9 Best Graphics Card Brands 2023

By Dominic Chooper on September 02, 2020

It will be quite difficult for you to choose a good graphics card for your computer that will meet all your computing and graphical needs if you do not know what the good ones to shortlist are.


The 9 Best Graphics Card Brands 2023:

Best Graphics Card Brands

1. EVGA – Popular, But Only in America


The EVGA graphics cards are very popular, but these are available only in America.

You will not find these cards everywhere, which can be a bit of a concern. However, if you get one, you should not worry about its performance, which is very high.

EVGA is actually an American hardware manufacturer.

They usually make different computer components and peripherals such as NVIDIA graphics cards, high-end power supplies, and many more, all of which are of high-quality standards.

The best thing about EVGA is their customer service. They will go out of their way to support their clients. Check out differences between Integrated and dedicated graphics card.

Add to that, they offer all their products at a fair price to provide high value in return.

These cards are durable, reliable and well-built with innovative and useful features.

However, the EVGA graphics cards may not be that flashy or come with cutting-edge design, but they are worth buying.

With adequate cooling efficiency and a good company backing up, these graphic cards never had any negative reviews or complaints regarding their reliability.

Even if there were any minor issues, it was well covered up.

You can read some of the EVGA user reviews to know how satisfied they are with the performance of the graphics cards and their support.

Some of the most popular versions of EVGA graphics cards belong to the:

Verdict: Popular, But Only in America

2. NVIDIA – Most Popular, Wide Variety


The NVIDIA graphics cards, especially the RTX graphics cards, come packed with power, AI and real-time ray tracing. It can be used for different applications, apart from gaming.

The GeForce series, on the other hand, is the number one choice for high-end PC gamers.

These cards will provide the highest possible performance, immersive experience and latest gaming technologies.

In the pro graphics or Quadro graphics card segment, you will get the latest features and technology to execute the most complicated and challenging workflow.

You can create cutting-edge special effects, spectacular industrial designs, and stunning videos and rendering.

NVIDIA also ensures better design and research in some of their best and fastest graphics cards for desktops.

These cards are a popular choice for researchers, creative digital artists and computer enthusiasts.

All these graphics cards will help in performing high-end computing applications of different kinds.

It will even allow the data centers to hyperscale their workloads when they use some of the fastest supercomputers of the world.

Read NVIDIA user reviews to know about the most popular versions of NVIDIA graphics cards that includes:

Verdict: Most Popular, Wide Variety

3. AMD – Budget cards for ultimate gaming experience


You will get some of the best AMD graphics cards that will provide you with maximum power to have an ultimate gaming experience.

The price to performance ratio of these cards is high which is why this company is one of the most popular brands of graphics cards.

The company is known to design their cards to ensure that it does not only support low, mid and high range of gaming but also for other low- and high-end computing tasks such as 3D designs and video editing.

It is for the high level of performance and reliability of these cards that has put this company amongst the top bracket of graphics cards manufacturers.

AMD is a company that is known to be on the lookout for ways in which they can hone their graphics cards to compete, and even beat, Intel, their major competitor.

It can be rightfully said that they have been successful in this aspect quite considerably and significantly beating their closest competitor in all aspects such as performance, cost, and overall value.

AMD is also known to have carried on the tradition of making mid-range and budget graphics cards such as the AMD Radeon RX 5700 and RX 5700 XT.

Offering a lot of value in return for less, these cards are one of the most popular and extensively used cards amongst all.

With their Big Navi, they are now perfectly poised to beat NVIDIA and other major brands of graphics cards manufacturers in the market in 2020.

Currently, the AMD Navi seems to be leading the charge and there are one too many good reasons for that.

Therefore, if you are looking for an excellent graphics card to buy without requiring to break your bank, AMD is the brand you should go for.

There are lots of affordable AMD graphics cards available on the market that will meet with all your computing needs, especially gaming.

You can read the AMD customer reviews to help you make the right choice. Otherwise, you can choose one of these most popular AMD graphics cards, amongst several others:

Verdict: Budget cards for ultimate gaming experience

4. Gigabyte – Great Value at Budget Level


This is another good brand to opt for if you want a cheaper graphics card.

Their cards are as good as their wide range of computer hardware products that includes motherboards, laptops, and other computer peripherals.

Gigabyte is one of the best sources to look for both AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards.

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These cards are cost-effective and high in performance but comes at a lower price as compared to MSI and Asus graphics cards.

This brand has launched its AORUS brand graphics cards recently.

