design with Futuristic looking
  • It gets under loaded very quiet'
  • Generous warranty
  • Highly equipped for Stellar gaming performance


  • Storage expandability for midtower has a limited Hard Drive
  • Baresteel case inside
  • All plastic exterior
  • Price gets higher on more options
  • Availability is a issue

It is needless to say, that expert and enthusiastic gamers extremely opt for specially designed and equipped gaming desktops. Read authentic Alienware Aurora R5 review with all details.

Actually they know how to utilize such gaming PCs well. Keeping the factors of fastest performance and gamer comfort in mind.

These desktops are powered with high-tech features and upgraded technology, so that the PCs can play a variety of graphically rich gaming titles every now and then.

If you peep into the features and iconic design of Alienware gaming desktops, you will find them just amazing.

The present blog has attempted to throw significant light on the attributes of one of the best Alienware gaming PCs – Aurora R5. Alienware Aurora R5 Review is discussed in details.

In the global computing world, Alienware is an awe-inspiring name, especially for its association with Dell.

Therefore, Alienware Aurora R5 may hold a top position in your list of gaming PC choices. It is an impressive gaming rig to create a huge impact on your mind.

Let’s have a look at its detailed specs and benefits as a versatile gaming desktop. Check out Best Dell Desktop Computers.

Alienware Aurora R5 & Variant Price

Alienware Aurora R5 Review

Alienware Aurora R5 Review

Buy for: Relatively compact design and Stellar gaming performance

Beware of: All plastic exterior

Best uses for: Gaming. Xbox, video editing, game development and other purposes.

If you take interest in buying a brilliant gaming PC with plenty of upgradable options, you should assess the features and specifications of Alienware Aurora R5 without any further thought.

Yes, Upgradability is something which every gaming desktop should offer. It is one of the greatest benefits of possessing a gaming PC as well.

Most of the newbie gaming desktops may not be handy with advanced tools and up gradable features.

If you find yourself unable to upgrade the graphics card of your gaming PC in the upcoming years, where will you get sheer advantage to own such PC?

Alienware Aurora R5 handles this concern with spectacular outcomes. It has smart chassis to allow you to access every component without any hassle as well as let you remove storage drives and graphics card without touching any screw.

The device owns the signature design of Alienware to draw your attention.

Its excellent features bring a reliable starting point for amateur PC gamers whereas also being suitable for veteran and professional users. Read more about top gaming PC list.

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Specs Details:


Alienware Aurora R5 Brand Reliability

Being an integral part of Dell, Alienware is a renowned gaming brand as they provide different sorts of gaming devices, like desktops, laptops, consoles & more.

They hold more popularity for introducing alien-themed designs in the market every year. The Alienware gaming pc is heavily concerned with the tastes and wants of young generation gamers.

For the last several years, Alienware has been launching a number of best gaming desktops to justify its brand image.

Among them, Alienware Aurora R5 is an unparalleled platform of PC gaming to delight you in every aspect. Read best PC brand list.

Alienware gaming PCs are not just about game, they are versatile in one word. They can perform all the essential & professional tasks within few minutes.

They are completely for those who truly find PC gaming just irresistible. In order to fulfill this mission & make the products more reliable, Alienware concentrates on designing these desktops with powerful processor & graphics cards, HDD & solid state drive as well.


Alienware Aurora R5 Review Performance

As far as overall performance of Alienware gaming PC is concerned, the Alienware Aurora R5 is known for offering top notch performance as ever.

It is empowered by Intel Quad-Core i7-7700 processor to perform any latest gaming titles at higher speed.

Some of the demanding games like Metro Last Light, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Hitman. The Division, Battlefield 1 etc. which require immense resolution can easily be performed owing to such advanced processing power.

Alienware Aurora R5 is highly safe and suitable for 1440p gaming, although 4K gaming is also feasible in this PC.

The Aurora R5 completely supports various customizable upgrades including speed on Intel cores and additional CPU liquid cooling.


Alienware Aurora R5 Design

Just for design first, Alienware can differ from its competitor brands. Based on the user taste and considering perspective, Alienware Aurora R5 either appears as a striking, sleek gaming desktop or an extra-ordinary humidifier as well.

Its mind-blowing design in epic silver color includes the head of a tiny alien on the front to be really an Alienware.

In the device, the large, silver side panels are combined with deeply ventilated black center. This tower like Aurora R5 has got one of the finest features of its predecessors – the handles.

The convenient grips on its top & bottom have made the device utterly manageable at times.

Its space-saving silhouette can easily fit in a standard computer desk. The device owns asymmetrical and aesthetic design to meet your style.

Moreover, it comes with adjustable AlienFX lighting to provide a unique and dynamic appearance as well.

The PC also ensures silent operation to let you become engrossed in the game without any boisterous distractions. Check out best desktop computers.

Gaming PC: VR Ready

Alienware Aurora R5 Gaming PC

Alienware gaming PCs are undeniably the eminent devices all over this globe.

Being powered with superior Alienware technology, the desktops offer utmost gaming intensity and unleashed actions to satisfy sincere gamers with everything they seek for.

The designs of Alienware gaming desktops are highly tuned for ultimate and faster performance than other competitors.

