Apple Macbook Pro 13 Inch Laptop Review

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  • Amazing speed
  • More Durable
  • Quiter as possible
  • True Tone Display and great speakers
  • Hey Siri and T2 Chip


  • No more MagSafe
  • Rated battery life is shorter
  • The only ports are USB-C ports
  • Easy and accidental hit to touch bar
  • Expensive


For us, the real wonder comes in form of the inventive Touch Bar. It makes the users’ works simple by allowing them to cut down strokes on the keyboards. The manufacturer has done a remarkable job by tossing the improved components in every part of this thinner beauty.

Yes, it is beautiful. The device flaunts off a feminine design while offering masculine shows. It integrates multiple standout features including a flatter keyboard and the Touch Bar.

You will find neither high-end graphics nor huge RAM in this 13-inch laptop model and that will be a big disappointment for the professional photographers and cinematographers.

Apple Macbook Pro 13 Inch & Variant Laptops Price


Apple MacBook Pro

Anything made by Apple receives a warm welcome in the market. The collective behavioral pattern of the consumers always comes under influence of the reputed names.

You don’t need to scratch your hairs to understand why the buyers go gaga over Apple products.

Apple is synonymous with great design, excellent functions, outstanding features and high durability. This MacBook Pro model is no exception to this rule.

Built around a dual core i5 processor, the laptop is an improved version of MacBook Pro in every department.

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The inventive Touch Bar is the best feature of this system. The brand has done modest makeover by integrating some upgraded components.

The step-up version offers faster and powerful performance.

On design front, the Apple system looks pretty good. It is smart, sleek and stylish.

Its overall simplicity catches the eyes and some features are a big draw for the buyers who never mind paying a high price for the best things.

Buy for: Speed, durable and display

Beware of: Price and ports

Best uses for: Teachers, music production, working on Photoshop, working from home, mechanical engineering students, small business use, podcasting, doctors, 2D animation, drawing artists, machine and deep learning, fashion designers, photography, financial analyst, running blender software, freelancers, graphics design, network engineers UX designing, KeyShot and other purposes.



MacBook Pro Reliability

Consumers always have high faith in Apple. The brand has achieved an enviable height on the strength of its innovative and functional pieces.

When Apple launched this improved version of MacBook Pro, the potential buyers had high expectations. And we must say that the company did not let them down.

From features to functions, the system is a clear standout among the crowds of its compatriots.

The maker has complete faith in clean and plain design, with the model manifesting the motto very clearly.

The super smart system comes with a 13-inch real estate area, which is quite larger as compared to the industry standard.

The ultimate power of any computing system comes from the processor. This MacBook has an amazing processor under the lid.

Wrapped around Intel i5 dual-core processor, this Apple laptop runs at a blistering speed. Play games or run high-end professionals apps; it will never go slow.

These days, the laptops are designed to do multiple tasks simultaneously. The Apple system is engineered to handle multiple high-end works at consistently high speed.

You will feel overwhelmingly satisfied, that is what Apple always guarantees!

Performance – Processing Power

Apple Macbook Pro 13-Inch Laptop Performance

This Apple MacBook system is designed thinner than its peers. In addition, the company has made major improvements in different segments to make it speedier and better than its predecessors in the series.

The model integrates an excellent selection of Intel processor in form of i5 dual-core.

The Touch Bar is the biggest draw of this system but without a speedy processor, the system could have failed to drive the customers’ attention to its way.

In tandem with 8GB of 1600MHz DDR3L onboard memory, the 2.9GHz processor ensures faster booting and performance every time you switch it on and use the system.

Design – Out of the Box

Apple Macbook Pro 13-Inch Laptop Design

On that front, it registers an excellent score. It is much thinner than the previous models. The consumers always prefer slim and smart look.

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This system is designed in keeping with what the modern-day buyers like about the look. Built from premium material, the system feels strong and that is an indication of its long-lasting presence.

We have already mentioned that innovative Touch Bar is its major attraction. The Touch Bar features an OLED touchscreen that is long and skinny.

It is anchored in the place of traditional F1-F12 keys, Esc key and even the power button. You will find a fingerprint reader on the far right end of this Touch Bar.

It enables Apple Pay and Touch ID to ensure safe online payments and system sign-ins.