These cards have all those features in them that enables it to compete with the high-end Asus ROG STRIX series of graphics cards.

Gigabyte offers some of the best-looking and high-end graphics cards in the market.

You can read the Gigabyte customer reviews to know more about their graphics cards.

The different versions of Gigabyte graphics cards are:

Verdict: Great Value at Budget Level

5. MSI – For High-End Gamers and High-Performance Gains


You will get a lot of variety when you choose MSI graphics cards.

This brand manufactures different types of graphics cards belonging to the NVIDIA and AMD series both.

MSI or Micro Star International is a well-known and reliable computer hardware manufacturing company.

Apart from their high-end and high-performing graphics cards, you will find MSI motherboards, pre-built systems and more in their product catalog.

All their products are built strong and durable from top to bottom. The prices of MSI graphics cards are at par Asus and are easily available all over the world.

You will get some of the best higher mid-range and high-end graphic cards.

The unique things about their graphics card is that it comes with a TWIN FROZR VI cooling solution. This cooling system is very efficient and very quiet in operation.

Their exceptional GPUs come with larger overclocking headroom.

Their VENTUS labelled GPUs will provide high value for your money making the MSI graphics card more popular among the high-end gamers and PC users.

Check out the MSI 2060 Super GAMING X graphics card that comes with a touch of RGB flair and a gentle overclocking ability that ensures higher performance gains to the users.

In short, most of the MSI graphics cards come with more ups than downs, in keeping with its reputation, which is as broad as the company itself.

Go through the MSI user reviews page to know more about the different types of graphics cards:

Verdict: For High-End Gamers and High-Performance Gains.

6. Asus – Wide Range in Variety and Price


Asus, one of the most renowned and top manufacturers of computer hardware and peripherals, also has a good repertoire in the graphics card circuit.

Their motherboards, computer peripherals, laptops, tablets, smartphones, routers, modem, headphones, and other accessories hardly need any introduction or endorsement for its high quality, so are their graphics cards.

Asus graphics cards are known for exceptional performance and durability. They make graphics cards for both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs.

Their wide range of products also comes in different price ranges such as budget, mid-range and high-end.

Asus is also known for its robust Republic of Gamers or ROG STRIX graphics cards that are known for its high quality and assurances of better performance.

These graphics cards are one of the best but are a bit expensive in comparison to other brands of graphics cards.

All the graphics cards of Asus are available all over the world. The fact that the company provides prompt, good and all-around support makes them quite a popular brand.

Offering more customization in their nice-looking graphics cards, Asus focuses on RGB and a more efficient cooling system in the design of their graphics cards.

These make their cards one among the more expensive varieties available on the market.

All Asus graphics cards have a high price-performance ratio. This means that the Asus graphics cards are not for you if you are on a budget.

Some of the popular graphics cards are:

Verdict: Wide Range in Variety and Price

7. Sapphire Technology – Known for High-End AMD Cards

Sapphire Technology

If you are on the lookout for high-quality AMD Radeon graphics cards then Sapphire Technology is the brand you should look for.

The company offers all these graphics cards at different price points.

This means that all users, whether they want a budget, mid-range, or an expensive graphics card, will find one according to their needs and preferences.

You can choose the Sapphire NITRO Gaming series that combines performance, innovation and value for money, all in one platform.

This is a good choice for both consumer graphics, PC gamers and enthusiasts.

This particular graphics cards series has all the features crammed into it to maximize the gaming experience in the truest sense.

It comes with the latest technology and features such as high-end cores, dual Tri-XX gaming modes, and the best cooling systems.

The elegant, sleek and unique contours and styling in the design of these cards will match any build.

It comes with the latest graphics architecture of NITRO and AMD to ensure a faster, better and more reliable gaming experience, irrespective of the type of the game you play.

You can also try out their PULSE graphics cards, professional graphics products and compute GPU solutions that perform at an equally high level with proper airflow and power consumption.

These cards prove the best solution for Blockchain technology, commercial cryptocurrency and for Ethereum mining sectors.

When you go through several Sapphire Technology users review you will know that they are all satisfied with the price, performance and durability.

The list of different Sapphire Technology versions of graphics cards available on the market are:

Verdict: Known for High-End AMD Cards

8. XFX – Great Performance and Features


XFX is a brand that previously used to make NVIDIA graphics cards but now the company only focuses on making AMD graphics cards.

XFX is a subsidiary of PINE Technology Holdings Limited, a company based in Hong Kong.

They are one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of gaming technologies and creators of innovative solutions and are known all over the world.

