5 Best Desktops for Fusion 360

By Dominic Chooper on April 29, 2020

This Fusion 360 combines CAD, CAM and CAE programs, in a single platform. It is a very useful tool to 3D printers and designers. It offers plenty of useful tools to the users. Check out best desktops for Fusion 360 and buyer’s guide.

Minimum & Recommended System Requirements for Fusion 360

To run Fusion 360, which is a useful tool for designers, a desktop has to be packed with a minimum of 16 GB RAM, an SSD and at least an Intel core i5 or similar processor, and Intel UHD Graphics 770.

But it is good to have a dedicated graphics card in the PC. It belongs to the high-end software category. So the professionals can go up to AMD Ryzen 9 processor, depending upon their work type and workload.

Minimum System Requirements: Intel i5 12400 | 16 GB RAM | Intel UHD Graphics 770 | 1 TB SSD.

Recommended System Requirements: AMD Ryzen 9 5900X, similar, or better processor | 32 GB RAM or more | Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 or better GPU | 1 TB NVMe SSD and 2 TB HDD or more storage.

5 Best Desktops for Fusion 360:

1. Skytech Prism II Gaming Desktop – Overall Best

Skytech Prism II Gaming Desktop


Bottom Line: Being packed with high-end configurations, this efficient device can deliver top-notch processing. For running Fusion 360, it is the overall best option.

Key Features:

Those professional designers, who work on the Fusion 360 regularly, can consider this high-end gaming device.

It has high-end specifications like AMD Ryzen 9 5900X, 32 GB DDR4 RAM, and 24 GB Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090, which help it to deliver very smooth and top-notch performance under any circumstances.

Like its internal sections, its outfit is also very attractive. There is customizable RGB ring light and a transparent side panels.

You can get all types of useful ports and connectivity features here. And it runs on Windows 10 Home operating system.

So this is a powerful, updated, expensive, and productive device.



2. CUK Mantis Custom Gaming PC – Runner Up

CUK Mantis Custom Gaming PC


Bottom Line: This is an efficient, high-end gaming desktop, one of the good options for the Fusion 360 users, and the best fit for the runner-up position of our list.

Key Features:

This is a high-end gaming device that can make your project (related to designing) easier with its powerful and smooth processing.

There is a very efficient and updated Intel Core i9 processor and its GPU is also very strong.

So while running Fusion 360, users can get speedy and smooth processing.

Its outfit is also very classy and eye-catching. Updated Windows 11, operating system is present in it.

The ports and connectivity features in this device are also quite updated.

This is an expensive, high-end, bulky, and powerful device; good for any type of high-end task.



3. HP Envy Desktop Computer – Easily Upgradable

HP Envy


Bottom Line: The students of Fusion 360 can consider this mid-range device that has decent specifications and can be modified in the future.

Key Features:

This is not a so-expensive device. The configurations of it are quite decent and it can deliver very balanced and speedy processing while running Fusion 360.

If you are not a professional-level designer, then it can be a fruitful deal for you.

The Intel Core i7-10700 processor that is present in it can handle any kind of moderate task.

The Intel UHD Graphics 770 is present in it for tackling all the graphical contents.

32 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD ensure speedy processing and for storing files, there is a huge 1 TB HDD.

These specifications can be easily modified in the future. All types of updated USB ports and wireless connectivity features are present in it.



4. Skytech Chronos Gaming Desktop – Eye Catchy Outfit

SkyTech Chronos


Bottom Line: This is a high-end gaming device, packed with updated configurations. The users of Fusion 360 will be amazed by its speedy processing and eye-catchy outfit.

Key Features:

Those who work on Fusion 360 need a powerful desktop, packed with updated and efficient specifications.

This gaming desktop can deliver very smooth and speedy processing with any entry to the moderate level task.

It has AMD Ryzen 7 3700X processor, 8 GB Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070, 16 GB RAM, and 1 TB SSD that help it to deliver powerful and speedy processing.

RGB ring lights and transparent side panel makes its appearance more attractive.

You can also upgrade its specification if needed. 6 USB ports and inbuilt Wi-Fi both make this device very user-friendly.

Overall, this is a powerful device, packed with most of the useful features.

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5. Lenovo IdeaCentre Gaming Desktop – Value for Money

Lenovo IdeaCentre Gaming Desktop


Bottom Line: This affordable device is one of the best options for the students of Fusion 360. It has decent specifications and can tackle any moderate level’s task smoothly.

Key Features:

If you are new to the designing field and looking for an affordable device just to run software like, Fusion 360, or Autodesk, then this one is the best option for you.

