Apple iMac Review: Pros, Cons, Features & More

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Apple iMac


Value for Money Score


Reliability Score


Performance Score


Specifications and Features Score


Design Score



  • Expandable RAM
  • Dulling a Hacker’s Blade
  • Various software for industry purpose
  • A Feast for the Eyes
  • Simplicity


  • Baffling mouse charging method
  • Poor audio performance
  • Availability issue
  • Expensive
  • Apple service not so fast


Lets face the truth: there is no doubt you will be working on the best desktop on earth. It is no doubt a beast and the same time it is offering you a space.

All the looks are killing and its features are no doubt giving you enough reasons to buy.Last but not the least; this latest iMac is a wonderful example of Apple’s computing platform and creative sense.

Its highly expensive price-rate is not for just backlit display, but also for high-tech Intel processor and ultra-high graphics card which are hardly available in several cost-excellent business desktops.

Apple iMac & Variants Price

6 new from $385.99
4 used from $349.00
as of September 26, 2023 11:20 pm
1 used from $466.20
as of September 26, 2023 11:20 pm
3 new from $586.99
1 used from $544.99
as of September 26, 2023 11:20 pm
5 new from $1,069.99
as of September 26, 2023 11:20 pm
3 new from $1,287.95
as of September 26, 2023 11:20 pm
2 new from $1,489.94
as of September 26, 2023 11:20 pm


The current blog is all about Apple iMac and its mind-blowing attributes. When this Apple desktop got released in the recent year, it had achieved high acclaim from different categories of critics.

The desktop is practical yet attractive in design. As usual, it is not within the reach of buyers who are on a tight budget.

As the same time, this iMac variant is not for every user, especially one who prefers it for mere personal use.

In the box, the main unit is combined with wireless keyboard and mouse which are able to act seamlessly.

It is an absolute all-in-one business desktop with high-quality chassis, finest display of large size and all other amazing hardware parts.

Apple iMac

Buy for: Multiple software support and simplicity

Beware of: Baffling mouse charging method and latest version price.

Best uses for: Creators, YouTubers, lawyers, Adobe Illustrator, video editing, photo editing, music production, Fl studio, light room, Netflix, CorelDraw, online classes, designers, bloggers, university students, teenagers, home studio and many other purposes.

The alternatives:



Apple – Identical to Reliability  desktop in possession. Such is the craze of Apple desktops, laptops, MacBook variants and other digital devices all over the globe.

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Most of the leading institutions, corporate organizations, marketing industries and varied businesses only trust on Apple computers, ensuring absolute employee convenience as well as rapid productivity.

In the recent years, Apple has acquired utmost brand reliability, not only for its ultra-high desktops & laptops, but for its highly rated tech support too.

Apple’s superiority over other existing brands has undergone several experiments and assessments to be proved right.

Every Apple device holds distinctive features and unibody design to stand apart from other brands.

The standout Apple systems are known to assure fastest, glitch free performance along with smooth typing convenience as well.


Apple iMac provides incredible performance owing to its Intel Core i5 processor of 3.1 GHz with 6 MB on-chip cache.

User can avail all the benefits from the 7th-generation quad-core processor of this Apple unit.

As a result, the desktop is a brilliant performer at any rate. It conveniently manages day-to-day heavy workloads of multiple browser tabs and clients’ chatting with utmost ease.

The stunning display of this iMac variant also adds to its top notch performance, no doubt at all.

The processor has the fastest clock speed to handle multitasking and regular business activities within few hours.

Obviously when it comes to assessing its performance, the Apple iMac is an inspiration indeed.

It turns all the impossibilities into possible executions within unexpected time and contributes to business growth and improvement to the fullest.

High-tech processor is always a key feature of any business desktop and this iMac device shows no deviation in this regard.


Speaking of reliability and top notch performance the Apple iMac AIO desktop PC is the perfect example.

If you are a content creator mostly deals with video editing, photo editing, animation, etc this machine is the ultimate one to consider.

We have put this device on our benchmark test to check its potential and to make sure that it really stands up to the claims it promises.

The variant we got our hands on having an Intel Core i5 processor embedded with 256 GB of storage there are also some more variants which you can select according to your choice.

The overall benchmark is pretty impressive and it really knocks out its opponents with ease.

As we know, the Apple iMac AIO desktop PC is planted with an Intel Core i5 10500 processor.