All their graphics cards come with the greatest and latest features that are loved by the PC gamers all over the world.

These features help them to do almost anything with their game such as to capture, share, stream, fine-tune and optimize it quickly and with ease.

The exceptional Radeon software ensures a smooth, fast and out-of-the-box gaming experience.

Their graphics cards will ensure that the gaming experience is mind-blowing, all-out, competition-obliterating and high in performance, just as their power supplies and computer accessories provide a better user experience.

Read the XFX user reviews to know about their video graphics and computer peripherals and the latest technology used by them.

The unique and performance driven technology will push the limits of the game as well as the system on which it is played to ensure better gaming experience.

These graphics cards will meet the diverse demands and needs of PC gamers and communities that are constantly growing and continuously changing.

The XFX graphics cards will offer all those great features in it that will ensure a high level of performance. The different types of graphics cards of XFX ideally belongs to two specific family such as:

Verdict: Great Performance and Features

9. ZOTAC – Cost-Effective Graphics Cards


You will get cost-effective yet performance-driven graphics cards from ZOTAC. However, they only make NVIDIA graphics cards.

They provide graphics cards for every segment and for everyone who may be looking for budget, or mid-range or expensive solutions.

Ideally, their graphics cards are more affordable than those graphics cards made by the major brands like Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, and EVGA.

The company may be a smaller brand compared to the others but that does not stop them from making good graphics cards. You can really rely on the ZOTAC graphics card for cost as well as performance.

They do less marketing of their products but that does not mean that they have fewer products out there or have been around in the market for a short time. They make the best GeForce products but focus more on the price points.

They produce some of the best ITX offerings that may not be exceptional in design but are truly high-end in performance.

Take a look at their ITX card, ZOTAC 2070 Super Mini IceStorm, which is full of power and comes with a super dual-fan design for adequate cooling.

Enter the world of ZOTAC graphics cards and get the best value in return for your money.

Read the ZOTAC customer reviews and you will find that the list of graphics cards offered by this brand includes different versions of:

Verdict: Cost-Effective Graphics Cards

How to Choose Best Graphics Card Brand?

To start with, rest assured that you will need to replace the graphics card on a regular basis. Period.

This is, however, if you want to have a better and upgraded performance of your system and at the same time want to have a better gaming experience when you play the games of tomorrow.

This is a vital factor to consider because there is a 25% gain in performance in the graphics cards of one generation to the other, though in some cases this increase may be much more substantial.

Therefore, if you want to stay updated, there is no other way but to upgrade your graphics card on a regular basis. Now, this means that you cannot do without choosing the right type of graphics card.

You will need to consider your budget, your needs as well as the system support to select a graphics card. It is only then the graphics card will do some serious heavy lifting to bring the games to life.

Ideally, when you choose a graphics card there are a few specific points that you should remember.

One, you should choose a version that will support playing triple A game titles.

Next, you must ensure that the graphics card has significantly high processing horsepower compared to the gaming consoles.

Finally, you must ensure that the graphics card does not create any bottlenecks. This means that it should support the powerful processor, RAM and other components of your system.

Thankfully, the distinct GPU market now is significantly large and offers a lot of alternatives to suit every budget.

You will get both cheaper and expensive graphics cards that will be high on performance, provide good gaming results and experience, and even allow making some tweaks in the graphical settings of the game.

Now you will find a separate graphics card for each specific kind of use-case and this is where this buying guide will prove to be extremely helpful.

Follow this buying guide and also link to some of the most comprehensive gaming benchmarks around.

This will enable you to see the type of performance you can expect from each specific type of graphics card.

However, choosing a graphics card does not mean you will have to spend too much money on it.

Consider all different factors and keep these points in mind when you make the choice and you will be better off, both moneywise and performance-wise.

First, make sure that you save some money for the processor. This is important because you will need to match it with the graphics card so that one supports the other and it delivers at a much higher frame rate.

This will ensure that you get both, a higher synthetic benchmark as well as a better performance in real game play.

Second, you must match the resolution of the monitor with the graphics card.

Most of these cards will be good enough for gaming at 1080p resolutions providing images at 30 to 60 frames per second.

However, this will not be enough if you want a 4K resolution and a higher in-game setting to play the most demanding and software intensive gaming titles.

Third, you must focus on the refresh rates. You will need a more powerful processor and a graphics card if your monitor comes with a refresh rate in three digits so that it can work in its full potential.

