5 Best Desktops for Data Science 2023

By Dominic Chooper on February 17, 2020

Mastering data science along with other factors what device you use is also vital. Here is a list of the best desktop computers you can use for data science.

Minimum & Recommended System Requirements for Data Science

Best Desktops for Data Science

To perform tasks related to data science such as data analysis, statistics, and algorithms, you need a very efficient PC that can process data faster and can bring the desired results within a couple of seconds.

For this purpose, you need to choose a PC that has minimum 16 GB RAM, an Intel core i5 processor, and an SSD. But the professionals need to go with high-end processors to get more satisfactory performance.

Minimum System Requirements: Intel core i5 8250U | 16 GB | Intel UHD Graphics 620 | 500 GB SSD.

Recommended System Requirements: Intel Core i7-12700 or better processor | 32 GB RAM or more | NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 or a better GPU | 512 GB SSD and 1TB HDD or more.

5 Best Desktops for Data Science:

1. Acer Aspire TC-1760-UR12 Desktop – Overall Best

Acer Aspire TC-1760-UR12 Desktop


Bottom Line: To perform advanced-level data science projects, you can consider this Acer desktop. Top-notch processing and huge storage make it the overall best option for this purpose.

Key Features:

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Being equipped with an advanced and powerful 12th Gen, 12 cores Intel i7 processor, this device can deliver very smooth and speedy processing.

To work on tasks related to data science, you need to access and process a lot of data.

Acer Aspire TC-1760-UR12 has the power to deliver smooth processing under any circumstances. 16 GB RAM, and 512 GB SSD, ensure that you can get a very satisfying processing speed.

Those who want more processing speed can upgrade the RAM capacity of the device. There is an inbuilt optical drive.

Dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth 5.2 are present in it. There are a lot of useful ports, including an USB Type-C port.



2. Dell Inspiron 3910 Desktop – Runner up

Dell Inspiron 3910 Desktop


Bottom Line: This is a moderate-level Dell desktop and is packed with decent specifications. You can easily use it to do projects related to data science, and it is the perfect fit for our runner-up position.

Key Features:

You can consider this device to do any mid-range task related to data science. The Dell Inspiron 3910 is not a very expensive device.

At the same time, it has very decent specifications that help it to process any mid-range task smoothly and deliver the result very fast.

Intel Core i5-12400 is present on this desktop. It has a huge 32 GB RAM and an SSD of 1 TB.

These two help this device to process any task with lightning-fast speed. Inbuilt Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are present in it.

Besides that, Type-C port, USB 3.2 port, and a lot of ports and connectivity features are available in it.



3. Skytech Blaze II Gaming PC – Smooth Processing

Skytech Blaze II


Bottom Line: This gaming desktop has the power to deliver very smooth processing. The students of data science will be very satisfied with its smooth performance.

Key Features:

Although this is a gaming desktop, it can be used for most moderate-level tasks. Compared to other gaming desktops, it is less expensive.

There is an AMD Ryzen 5 5600G processor, accompanied by 16 GB RAM and an SSD of 500 GB.

So it can deliver very smooth and powerful processing. Besides its powerful internal component, its outfit is also very classy.

There is a transparent side panel and RGB fan lights. Advanced inbuilt wireless connectivity feature, options to attach multiple display units, and useful updated USB ports are present in Skytech Blaze II.



4. Kingdel Mini Desktop – Value for Money

Kingdel Mini Desktop


Bottom Line: This compact mini PC comes with a very pocket-friendly price tag. It has a good processor and it can be used by those who are new in the data science field.

Key Features:

The next in the list for the best Desktop Computers for Data Science is the Kindel Mini Desktop Computer.

This desktop computer has been smartly designed that ensures that it is very compact and thus portable but at the same time ensures a high level of performance as well.

This Mini Desktop Computer is powered by the very powerful Intel i5- 8th Generation Processor that ensures that it generates high speeds that are usually required for processing the bulk data used in Data Science.

It also has a full metal case that makes this Mini Computer very sturdy indeed.

The Mini Computer has also been provided with the 16 GB DDR 4 RAM that is higher than the standard configuration and thus best suited for multiple computing jobs.

For storage, it has the 500 GB SSD that is the standard configuration. It has the Intel UHD Graphics 620 Graphics for providing realistic user experience.

The minicomputer can be connected over Wi-Fi. It has plenty of USB Ports and also ports for input devices.

So all in all, this Kingdel Mini Computer, given the highly advanced features offers great overall performance.



5. Lenovo ThinkCentre M920s – Good Mainstream PC

Lenovo ThinkCentre M920s


Bottom Line: This is a good mainstream PC, that is easily upgradeable and one of the best options for students of data science. And they can experience smooth processing from it.

Key Features:

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The last but definitely not the least in this category of desktop computers is the Lenovo ThinkCentre M920S.

Lenovo, as you would already know that, is a very reliable brand and so is this particular Lenovo Desktop Computer.

It has loaded with a host of the latest and the most advanced features for data science.

It is provided with the most powerful Intel Core i7 8700 Processor for fast speed.

It has the most advanced graphics in the form of the UHD Graphics 630 for the most realistic user experience as well.

This Lenovo Desktop computer has the 16 GB DDR4 RAM as well.

This is higher than the standard configuration of 4 GB and thus ideal for dealing with multiple computing jobs that are necessary for desktop computers handling data science.

This Desktop Computer from Lenovo has the SSD 512 GB for storage. This is a slight disappointment compared, especially if you are considering the other features.

You could thus consider an enhancement if you buy it. It has the Windows 10 operating system that boosts the overall performance of this desktop computer.

Considering all the features of this desktop computer you can definitely consider buying this computer if you are to use the same for your data science application.



Questions & Answers:

What is the best desktop configuration for data science?

Hard Disk 2TB NVMe SSD + 1TB HDD, RAM 16 GB, Intel Core i7-8700 & Windows 10 Home is definitely good for the data science.

Why SSD storage recommended for data science computers?

SSD is good as it gives you proper security in storage.

How much RAM do you need for data science?

16 GB is good for data science project.

What is meant by data science?

This is a method which is involved with the scientific algorithm and other technical analysis of data base.


Get the best data science desktop for your lab so that you can do a perfect research. It is easy and effective from every direction.

You can get the best output from every angle of data functionality. In fact with all these information you can get the best desktop PC for data science.