5 Best Desktops for Realtors 2023

By Dominic Chooper on January 17, 2021

In the business of real estate, the customer’s trust and goodwill play a very important role to make a business successful and stable. In order to do such a responsible task, the requirement of a desktop computer is very necessary.

Minimum & Recommended System Requirements for Realtors

You’ll need a mid-range desktop if you use Realtors to keep multiple records of important transactions.

The PC must have 12 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, an Intel core i5, or a similar processor if you want to get smooth processing while running this software.

It doesn’t need high-end GPUs. The extreme users of this software can consider the Intel Core i7 processor, but the PC must have an SSD and huge RAM capacity.

Minimum System Requirements: Intel 6 Core i5-9500T processor | 12 GB DDR4 RAM| 256 GB SSD storage | Intel UHD Graphics 630 video card.

Recommended System Requirements: Intel Core i7-1165G7 | 32 GB DDR4 RAM or more | 1 TB SSD and 1 TB HDD or more storage | Intel Iris XE graphics card.

5 Best Desktops for Realtors:

1. Dell Inspiron 7700 AIO – Best Overall

Dell Inspiron 7700 AIO


Bottom line: This AIO from Dell has all the valuable features and configurations that are essential to run Realtors smoothly. This PC is the overall best option for this purpose.

This AIO has an updated Intel Core i7 processor that helps it run any mid-range software (like Realtors, Photoshop, etc) very smoothly and efficiently.

There is enormous storage capacity and an SSD that ensures speedy processing. There is a 27 inches touch screen panel that makes Dell Inspiron 7700 AIO more user-friendly.

Intel Iris XE Graphics is present there, so the users will easily get smooth processing with HD content.

Dual brand inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity with Bluetooth 5.0, dual HDMI ports, Gen-2 Type-C ports, and the other USB options, are the most promising factors about this AIO.

Key features



2. HP Envy TE01 – Runner Up

HP Envy TE01


Bottom Line: This mainstream, mid-range desktop has powerful configurations that help it to deliver seamless performance while running Realtors. For this reason, it has obtained the runner-up position on our list.

This device is a regular, mainstream desktop from HP. It is packed with powerful components.

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The 10th Gen Intel processor helps this device cope easily with mid-range software.

This processor has an over-clocking feature. 16 GB DDR4 RAM and 512 GB SSD are the main components that play the most crucial roles in delivering lightning-fast processing.

1 TB HDD is also present there, which helps the users to store big multimedia files.

HP Envy TE01 has a regular outfit, giving it enough room to upgrade its configurations. It is a good mid-range, mainstream PC.

Key Features



3. Lenovo ThinkCentre V530s – Good Connectivity

Lenovo ThinkCentre V530s


Bottom Line: Besides powerful and efficient components, this desktop has many advanced connectivity features. While running Realtors, the users can get speedy and smooth processing.

This desktop of Lenovo has a compact form factor but is packed with powerful components. So the users can get very satisfying, speedy, and smooth processing with moderate software.

Lenovo ThinkCentre V530s has 1 TB storage and 32 GB RAM, making this device a powerful, mid-range desktop. AMD Ryzen 5 Pro 5650G is one of the best mid-range AMD processors capable of delivering satisfying processing with easy to moderate-level software.

Inbuilt Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and most useful USB ports and connectivity features are present.

Key features



4. Dell Inspiron 3880 – Value for Money

Dell Inspiron 3880 Desktop


Bottom Line: This Dell desktop offers quite decent specifications at an affordable price range. It has enough fuel to smoothly process Realtors in any situation, which makes it a value-for-money product.

Dell Inspiron 3880 is the perfect option for any workplace. It is not so costly, but at the same time, it has decent configurations that help it to deliver a balanced performance with any mid-range software.

There is a 10th Gen Intel 6 Core i5-10400 processor. It is a very powerful and efficient mid-range processor of this time.

The users will be delighted with its performance. The 12 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD also help this product to deliver quite speedy processing.

You can consider this PC for regular casual use also. It has a very traditional orthodox form factor. So the users can easily upgrade the configurations of it.

Key features



5. HP EliteDesk 800 G5 – Adequate Configuration

HP EliteDesk 800 G5


Bottom Line: This Hp desktop comes with adequate configurations that help it to deliver very speedy and smooth processing while running Realtors. This is not a high-end device but a good mid-range desktop.

HP EliteDesk 800 G5 has a very compact form factor and decent configurations.

A 9th Gen Intel processor helps this product to deliver a very balanced and sturdy performance with any easy to mid-range software.

There is 16 GB RAM and an SSD. But the capacity of the SSD is only 256 GB, which is not enough for a user of this era.

There is an optical drive in it. Inbuilt Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other frequently used connectivity features are all present in it.

The cooling section of this PC is not so strong. So, while using it for a long time, users can face overheating issues.

Key features



How to Select Right Desktop for a Realtor?

Best Desktops for Realtors

When the topic comes to the daily usage of desktop computers most of the buyers get confused before the purchase.

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In order to buy a good and capable desktop computer, the buyer and the buyers hunt for the perfect one.

It is quite easy for the educated one to choose the right device. It sometimes becomes a difficult task for beginners.

They are not much familiar and not educated enough about the new technologies.

So it is very essential and important to have proper guidance before the purchase of any desktop computer.

They usually face various problems and difficulties in choosing a good and a value for money device.

There are many customers who search for budget-oriented and an affordable desktop computer as they get stuck with a strict budget.