In our single core test it really pops some impressive scores offering 135 Pts followed by an overall percentage of 89.4%.

It easily knocks out the day to day computer tasks without any issue.

Browsing several web pages, working on office apps, preparing excel sheets, etc are just a cup of tea for this machine.

Apart from that this processor can easily tackle typical workstation jobs and can even handle modest server workloads.

However it also even stands out in the section of memory latency producing a result of 90.3 Pts which is really good.

Speaking of the multi core score it struggles a bit in this section and is capable of only producing a score of 998 Pts however higher results were expected.

In fact, speaking of consistency, this Intel Core i5 CPU is really a stable one; it offers consistent performance under every workload situation.

If you are planning to use this CPU for 3D gaming then it is a suitable one to go with.

It is capable enough of handling modern games like PUBG, Fortnite, GTAV, etc offering a fps range of about 100 to 140 which is quite manageable.

When the topic comes over streaming video games the AMD Radeon Pro 5300 video card is not the ideal choice to go with.

This video card can handle recent modern games at its lowest settings but fails to offer proper details.

In our benchmark test it offered a score of 47.4% which is not great but more than enough for day to day computer tasks only.

Apart from that the Apple iMac is not for gaming it is built to deal with professional tasks.

Business Computer

Some kinds of computer are specially designed and improved the way most of the businesses require to handle their respective fields.

With each passing day, technology has advanced so rapidly that it leads to the invention of business computers in particular.

That is the reason why business desktops stand apart from general personal computers.

They can load a variety of trendy software which helps the businesses keep the record of daily works, documents, deadlines and schedules.

If you are a professional designer, you can easily draw digitally on these workstation-level desktops as well.

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They are also speedy enough to execute various activities within few hours. You cannot end up with mentioning the advantages that an efficient office desktop can offer at times.

It is an absolute all-in-one business desktop with high-quality chassis, finest display of large size and all other amazing hardware parts.


Apple iMac has millions of fans & suitors just for its design excellence. The desktop monitor owns an elegant appearance to impress every corporate people.

At the same time, it is much more brilliant from its competitors in terms of engineering as well. It comes with a space-saving design while its edge has the thickness of 5mm.

The computer with its external accessories requires very little space on an official desk.

This Apple All-in-one is made up of brushed aluminium to appear gorgeous and sublime to viewers.

Its overall attacking design holds a strong influence to compete with the latest rivals belonging to same brand, Apple.

Moreover, the design is so simple that it makes a sense of regular business or workplace ambience as well.

Apple iMac Exterior View

Over the years, Apple iMac has serving a variety of purposes both in home and office.

You can find all the ports into the back of this all-in-one computer, which is an immense demand of several users.


Apple iMac comprises a 27-inch LED-backlit screen to add to its exclusive features.

Apple iMac Display

This large screen will equally help you to scrutinize and do all the works with perfection and quality. You will be doing the best quality work in the most efficient way you can think of.

You will be getting the provisions with touch screen and also accessible with the help of the mouse. That means navigations are easy enough to deal with the work and offer a quality output.

The Retina display owns a widescreen of 16:9 aspect ratio for offering utmost visual prominence.

It has the maximum screen resolution of 5120 x 2880 pixels to meet exact official needs. Display matters a lot since it is the most important output unit.

It shows you all the digital activities instantly to allow you to operate accordingly. With its ultra-high display technology, Apple iMac works manifold faster than its former counterparts.


This is being installed in almost all the MAC item be it a laptop or an iPhone. This will be helping you to sync and backup the machine.

This will be making the machine more strong to allow all the applications that are being needed to be sufficient.

As far as build quality is concerned, Apple desktops are truly long-lasting and scratch or dust resistant, requiring low maintenance.

It is designing a model in such a way which actually make it perfect for the users to perform activities in style.

Mac OS X

When you buy a MAC, you just rest with harmony as any type of MAC can offer you the best outout delivered.

It is being said that there are so many ways to get the best of the FreeBSD based on the Mac OS X. This is the real benefit when you are working with the advanced OS which delivers all the attempt properly.

You can get the best provisions of the MAC OS so that you can understand the real work process with the help of the technology that is ruling the world.

The processor has the fastest clock speed to handle multitasking and regular business activities within few hours.

Expandable RAM

There are 4 user available RAM slots which are actually helping you to exapand the memory anytime.

In fact it is seen that with the help of this now you can deal with many high end graphical works easily and comfortably.