At a decent price tag, this device is offering quite powerful specifications.

There is Intel i5 12400 processor, and Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 in this PC.

You will not face any unusual lagging or hanging issues while working on your project.

For fast processing, there is 16 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD. For storing multimedia files, there is an HDD of 1 TB. The USB section of this device is also quite updated and there is an USB Type-C port too.



How to Choose Best Desktop for Fusion 360?

Best Desktops for Fusion 360

Fusion 360 is one of the most popular and useful software in the 3D modeling niche.

This software is totally free for use. Fusion 360 connects CAE, CAD and CAM with a single cloud-based platform.

The users can access it with both windows and Apple OS.  The users can create their 3D design in fusion 360.

This software can also be used to develop actual products in real life. In order to run fusion 360 the users don’t need a very updated and expensive desktop, but a moderate PC can run the software easily.

But the user must have a fast internet connection. A casual user can get confused while buying the best desktop for Fusion 360.

Various systems of various companies with various specifications can mislead a casual buyer. Therefore, here is a buyer’s guide that will help a user to buy the best desktops for Fusion 360.


Fusion 360 processes only on a single core; which means the software performance doesn’t improve if the user uses a multi core processor.

The software’s performance relies on the clock speed of the processor. Number of cores of the processor doesn’t affect the performance of it.

That means if the user uses a laptop with 2.5 GHz Intel core i5 processor, then he could get a better performance than using multi core i7 processor with 1.6 GHz.

However, the other software such as CAM, CAD, required both multiple cores and higher clicking speed. Therefore, it is better to go with a multi core processor with a good clocking speed.


This fusion 360 is a software that more or less is related to a graphic designer who needs to store and maintain a large amount of data.

So it will be a wise choice to go with SSD rather than HDD. SSD are more prominent and their data processing speed is also very fast.

Only issue with the SSD is its purchasing cost which is too high in comparison to the traditional one. A 1 TB SSD is a great choice to use Fusion 360.


Minimum 8 GB RAM is required in order to run fusion 360 and other CAD software. But for performing advanced work on the software the user needs a RAM of 16 GB or more.

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It is always good to choose a product, which has an easy RAM up gradation facility. However, the user can configure the RAM according to his budget and choices.


Fusion 360 doesn’t need a great graphics card to run, if the user performs simple projects on it.

Even desktops with integrated graphics can run this type of software easily. But if the user is a professional one or an expert in this field, then he has to perform complex designs on a regular basis.

So, in that case he needs a dedicated graphics card. Radian Pro WX or GeForce Quadro is a great choice for an expert of this software.

Others can also go with Nvidia GTX 1050 that is less costly and provides satisfactory performance with Fusion 360.


Unlike other software this fusion 360 needs a large display; that means screen size is one of the major concerns before using fusion 360.

It is mainly because there are many common options in the main window of the software.

Systems with smaller displays provide less workspace to the users. In that case, the users face difficulties to find some command options on the screen.

The user or the designer can’t see very little details of the object because of this smaller display. Screen resolution is the other important aspect where the user also has to pay attention.

It is a good choice to go with full HD display as CAD software doesn’t need very high resolution every time. Display with full HD resolution can easily satisfy a fusion 360 user.

Questions & Answers:

What is Fusion 360?

Fusion 360 is a very essential software to the designers especially who uses 3D CAD, CAM and CAE.

It helps the editors to prepare the figure of the design. It is a cloud-based platform that helps to connect the entire product development process in one place.

The software is owned by Autodesk; a widely known software manufacturing company. This software helps the 3D painter’s a lot. This is a software that projects modeling objects on the display.

The user can animate his designs, simulate loads or render objects for CNC machining. For designing and prototyping their products, many companies use this software.

Can Your Computer Run Fusion 360?

Graphics designers prefer Apple products more than Windows PCs to use fusion 360. Some Windows PCs are also able to run this software smoothly.

To make any PC run fusion 360, easily, the PC must have to fulfill some basic configuration.

The system should have a 64 bit processor. Minimum 3 GB RAM is required to run this software, but 4 GB or more is always recommended. Fast internet connection is always required to run this classified software.

An internet connection with 10 mb/s speed is always recommended. The users can use 512 MB GDDR GPU or any better option. If the user's PC can fulfill these basic requirements, then his system is ready to run fusion 360.

How Do You Improve Performance On Fusion 360?

In order to improve the performance on Fusion 360, the user can turn off the history feature which can decrease the pressure on the CPU.

But he has to be more careful while working or reviewing his process; because after disabling the history feature the user cannot go back or edit what he had finished unless he uses control z.