There are some important and basic requirements as well that the buyers need to keep in mind before the purchase of any device.

An improper device can also affect the good work experience and that can lead to disappointment.

The buyers need a good and a high-quality monitor so that they can keep an eye on their work properly.

A powerful processor with multiple number core counts will lead to the game-changing performance with quick and effective work response.

A good amount of cache memory for better work efficiency is also important.

The requirement of a powerful RAM is also important for the smooth and effortless work in multitasking jobs.

The necessity of a good storage option is also important to store important documents and files.

The device should contain better port management for better work experience and usability.

There are many options available in the market where they can choose the right one according to their choice.


It is the most important section that is required to look after with serious observation and inspection.

The buyers need to be very serious and well knowledgeable before selecting any processor.

The buyer should choose the processor that may help the users to fulfill their day to day work effectively and efficiently.

The users should look for a processor that should have a minimum of 6 Cores for better performance and work efficiency.

It is also very important to select the processor after inspecting the clock speed.

The better clock speed results in the quick delivery and exchange of the commands.

There are many processors available in the market out there with various price ranges.

The most well known and commonly used is the Intel processor there are two options one is the i7 and the other i5 processor.

A minimum of 9 MB cache memory is important for the smooth and flawless CPU rendering.

To select a powerful processor for a convenient and purposeful task then the buyer should consider the Intel i7 processor.

It is much more powerful and provides better performance compared to the Intel i5 processor.

A minimum of 2 GHz of CPU speed is necessary for a better work experience.


When the desktop PC is actually used for the day to day purpose then the role of a good and a powerful RAM is very important.

The RAM helps in undertaking the heavy multitasking jobs smoothly and effortlessly and to serve great work experience.

The buyer should go with a minimum of 12 GB to seek better performance.

It is also essential the users should select the DDR4 format RAM as it is the most advanced RAM format and capable enough of handling daily tasks.

The memory card speed also affects the work experience as well so it is always advisable to consider the RAM that should produce a minimum of 2000 MHz speed.

In order to enhance the work experience and performance, the buyer can go with the maximum limit of 32 GB RAM storage for better efficiency.

To get the fast and quick response speed it is very important to keep an eye on the memory card speed provided with the RAM.

Purchasing higher RAM  memory helps the users to use the device for a longer duration.

Graphics Card or GPU

For the daily official use that doesn’t seem that the graphics card is to be an important part to discuss.

The above-mentioned statement is true to a certain limit but in some of the cases, it doesn’t seem to be applicable.

It is important to have a decent quality video card that can handle the minor graphical content smoothly and effectively.

There are many integrated solutions available in the market by some software companies like Intel UHD Graphics 630,620 and many more.

It somehow helps to tackle the day to day work pressure effectively and systematically.

The buyer can also use the desktop computer for streaming online videos and to enjoy light gaming in that situation the integrated solution might become effective.

The buyer can select the graphics card according to their eligible purpose and preference.


For the day-to-day and official use storage department always remains the most important and the special preference of the users.

The basic requirement for day to day use is 256 GB which is a compromising type of storage for a longer duration.

The buyer doesn’t have such a maximum limit but it’s better to go with a 1 TB storage option as it will give peace of mind to the users to a certain extent.

There are two types of storage available in the market for the users one is the SSD (Solid State Drive) and HDD (Hard Disk Drive).

The SSD is fast and helps the users to transfer their data and to load their applications quickly.

It helps to enhance the work experience of the users but faces some disadvantages too.

The SSD is very pricy and it becomes difficult for the buyer those who are on a tight budget.

Whereas the HDD is cheaper compared to SSD and offers much more storage compared to SSD.

This solution is budget-oriented but it also has some demerits as well the users have to compromise with the speed.

The HDD fails to provide such high-speed performance compared to SSD.

If the uses pay much more priority to the budget and affordability then HDD is the best option to go with the purchase.

Additional features

Before any purchase or after most of the buyers neglect the offered additional features which become more important for the use of longer duration.

The backup ability of the additional features is outstanding and makes it very useful for the users to work effectively.

The well-packed features are needed to be inspected by the buyers before any purchase of the desktop computer.

Proper port management helps in the easy accessibility and better functionality.

The wireless features help in the easy accessibility and use of a wide range of wireless devices.

The features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity are the most common example of wireless connection.

Questions & Answers:

Which processor is good for realtors?

There are various kinds of options available in the market for the buyers. The Intel i7 processor will be a great choice to go with the purchase. If the buyers are concerned about the budget then for them it is better to consider the Intel i5 processor.

How much does a good desktop cost for realtors?

Especially the purchase of the desktop computer depends on the choice and preference of the buyer and their budget as well. There are various kinds of choices with different price ranges.

If the buyer wants a high-end desktop computer then they have to spend a minimum of $1000 for the device. And for those buyers who want budget-oriented and affordable devices then they need to spend at least $800-$600 for the device.

Which spec desktop computer do you need as a realtor?

It is advisable by the experts or the professionals that the buyer should go with the well featured and higher memory desktop computer for the use of the longer duration.

As it becomes a value for money and offers good working experience. The buyer needs a good processor with higher clock speed, a powerful RAM and a good amount of storage with a high-resolution monitor to work effectively.

Are iPads good for realtors?

The iPads are a very practical and powerful device that allows users to work anywhere and anytime situation. It increases productivity and helps the users to work effectively.