These features are helping you to stay updated with style and get benifited by being stylish.

Graphics Quality

Aside from quad core processor, graphics power is another all-important specification to be mentioned in detail.

The performance level of an office computer partially depends on graphics card feature too. Apple iMac is powered with AMD Radeon HD graphics processor as well.

This dedicated graphics card is also responsible for hassle-free computing even during several workloads.

The graphics by Intel use the RAM of the system whereas dedicated graphics card comes with its own memory.

Integrated graphics card is sufficient for the things, such as, general office work, web browsing, video editing etc.

But if you are a professional designer or multimedia expert and want your iMac to execute intensive graphic jobs, you will need a dedicated Radeon graphics processor as well.

This latest graphics card is 3 times faster than its predecessors. And this smart graphics feature undeniably can put your innovative design ideas into action without creating any trouble.

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Storage or hard disk drive is one of the basics of any desktop. This Apple iMac houses a 256 GB SSD to store everything as per your desire.

This standard amount of storage is able to secure many of your official data, documents, worksheets, high resolution images, videos etc.

The system is well equipped with 8 GB RAM to support multitasking to a great extent.

Although Apple iMac offers excellent memory and storage quality as well as capacity as all other branded desktops do, you may find it inadequate for your massive official requirements.

Especially 256 GB drive space cannot be enough to store a variety of official projects, presentations, 4K videos and audio versions as well.

Still, Apple iMac can be one of the finest options to take intense corporate loads on a regular basis, if you ignore this drawback. Check out Apple iMac manual.

Convenience Features

Apple iMac is the ultimate all-in-one business essentials for its several additional features.

Apart from next generation Intel Core processor and high-end graphics power, it also embraces Thunderbolt I/O technology for fastest and hassle-free data transfer.

The display contains a FaceTime HD camera to provide you with the facility of full-screen video conferencing.

This FaceTime-enabled device comes with built-in Wi-Fi connection, as most of the users want in an office desktop.

As for operating system, the Apple iMac runs on Mac OS X to support a wide range of trendy apps and software.

It has got dual Thunderbolt 3 ports which are definitely versatile and powerful, according to Apple.

Apple iMac Ports

This also consists of three USB 3.0 ports for multiple connectivity options. It enables you to connect several USB peripherals to the main unit whenever required.

When it comes to regarding its keyboard and mouse, it can be stated that you will avail the same what you have been dreaming of over the years.

Apple iMac Keyboard

Its wireless keyboard does not come with a number pad but offers a comfortable typing experience. The mouse is compact, offering better grip as well.

What Do Users Think?

Our experts have talked to few users and compiled their opinion about this product.

Based on their opinion and experiences, the Apple iMac is overall brilliant.

There is a surfeit of positive reviews showered on this iMac variant. Many users are satisfied with its original wireless mouse and keyboard which appear in amazing condition.

Apple iMac Mouse

The device is also lightweight to be handled and tilted at a desired angle to ensure complete user convenience.

Because of its highest speed in terms of performance and loading, Apple iMac is a favorite choice of numerous corporate people and office-goers. Read more about Apple iMac user guide.

Our Testing & Analysis Report

The Apple iMac desktop performs quite well in any situation. We tested the desktop on heavy workloads as well as on day-to-day computing tasks with several tabs open at the same time.

It performed quite efficiently when we used it for photo editing, video editing, animation and other tasks and found that it does not slow down.

Our technical team tested its CPU and GPU on different benchmarks and found that on the single-core test its performance score was pretty impressive. It achieved 135 points with an overall bench sore of 89.4%.

While considering the multi-core score of the CPU, we found that it scored 998 points. And on the memory latency aspect, it scored 90.3 points.

All these scores are pretty good and hence our team concluded that the performance of the CPU was quite consistent on whatever is thrown at it.

When it comes to gaming, the CPU is quite efficient in handling modern 3D games such as PUBG, GTA V, Fortnite, and others.

However, as for the AMD Radeon Pro 5300 video card, it lacks a bit in this particular aspect though it is quite good in handling these games at low settings without rendering the minute details properly.

When we tested it on our benchmark tests, it could achieve an overall bench score of 47.4%. This is not exceptional but is quite good to handle all the basic computing needs.

Still, when we asked some gaming enthusiasts to play these games on the desktop, they said that they were quite satisfied with the performance.

In fact, the system offered an overall frame rate ranging between 100 and 140 fps, which is quite good.

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