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Alienware Aurora R5 is no exception at all. With first-rate Intel Core processor and NVIDIA GeForce graphics processor, this specific gaming desktop from Dell is typically a gaming stage.

It delivers the chance to experience the prospect of gaming. For incredible fluid gaming at any frame rate, this Alienware PC is a perfect choice to opt for. Just like Aurora R5, the other powerful Alienware devices are trusted by millions of expert gamers.

You can play like a champion on this Aurora R5 to ensure victory at any gaming position or critical situation.

The machine is able to create an authentic gaming world around you, also enabling you to get immersed in favorite game play.

This is a VR ready gaming PC so you don’t have to think of anything else. The gaming concepts are with finer graphics and technology are all unleashed to a perfect extent.

You can check out the best aspect in such a way in which playing games are now too much easy and effective.

This Aurora 5 is simply offering the best quality of pictures and sound quality. You can take care of all the aspects that are necessary to develop it.

Graphics Quality

Alienware Aurora R5 Graphics Quality

Being equipped with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 graphics processor, Alienware Aurora R5 often delivers speedier and finest gaming performance.

The graphics card comes with 16GB RAM for better gaming action. Due to such extra-ordinary graphical power, the Aurora R5 is perfect for gaming at UHD 4K resolutions and incredible frame rates as well.

The potential combination of GeForce GTX 1070 GPU and Intel Core i7 processor has made the device naturally robust for VR readiness, that is, first-rate virtual reality.

With this powerful combination, the Aurora R5 has undergone several benchmark tests to prove its ability.

This up gradable PC GPU creates vivid graphics as well as massive performance boost to make you reach the next level of gaming.

Furthermore, it is the high-end power supply of 1000W which gives you fullest gaming enjoyment as well.

You can never hesitate in making a huge investment on such potent configuration and CPU-GPU amalgamation.

At the same time, this Alienware Aurora variant supports dual graphics card of 300W each.

The device also features dedicated graphics quality which was typically less in previous Alienware gaming PC models. Check out Alienware Aurora R5 manual.


Alienware Aurora R5 Storage

RAM and storage are one of the important foundations of any PC setting. If you check these particular features in this Alienware Aurora device, you will be flabbergasted at once.

The desktop packs 2TB hard disk drive as well as 256 GB PCIe M.2 NVMe SSD to assure uncompromising gaming quality.

In addition to that, it is well equipped with more space which is obviously immense in terms of size. 16 GB RAM makes it easier for user to involve in multitasking without any lag or unwanted interruption.

For this reason, you can conveniently deal with some professional projects on one monitor, while playing your favorite game on another. Read more about Alienware aurora r5 desktop disassembly.


Alienware Aurora R5 Durability

This is covered with plastic and barebone are made of metal. So in this case the all plastic body can be an issue otherwise the internal barebones are durable as such.

In this case though the users can give it less marks but otherwise it is a wise pick for anyone.

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The designs of Alienware gaming desktops are highly tuned for ultimate and faster performance than other competitors.

Additional Features

Alienware Aurora R5 Additional Features

Alienware Aurora R5 offers tool-less upgradability, which is truly a lucrative benefit of having an efficient gaming PC.

If you think it absolutely problematic to take up a screwdriver in order to upgrade your gaming desktop, this Aurora R5 is entirely designed for you.

It is painlessly upgradable whenever you need to do it in future. The device features a simple and intellectual set of technical methods to enable you to access its internal components and swap out them without the help of additional tools.

You can swap out its graphics card and install a new GPU in an effortless way as well.

When it comes to the availability of essential ports & jacks, the device is a monster here too. It comes with enough inputs to connect with keyboard, mouse, monitors and controllers.

The top edge of the PC is a home to four USB 3.0 ports, single DVD-RW disc drive, microphone and headphone jacks.

The rear panel contains three USB 3.0 ports, six USB 2.0 ports, a USB Type-C port and a USB 3.1 port. Its graphics cards pack single HDMI port and three Display Ports to deliver enough space for manifold monitors.

What Do Users Think?

Alienware Aurora R5 Customer views

Our experts have talked to few users and compiled their opinion about this product.

Many expert gamers are satisfied with its blazing speed while gaming at maximum frame rates and settings.

According to them, 2 TB HDD is surely apt for creating an extensive gaming library, filled with wide-ranging online games which require latest graphics power.

But to some, the PC is not suitable for general windows activities. At the time of running those tasks, the performance speed of Aurora R5 often falls down.

Most of the users have appreciated its upgradability and top notch graphical power.

Our Verdict

Verdict On Alienware Aurora R5

Overall we would state that everything revolving around Alienware Aurora R5 feels just perfect – from processor to graphics card, from storage to RAM, from design to customizable configuration.

This living-room-ready device can be much expensive to put you into deep thought about purchase, but all its high-end features worth that investment.

The Aurora R5 houses everything you want for VR & 4K gaming in a standard size structure of premium build as well.

This tower like Aurora R5 has got one of the finest features of its predecessors – the handles. The convenient grips on its top & bottom have made the device utterly manageable at times.

So one can definitely opt for this machine and get a fine scope of a powerful VR ready machine at anywhere.

You will be getting all the all the solid pieces with this system which is coming with warranty and upgradibility options from the makers, Dell!