5 Best Desktops for Roblox 2023

By Dominic Chooper on January 15, 2021

In order to experience and take an ultimate feel of Roblox, the gaming desktop computers are perfect medium for it with no lags and frame drops.

Minimum & Recommended Desktop Configurations for Roblox

If you want to enjoy Roblox smoothly, you need to consider an efficient desktop equipped with at least 8 GB DDR4 RAM, AMD Ryzen 5 2600 processor, 256 GB SSD, and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660Ti.

You don’t need to go with high-end processors like Intel i9 or Ryzen 9. Mid-range devices are the best options for this purpose.

Minimum System Requirements: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 processor | 8 GB RAM | 256 GB SSD | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660Ti.

Recommended System Requirements: Intel Core i7-11700 or better processor | 16 GB or more RAM | 1 TB SSD and 1 TB HDD or more storage | Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 or better video cards

5 Best Desktops for Roblox:

1. Acer Nitro 50 – Overall Best

Acer Nitro 50


Bottom Line: It is an efficient, well-equipped gaming desktop. While playing Roblox on this PC, the users can get seamless performance. This is the overall best option for playing this game.

Key Features

It is a very highly configured gaming device. A 12th Gen Intel Core i5-12400F can process moderate-level software and games quickly and accurately.

The GPU section of Acer Nitro 50 is also very dynamic.

The 16 GB DDR4 RAM and 512 GB SSD play the most crucial roles in delivering speedy processing.

For storing various multimedia files, there is a massive 1 TB HDD.

This PC has built-in Wi-Fi, Windows 11, and the most helpful and updated USB ports. But there is nothing so special about the design and chassis of this PC.



2. MSI Aegis R – Runner Up

MSI Aegis R


Bottom Line: This is a classy, powerful, updated gaming device. This VR-ready desktop can process Roblox smoothly, and it is the perfect option for the runner-up position on our list.

Key Features

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MSI Aegis R (Tower) Gaming Desktop has decent specifications that help this device to process any moderate-level game or software smoothly.

The processor of this device is very powerful and updated, and the users will be amazed by the performance of this desktop.

There is a powerful GPU, too. So the users will get a very satisfying graphical performance.

There is 16 GB RAM and 500 GB SSD that helps this product to deliver lightning-fast processing speed. 500 GB storage capacity is not enough for this era, but you can easily upgrade the storage section of this device in future.



3. ROG Strix G10 – Great Performance

ROG Strix G10


Bottom Line: This is a bulky, well-equipped, powerful, efficient gaming desktop packed with updated features. The users can get very satisfying gaming performance while playing Roblox on it.

Key Features

This gaming device is one of the best options in the mid-range segments.

A powerful Intel i7 processor helps it to deliver speedy and seamless performance with easy-to-moderate software.

It has an updated 12 GB GPU too. There is a vast 1 TB SSD and 16 GB DDR4 RAM. This desktop has a sophisticated and premium outfit.

Inbuilt Wi-Fi 5 connectivity helps the users a lot. It runs on Windows 11 Home operating system.

ROG Strix G10 can deliver outstanding performance in any situation. Overall, this is a powerful, efficient gaming device from ASUS.



4. HP Pavilion 690 – Value for Money

HP Pavilion 690


Bottom Line: At a decent price tag, this HP desktop offers balanced configurations and is a value-for-money product. You can enjoy any moderate game (like Roblox, GTA 3, CS: GO, etc) on this desktop very smoothly.

Key Features

This gaming desktop from HP is available at a very pocket-friendly price tag, but still, this is a very efficient device.

There are decent configurations, and the users can get very satisfying and smooth processing from this device while running any entry-level game.

For 8 GB RAM, it can’t deliver smooth processing with high-end software.

There is an SSD, but its capacity is only 256 GB, which is very disappointing. The HP Pavilion 690 is a good option for midrange gamer, students and beginners of any field.

Its configurations are easily upgradable. Its chassis is also an old, conventional type.



5. SkyTech Blaze II – Attractive Outfit

Skytech Blaze II


Bottom Line: The users will be amazed by its colorful, attractive outfit. It comes with decent specifications. While playing Roblox on it, the users will not face lagging or hanging issues.

Key Features

The SkyTech Blaze II is an efficient and powerful gaming device. It is equipped with exemplary configurations, and the users will not face any problem while doing any moderate task.

The Ryzen 5 2600 is one of the best processors in the mid-range segment. With a 6 GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti, users can get a very satisfying gaming performance from this desktop.

It has a very colorful and attractive appearance. Most of the valuable USB ports and updated wireless connectivity features are present in it.

Its specifications are easily upgradable.



How to Choose Best Desktop for Roblox?

Best Desktops for Roblox

Being a gaming enthusiast the love for video games is very obvious. Previously we used to observe that video games lovers used to be around or below the age of 16 years.

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But in the recent decade, the storage has been totally changed. Now the elders have joined this group they are also getting influenced by video games like kids.

Kids are very much concerned with the advanced and the latest gaming technology and they are very aware of it.

For playing and enjoying Roblox there are many gaming computers available in the markets out there.

The main noticing fact is that for playing this game particularly the high spec gaming computer is not needed at all.

Purchasing a very expensive and high spec gaming PC will be a total waste of resources as well as the waste of money too.

