Alienware Aurora R7 Review: Pros, Cons & More

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Alienware Aurora R7


Value for Money Score


Reliability Score


Performance Score


Specifications and Features Score


Design Score



  • Convenient port layout
  • Customizable design
  • Slick and perfect in shape
  • CPU performance is great
  • Strong GPU and Hassle-free upgradability


  • Case is bulkier
  • Upgrables are expensive
  • Noticeable fan sound
  • Chassis lid a bit finicky
  • Metal back is of no use at all.


The device has undergone several testing and experiments with playing a variety of real-world online gaming and proved that it is extremely suitable for latest gaming titles at maximum resolutions, either 1080p or 1440p as well.

If we consider ignoring little drawbacks found in this gaming desktop, it is still a wonderful blend of power supply, coolest design and upgradability, your investment deserves at all.

The Aurora R7 is also perfect for future use since it comes with easy-to-upgrade features. This particular aspect will bring wide smile on the faces of technically expert PC gamers.

Alienware Aurora R7 & Variants Price


When it comes to set a review of this particular gaming desktop, it just seems never-ending. In every aspect, Alienware Aurora R7 is a beast after all.

Its meticulous design is capable of drawing the attentions of enthusiastic gamers and style-conscious users. This PC is the recent update offered by the brand Dell.

There is least doubt in the fact that Aurora R7 only delivers first-rate performance all around and hence it has ample power to dominate the global market and its competitors. This is a power house  of any gaming console considered by its makers.

Smooth gaming experience just like butter is sought by all performers. It will not be an exaggeration or over expectation on your part to require such performance level in a smart gaming desktop.

Alienware Aurora R7 is giving you exactly what you seek for. It comes with all the essential specs and abilities to become your companion at time of official work.

Alienware Aurora R7

As a workstation-level desktop delivers top notch performance to implement different professional strategies, gaming desktops do the same along with providing excellent gaming experience during relaxation period.

Buy for: Better customizable design, power efficiency, upgradability, performance.

Beware of: Expensive upgrades, fan noise, weight.

Best uses for: Day-to-day general computer tasks, software compiling, photo and video editing, web browsing, and watching HD contents.

The alternatives:

Specs Details:


Alienware Aurora R7 is manufactured by the brand Dell. As we all know, that Dell holds a world-leading reputation in the production of smart desktops and laptops.

Regardless of the nature of desktop, workstation or gaming, this foremost brand is extremely reliable as stated by millions of users.

The killer features of Alienware Aurora R7 are all latest technology based to improve the PC performance at longer distance.

For all sorts of 4K games, there can hardly be the best alternative to this Aurora R7.

Its iconic design, dynamic appearance and LED lighting makes the user fully engrossed in the game without any distraction. Read our 10 pc brand list.

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Brilliant gaming performance of this Aurora comes out from its 8th Gen Intel Core i7 8700 processor, no doubt at all.

Although the processor works with other key specifications, like graphics card, memory, hard drive & others, it has its own power to determine the machine efficiency.

The processor along with Nvidia GTX graphics feature is responsible for the speediest gaming performance at any resolutions, up to or over 1440 pixel. It has the standard speed of 4.6 GHz.

The solid configuration of this gaming PC can hardly do any wrong. Integrated with sizeable memory and 7200 RPM hard disk drive, the processor can create an impression on you.

Overall, Alienware Aurora R7 builds a perfect gaming environment to get immersed in. The desktop provides the ultimate pleasure and utmost comfort to PC gaming fanatics, through its hassle-free processing.

Its hexa-core CPU is potential enough to perform far better than the antecedents of this Aurora.

This is a quality performer with all the memory it is equipped. This is highlighting the special features, which are equally delivering a strong level of perfection in the graphical input.

As a workstation-level desktop delivers top-notch performance to implement different professional strategies for the games that are being played for upgrading the experience and the performances shown through it.


Searching for a powerful and all rounder gaming device than you can look after the Alienware Aurora R7 gaming desktop PC.

The spec sheet of this gaming rig is quite attractive; it is having an Intel Core i7 8700 processor followed by an NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1080 video card.

It is a great combination of both uncompromising performance and attractive aesthetic. However recently we got our hands to test this rig in our benchmark tests to check how it performs in the real world condition.

