Alienware x51 R2 Desktop Review – Price, Specs, Pros & Cons

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  • Solid performance
  • Small footprint
  • Reasonably priced
  • Small-form-factor
  • A power switch


  • No room for expansion
  • Vacant drive bays
  • Not easily available
  • Loud fans
  • Support poor sometimes

Alienware has redefined power of gaming with its Area 51 R4 gaming desktop. Developed around a high-end processor and equally powerful top-in-class hardware components, the desktop easily surpasses users’ wildest expectation. Check out Alienware x51 R2 Desktop Review & Best Price.

Alienware x51 R2 & Variant Gaming Desktop Price

Alienware x51 R2 Desktop Review by Expert

Alienware x51 R2 Desktop

Buy For: Solid performance | Reasonably priced

Beware Of: No room for expansion


This Alienware gaming desktop, powered by a gang of best-in-class components, delivers unparalleled performance without any compromise. Shortage of RAM is a big issue but other important components are powerful enough to compensate for the drawback.

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Design & Build

Its matte finishing coupled with dark Chrome accent wins hearts without effort! Without any doubt, it is an eye-catching device from every angle.

With a few internal refinements and twists, the brand has made this model not only unique from others in the same category but also set it apart from the packs currently available in the market.

The device feels strong and durable. Its chassis is strong enough to sustain wears and tears from everyday use for years. Check out Top 10 Dell Gaming Desktop PC.


This Alienware gaming desktop is powered by Intel Core i5-4460 3.20 GHz processor.

With an amazingly speedy processor housed under the lid, the gaming system is able to deliver seamless and stunning performance to leave the gaming enthusiast in you satisfied.

We run a few high-end games on it and the device did not let us down at any point of time. No lags and hiccups for the memory-hungry games and apps and that sounds good for gaming aficionados.

In a word, this Alienware gaming desktop delivers incredibly outstanding performance in terms of enriching gaming and multimedia experience.

Storage & RAM

The gaming device offers an ample amount of storage space to enable users to save text files, apps, gaming videos and many more.

The gaming model accommodates 1TB of HDD. Though many gaming desktops at similar price range are offering more or less storage space, it is enough to store a larger number of text and video files as well as images.

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The gaming desktop houses 8GB of RAM. According to our tech experts, it is the most serious disadvantage of this otherwise, nearly perfect gaming desktop.

Ports & Connectivity

The gaming device has the right kinds of ports. Check out Best Dell Desktop Computers.

In addition to the most common external devices like keyboard and mouse, users can easily plug a few external devices as per their needs..

Additional Features

The gaming model runs on Windows 8.1 OS. The desktop draws support from NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750Ti for superb performance.

The device also supports wireless connectivity. Check out best desktop computers list.

Specs Details:

What Do Users Think about Alienware x51 R2?

The users are really very happy with the performance of this device because it is small in size but big on power. Check out Alienware x51 R2 Manual.

The matte-black case has a glossy-black front panel, and each side panel sports a triangular multicolour lighting assembly which attracts the users a lot and beside its design, it uses the space-saving small-form-factor (SFF) which saves user’s space which is one of the promising things of it.

This product has Intel core i3 processor of 4th generation that is quite good for multitasking or for running average quality of game but it is not a good choice for high end gamer because its specifications are not too good.

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Other Expert Views

According to Tomsguide, a widely known review site, Alienware X51 R2 is a great choice for the user who is looking for a PC with small form factor. It offers the speed and performance that a user looking for in a casual system.

According to Hot-Hardware, the Alienware X51 R2 delivers a premium gaming experience in a compact design that’s both stylish and well-suited for the living room.

PCMag also says that this Alienware X51 gives faster speed in a compact package, and its Intel CPU and Nvidia graphics card helps the device to process high end tasks smoothly.

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