Apple Mac Mini Desktop Review – Price, Specs, Pros & Cons

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  • Having a great port section
  • Great sleek body
  • Perfect boost
  • Powerful body
  • Perfect design


  • Low sale
  • Large price
  • Always not available
  • GPU performance lacks
  • Much more expensive base

Are you in the hunt of a small box-like mini desktop to fulfill your computing requirements? Then New Apple Mac  mini will be the finest choice to put an end to your search. Check out Apple Mac Mini Desktop Review & Best Price.

With an ultra smart hardware configuration, the desktop performs great to handle massive business workloads even under huge pressure.Check out best desktop computers list.

Apple Mac Mini Desktop & Variants Price

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Apple Mac Mini Desktop Review

Apple Mac Mini Desktop

Buy for: Having a great port section | Perfect boost

Beware of: High price

Best uses for: Zoom meetings, zwift, IT professionals and other purposes.


The Apple Mac mini desktop is absolutely designed for every passionate worker. Because of small footprint & finest SSD storage, the desktop can play the role of a live musical instrument to shake your world around.

Design & Build

This mini desktop from Apple has got a very simple & compact design with the logo of Apple positioned on the top panel.

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The device is only about 1.3 kg to occupy very little space on a desk. It appears in iconic grey shade to match with your style. Check out top 10 business desktops.


Although this Apple mini desktop is having a very compact body, you will discover its hardware configuration to be decent for the price.

Its hardware includes 8th Generation Intel Core i3 processor & Intel UHD Graphics 630 to win your heart in no time.

This quad core chipset comes with the base clock speed of 3.6GHz to offer brilliant performance round the clock.

Moreover, the system delivers top notch graphical power to ignite the flame of creativity in you.

Storage & RAM

Mac mini houses super-fast 8GB DDR4 RAM which has the frequency of 2666 MHz.

With such powerful memory, it becomes easier for you to work with multiple files & heavy software as well as to run a number of virtual machines at same time.

For faster rendering & heavier workloads, you can upgrade this feature up to 64GB in the years to come.

The system features ultrafast SSD storage of 128GB to help every user load files at speedier rate than ever.

Ports & Connectivity

Despite having a compact design, the Apple Mac mini does not make any compromise in featuring the essentials ports & connections that we need for everyday purposes.

It offers four Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports, dual USB 3 ports and a single HDMI 2.0 port for high speed transfer of files.

In addition to that, Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth 5.0 and 802.11AC Wi-Fi connectivity are the striking features to make this mini desktop absolutely brilliant.

Additional Features

It is wisely equipped with latest built-in apps, dark mode, easier screenshots, stacks and several other newest features.

Moreover, it features the Apple T2 Security Chip to ensure tight security for unauthorized access.

Specs Details:

What Do Users Think about Apple Mac Mini Desktop?

The users are delighted by the superior performance that the Apple Mac Mini desktop offers. Check out mac mini manuals.

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They did not expect the amount of power this small-sized device can provide and hence even photo editing and such other illustrator software could be run smoothly on it, not to mention the usual programs.

The device is quiet and a good array of ports and their well-placed positions are also the causes because of which they were eager to invest so much in such a device rather than getting a PC with even better specs at this price range.

The ones who already used Mac’s or are replacing their old ones with this device are much impressed by the improvements made in these but not entirely satisfied.

The main problem was that no matter what advantages, it was not an easy purchase by most because of its price tag and is considered over-priced.

Also, the poor graphics and little provisions for storage upgrades are the negative sides of the product which the users, of course, did not like.

Other Expert Views

The experts at Tech Radar think that the Apple Mac Mini is a good successor to the previous similar products launched by the Company and brings lots of improvements in a small and compact size. Although with a higher price tag, it easily manages to beat all other small/mini PCs in performance and that is the reason why the users should be buying it. The thunderbolt ports, when added with the other features available make it worth the money one has to pay for it. After studying their review it can be known that apart from the absence of a good video card and an extra video port, there aren’t many areas to complain about the device.

The Apple Mac Mini was also tested by the experts at Digital Trends and their view about it is that the i5 variant of the device gives a tough competition to many other tower-based PCs that come with i5 processors. They like its intelligent design and the fast-paced hard drive that allows it to transfer even large files in just a few minutes. Although the mini computer can handle relatively heavy tasks, it fails miserably at gaming. As alternatives, they have suggested the Dell Inspiron 5680, Hades Canyon NUC and the Apple MacBook Pro for the buyers.

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The experts at Business Insider after evaluating the new mini PC from Apple have shared their thoughts. They found the device to be efficient and quiet. It was examined by performing daily tasks and it performed swiftly without any noticeable lags or heating, be it web browsing or editing photos. It supports multiple displays and the experts were very fond of its design as well and like that there are options for more storage and power, although available at a very steep cost. Here comes what they particularly dislike, the price of this device. They think the pricing is not right given the fact that there are no accessories provided with the product either. They think a few more ports would have been more convenient. However, they think that the device is a very versatile one and will prove to be very useful for those who can afford it.

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