Not only it handles smooth gaming but also it is very much capable of handling day to day general computer tasks.

If you are unclear about this device we are here to clear all your queries and it is suggested to go through the article for detailed information.


If you observe closely you will notice that the Alienware Aurora R7 is dressed with an Intel Core i7 8700 processor which is from the Coffee Lake architecture.

In our single core benchmark test the CPU pops some outstanding scores producing 128 pts which is pretty good.

Speaking of the general computer tasks it seamlessly counters the jobs like web browsing, watching HD contents, compiling software, etc without any issue.

If you are planning to use this CPU for workstation purposes then you can effortlessly utilize it and it is capable enough of handling moderate workloads as well.

As far as the server workload goes it is eligible for handling minute tasks. In fact this Coffee Lake processor offers some adequate results in our multi core benchmark test pushing a figure of 972 Pts.

Even though it struggles a bit in this section, you will be unable to point out any major difference in the performance output.

Apart from that it is very much suitable and capable enough of handling 3D games effortlessly.


The Alienware Aurora R7 is planted with the NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1080 video card and it scored some great results in our benchmark test which is quite appreciating.

It is very consistent and you will hardly notice any frame drop under a heavy workload situation.

The best part of it is that it produces 130 fps in the section of average locally deformable PRT followed by 136fps in the NBody particle system which is considered to be its strong side.

However in the 3D DX9 this GPU pops 145 fps along with a score of 163% which is good.

In fact it struggles a bit in the average high dynamic range lighting offering 147 fps and in the average Parallax occlusion mapping it pushes a result of 131 fps.

Apart from that you will be able to stream high end games at the mid and at the highest setting seamlessly and can expect good frame rate as well.

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Games like CSGO, GTAV, PUBG, Fortnite you can stream at an fps range of 104 to 280 at FHD resolution without facing any major frame drops.

Gaming PC

The term “Gaming PC” is definitely meant for introducing some exclusive and upgraded features, differing from a regular PC. What are the real specs to distinguish a gaming desktop from a normal desktop? First of all, it is the discrete and advanced graphics card which can support all the widespread graphically rich gaming titles.

At the same time, fastest, unlocked CPU performance also paints a line between a gaming PC and a consumer PC.

Overclocked, high speed RAM also contributes a lot to make the former a successful gaming desktop.

Based on these high-tech features, it can be said that gaming PCs are much more durable than regular desktops.

Alienware Aurora R7 promises long-lasting performance along with offering up gradable option for the upcoming years.

You don’t have to take any extra pain for it. This process is easy and it highly effective from every way.


Alienware Aurora R7 is having a futuristic appearance in Epic Silver color, one cannot ignore. It is one of the highly attractive gaming desktops to invest in.

What grabs our attention more is the sleek and sturdy panels of the desktop. In addition to that, its three-way spectacular LED lights are an exclusive attribute to add to its attacking design.

This is a feature associated with every Alienware device as well. Aurora R7 owns a tower-like structure along with ergonomic angles and vented center panels.

However, Aurora R7 is quite weighty but that cannot be a bar to judge its important values. It has a handle-up upper structure for carrying convenience.

It is quite slimmer than other midsize desktops and hence space-saving enough to fit in a standard desk as well.

Moreover, the Aurora features thermal ergonomics for optimal air absorption on the right & front panels as well as an exhaust fan to keep the internal components cool and absolute airflow inside.

But the bare back is having no use at all as it coming without any prior concepts to rule it with any further attributes.

The design is a little bulkier than its competitor. You can compare the other gaming PCs for it. Check out best desktop computers.

Graphics Power

In terms of graphics feature, Alienware Aurora R7 is deliberately empowered with GeForce GTX 1080 graphics processor to offer top notch performance all time.

This highly advanced NVIDIA graphics card is dedicated and comes with 8 GB RAM. The combination of such graphics power and new 8th-Gen processor by Intel has made the desktop sturdy and proficient enough to handle any game you want to take part in.

Aurora R7 gaming PC is absolutely ideal to run a wide range of graphics intensive gaming like Battlefield 1, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Call of Duty, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Hitman and more.