The Touch Bar, by default, shows an array of system tools including brightness and volume control.

We run a wider range of apps to test the highly articulated capabilities of Touch Bar and we conclude that it will add to your computing experience but won’t feel like a revolutionary concept.

A full touchscreen does more but Apple has smartly incorporated it into the MacBook Pro system to simplify the tasks, reduce keystrokes and improve the level of control.

Display – Brighter & Clearer

Apple Macbook Pro 13-Inch Laptop Display

The device offers a large viewing space. The 13-inch screen delivers brighter and clearer output.

The Retina screen features 2560×1600 pixels. That is quite high and you get to see detailing of the images on your laptop screen. The display feels vivid and vibrant.

The users are always in favor of detailing especially if they pay a high price to buy a system. This Apple MacBook Pro offers excellent display quality.

A combination of brilliant display and blazing speed always feels good. You will realize the same after using it!

Graphics Power

Apple Macbook Pro 13-Inch Laptop Graphics Power

It is a big downside of this Apple MacBook Pro system. High-end graphics is conspicuously absent. In addition, the maker has not made room for huge RAM installation.

Lack of those two important options is most likely to frustrate the shutterbugs and video professionals.

When many mid-price laptops are coming bundled with top-notch graphics power, the Apple model could be a disappointment on that ground.

Storage Parts


If it comes to storage parts, the device does not feel highly impressive. On that front, the system is in line with the average laptops.

The maker has packed only 8GB 1600MHz DDR3L RAM and 512GBB of Hard Drive. Still you will experience quick booting and be able to save a great deal of photos, videos, songs and other files.

However, with many systems coming with more primary and secondary storage capacity at the same or lower price ranges, the manufacturer could have composed some better ideas in this segment.

Power Consumption

Power Consumption

Sometimes less feels good. Surprised? Won’t you be happy if your laptop shows energy efficiency?

Yes, you will be, as it won’t add much to your power bill. With long-going battery life, you can run memory-consuming apps and do other works for a great deal of time while traveling.

The system will never feel slow and will never fail to offer decent performance. Check out Apple Macbook Pro manual.

Additional Specs – A Lot to Surprise

Additional Specs

Apple has made a controversial move by dropping trademark ports in favor of incorporating Thunderbolt 3-powered USB-C ports.

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As a result, the users are required to buy a number of dongles. But if you throw a hard look at several high-end Windows-operated laptops, they also have the same feature.

Running on MacOS Sierra, the Apple MacBook Pro system is equipped with 4 Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports.

We hope you will continue experiencing smooth performance despite not having the familiar ports on the latest MacBook Pro version.

What Do Users Think?

Other Experts And User Reviews On

Our experts have talked to few users and compiled their opinion about this product.

We have received mixed reactions from the Apple MacBoook Pro users. The buyers always trust Apple and expect new things from them.

This time, Apple has done a good makeover job as thought by most buyers. The maker has introduced Touch Bar to streamline the users’ works and allow them to enjoy a greater control of the system.

The device looks pretty nice and feels strong. Smart finishing has contributed to its shiny look and the buyers are speaking highly about that.

It is a lightweight device and Apple has made it thinner in comparison with the older versions. And who can deny that slim and sleek goes pretty well with the modern-day buyers?

Everyone is talking about the Touch Bar. It is at the center of attention for the buyers. And why not? The concept is innovative.

Apple has made a daring move to replace the traditional keys placed on the top of the keyboard to make a room for the Touch Bar.

They have done it to enable the users to experience an enhanced control over the actions while running apps.

With the Touch Bar, you can minimize the use of keyboards. The Touch Bar is extremely convenient to use.

And more apps you run, more experienced you become! Unfortunately, the Touch Pad’s support is limited to only a few Apple apps.

If the buyers are happy with design, processing speed and Touch Bar of this Apple MacBook Pro version, they are quite unhappy with graphics features and memory.

They feel that Apple should have done a better job in these areas. According to them, the system does not pack in a high-end graphics card.

The device features only 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage space.

Apple has not thrown any high-end graphics card into the system. However, the display is clear and bright. The 13-inch display area offers detailing of images, making your viewing experience highly satisfying.

On average, the customers’ feedbacks will feel encouraging for Apple though the users hope that the maker will address the drawbacks in their next edition.