In order to skip those unwanted things it is very important to be educated and knowledgeable as well about the required configuration.

There are also many people who are new to this gaming field and want to start just for relaxing and enjoying.

This buyer’s guide chart will be very helpful for beginners as well for those people who are planning for purchasing a new device.

To enjoy the video game the requirement of a massive full HD resolution screen is also necessary to enhance the all-over experience.

It is also important to have a good amount of storage capacity for longer use and efficiency.

In order to handle smooth and sleek gaming performance, the requirement of a powerful graphics card is also necessary.

So before any purchase, the buyer should be very sincere, and observing this will help in purchasing the proper desktop computer for the purposeful task.


The processor is the most important and the most critical part to be taken care of in the situation whereas its performance creates a massive difference.

The fast CPU with higher clock speed makes the smooth and quick performance to experience with Roblox.

The cores number offered with the processor also created a huge difference in the speed and all over performance.

The jobs are scattered among all the cores available for the need for fast and better response speed.

There are many options of processors available in the market for different types of tasks and purposes.

The commonly used processors are Intel and an AMD the most used and the reliable.

It is always preferable by the experts that an Intel i7, i5, and AMD Ryzen processors are the best choice to go with for better and constant performance.

It is also important for the buyers to have some serious observation over the section of the cache memory that should be above 10 MB for better usability.

To have a faster clock speed also affects the performance and usability of the system.

It is always preferable and a smart choice to select a processor with a clock speed of more than 2.0 GHz for better efficiency.

Graphics card & GPU

In order to get the proper thrilling gaming experience, the contribution of a video card is very important.

To get such an adrenaline rush while gaming a powerful and capable graphics card is also necessary in order to fulfill such a requirement.

A capable graphics card actually unleashes the real performance of the system. The one which is built to work in such territory.

The most used graphics card is the NVIDIA and AMD these are the only best available in the market with different series and price range.

The experts always suggest choosing the graphics card with higher memory for the use of longer duration.

As it influences the gameplay experience and the speed of loading as well. A proper graphics card will provide a positive influence on the performance whereas an improper one will do the opposite.

The buyer should always go with the GDDR6 format of the graphics card because it is the advanced series for the graphics with much more improvement in it.

If the buyer gives much priority to the graphics card then the SkyTech Blaze II gaming PC will be the best and smart decision to go with.

It is provided with 6 GB GDDR6 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics card for faster and effective response.

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The main processing ability is instantly connected with the type of RAM selected for use.

So the Roblox gamers who are planning for purchasing a system also have to give special attention to this particular area also.

The DDR4 series RAM is the minimum requirement for any advanced desktop computer.

And the buyer must purchase a minimum of 8 GB or 16 GB RAM which is considered to be the maximum requirement for Roblox.

It is also necessary to choose the RAM with a higher memory card speed and it should be more than 2000 MHz for a better and fast response.

It will be a very smart decision to go with higher RAM memory for the use of the long run with higher efficiency and usability.

There are many options available for the buyer according to their suitable choice and price range.


In the section of gaming, the games always give their maximum preference to the storage.

As the game file size matters the most it requires more storage to load games.

Most of the gaming PCs are equipped with SSD (Solid State Drive) it results in fast transferring and the loading of data without wasting much time.

The buyers or the Roblox gamers who are on a limited budget then they need to compromise with the SSD.

For those buyers HDD (Hard Disk Drive) is the most suitable option and a great choice to go with. HDD also comes with some advantages like it is cheap as compared to SSD.

It offers much more storage compared to SSD these are the reasons the budget-oriented customers prefer HDD.

Besides providing some advantages it is still not perfect either it is slow and takes time to load and transfer data.

The maximum requirement of storage for the purpose of gaming is 2 TB it provides a wide range of usability and functionality.

It makes the system use it for a longer duration with higher efficiency.

Additional features

These are the most important and practical features which come in handy and useful during longer usage.

It makes the users work with ease with easy accessibility and functionality.

The most important and most used feature is wireless connectivity.

It reduces or somehow helps to restrict the use of unwanted cables which tends to create a mess.

The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity is the most needed feature it enhances the wireless connection.

The second most important feature is the easy upgrade of the system without compromising the performance and extra punch of usability.

It helps the users to modify their desktop computers in the near future according to their choice.

And the next most used feature is that the system should be well equipped with plenty of ports for the use of the extra additional devices for easy work.

All these features are the most important and it directly or indirectly influences our working performance.

Questions & Answers:

Can you play Roblox on a desktop?

Yes obviously it is possible to play Roblox on a desktop computer and it will provide a great playing experience as well to the users.

Is Intel processor good for Roblox?

Yes of course the Intel i5 processor is good for playing Roblox is very much capable of running such gaming applications smoothly but if compared with Intel i7 processor. It is unable to provide such a gameplay experience the Intel i7 provides.

How much RAM do you need for Roblox?

In order to get the smooth multitasking jobs and a better gameplay quality it is always preferable to have 16 GB DDR4 RAM for better capability.

Which storage SSD or HDD is good for Roblox?

Both the storage is good in their own way, the SSD is fast and loads files quickly without wasting much time of the users but it is more expensive than HDD.

Whereas the HDD is cheaper than SSD and offers more storage but it is slow compared to SSD. And it clearly depends on the buyer which storage option fulfills their purpose.