At the same time, what differentiates Aurora R7 from its competitors to some extent is its excellent VR performance level. It has made the device absolutely ready for great virtual reality.

This VR performance offers extreme compatibility with advanced headsets. The flagship GPU by NVIDIA assures manifold enhancement in performance.

Its video memory of 8 GB GDDR5X also ensures fastest loading latency and eliminates any kind of latency if needed.


As far as storage and memory is concerned, Aurora R7 is a successful gaming PC, obviously not for every user. It comes with 16 GB RAM for absolute multitasking convenience.

Alienware Aurora R7 RAM

The RAM has the speed of 2666MHz and it can be expanded up to 64GB if required in future.

In addition to that, you will find immense 2 terabyte SATA hard disk drive and Intel Optane memory of 32GB in this high-fidelity gaming desktop.

For everyday multitasking at the time of gaming, this Aurora R7 is pretty much ideal.


You can choose from the two variants that are ruling the market. One having HDD 256 GB SSD+SATA, Graphics GTX 1070, 16 GB  RAM and Processor i7-8700.

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And another one is having RAM 16 GB RAM, OPTANE, HDD 2TB SATA, Graphics GTX 1080 and Processor Intel i7-8700, which is being discussed in detailed in this blog. Both of these versions are highly available in the online stores.

Convenience Features

This Dell gaming desktop is typically a complete PC with an array of additional features. Apart from required ports and jacks, Aurora R7 consists of a USB-C port at front panel.

Alienware Aurora R7 Front Ports

Therefore, it can easily connect or fast charge up any of your USB-C devices. The rear panel is the home to multiple USB connections, including seven USB 3.0 Ports and six USB 2.0 Ports as well.

Alienware Aurora R7 Back Ports

The PC configuration also includes an Ethernet port, an S/PDIF jack to connect to any optical audio device and a complete array of audio ports. Check out Alienware Aurora R7 manual.

The graphics card of the system sports triple Display Port connections and HDMI port, enabling you with multiple choices for connecting monitors. Like its predecessors, one of its striking features is upgradability.

The external panel setting of this Aurora allows you to upgrade or remove the internal components like graphics card, RAM, drives without the help of any tool.

What Do Users Think?

Our experts have talked to several users and compiled alienware aurora reviews from them.

This Dell flagship unit has hardly received a negative review till date. This is a glorious fact. Alienware Gaming PC Desktop Aurora R7 is just awesome, according to innumerable users and buyers.

For a serious gamer, it is able to create relevant ambience, so that he or she can concentrate fully on gaming. Sometimes the fans inside the PC can get pretty much louder, especially if you use the PC at higher limits.

Alienware Aurora R7 CPU Fan

The outer shell of the desktop is solid enough to withstand any damage. Its standard power supply is also appreciated by users. Passionate gamers love this desktop. This is more because of its amazing graphics features.

It offers finest upgradable option for future conveniences, as mentioned earlier.  Most of the avid gamers as well as regular users too highly recommend to purchase this gaming PC offered by Dell. Read alienware aurora r7 user manual.

Our Testing & Analysis Report

On our single core benchmark tests the Core i7 8700 CPU of the Alienware Aurora R7 gaming desktop scored 128 points, which is quite good to handle computing tasks like web browsing, compiling software, editing photos and videos, and watching HD contents.

As for its multi-core performance, it scored 972 points, and even higher in the 3DMark Sky Diver and Time Spy tests.

The best part of it is that it produces 130 fps in the section of average locally deformable PRT followed by 136fps in the NBody particle system which is considered to be its strong side.

The Nvidia GTX 1080 graphics card, on the other hand, scored 163% on average on the 3D DX9, rendering images at 145 fps.

It allowed us to play some high-end games and perform some GPU and CPU intensive tasks on the system such as running Adobe Photoshop, MATLAB and more.

We found that the average frame rate of the GPU ranges between 104 to 280 fps for games line CSGO, GTA V, PUBG, and Fortnite at full HD resolution without any performance drops or lags.

However, when we played games like Battlefield 1, Call of Duty, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Total War: Warhammer II, Hitman, and more, it offered quite good performance at a frame rate ranging between 60 and 146 fps on low to middle settings and 110 fps on ultra.

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