On the other hand, if the refresh rate of the monitor is 60 Hz and 1080p maximum, then there is no point in spending an extra amount of money on a graphics card that will push the pixels faster than that display can handle.

Fourth, consider the space so that the graphics card you have chosen has enough room. Also check the power supply so that it can spare enough watts and comes with the correct type of power connectors.

These connectors will depend and vary according to the type of the graphics card but ideally the system should come with at least two 8-pin PCIe ports.

Fifth, check out the MSRP or the launch price before buying. This is a good way to find out whether or not you are getting the best deal.

There is no use choosing those graphics cards that are offered with fake markup and then heavy discounts are offered by the manufacturers.

Eventually, you will end up paying more than the MSRP if you buy these cards.

Sixth, make it a point that you do not choose dual cards. This is simply not worth spending your money on. Instead get one of the best single cards that fits in your budget and needs.

You will have more trouble than it’s worth when you add a second card to your system.

Seventh and last, if you want some serious boost in the level of performance, you should never count on overclocking.

Instead, you should buy a graphics card that is more powerful. Typically, no graphics card will have more than 5 to 10% overclocking headroom at the maximum.

If you want sheer performance from a budget graphics card then AMD is surely the one, and probably the only, brand that will provide you with maximum ROI.

This is because there is hardly any other brand in the graphics card circuit that may beat AMD in both price and performance, combined.

Even if you choose one of the most powerful AMD graphics cards, AMD Radeon RX Vega 64, you will find that the price of it is very competitive as compared to other powerful, mid-range, and upper graphics cards.

Another significant aspect of AMD GPUs is that each and every version of these are highly power efficient.

Along with power efficiency, compatibility and high level of performance you will also get enough power, bandwidth and higher TDP value when you buy an AMD graphics card.

Therefore, if your system supports an AMD GPU then you should always go for it.

If you want a higher rate of performance then you should choose the EVGA brand of graphics cards, especially the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti FTW3 Ultra.

Their graphics cards usually offer a level of performance which is at least 2 to 3% higher in comparison to other versions of graphics cards, such as the RTX 2080Ti FE. If you have a manual OC then you can push the performance even further up by 7 to 8%.

All these cards come with a better and more efficient cooling system keeping the internal temperature around 64 degrees Celsius, which is amazing.

However, the noise levels of these fans may be a bit higher which you will have to bear with if you have higher performance needs.

Most importantly, EVGA models of graphics cards do not have any reviews that complain of unexpected malfunctions or other potential issues.

Most of the PC gamers and creative designers go for the NVIDIA brand when they want a graphics card that is built using the latest technology.

One of the most popular and extensively used graphics cards brands, the NVIDIA Turing, for example, comes with the latest and most advanced GPU architecture of the world.

This is one of the most favored graphics cards by all high-end gamers and digital creators.

You can expect to get truly great performance from these next generation graphics cards that come with unique and innovative features.

You can make the best use of technologies and features such as high-end ray tracing cores and a dedicated AI. All these will add to your ultimate gaming experience with performances that will be at least 25% faster.

If you want to raise the bar of gaming and the level of your performance then Gigabyte will provide you with both.

They are the company that uses technology and creates designs that will resonate with your gaming needs and demands.

With machine learning and AI, their graphic cards will make playing PC games full of fun and more exciting. Check out their AORUS eSport lineup and feel the rush in your adrenaline.

Their vast range of products will allow you to meet any of your needs and achieve anything that you visualize, and beyond, while gaming.

In short, they are the ones to opt for if you choose to have the best in technology and highest possible sustainability.

MSI is known to have some of the best research and developments made to include newer and more creative features in their graphics cards that will push the extremes of performance.

They also focus on maintaining stability of their graphics cards performance in tense gameplay situations, high temperatures and harsh conditions.

They use the latest and state-of-the-art technology in their design and ensure that it passes all types of proof testing. They ideally use third partners for production so that they make their products available at a mass scale and at a more affordable rate.

They combine the finest components and follow the exact standards to ensure high quality performance and a better gaming experience.

They ensure higher achievement and highest possible reliability to all users, whether they are professional gamers or just an average consumer.

If you need a graphics card that will enable you to play the high-end games of today and tomorrow as well, then you should try out Asus graphics card.

Though bit pricey, these graphics card manufacturing brands produce products that will ensure a higher performance and better gaming, always and every time.

Just as Asus is known for revolutionizing the PC industry with its varied products and peripherals including IoT devices and robotic technology, they are also equally known for their high-end graphics cards that will help you rise over and above the battlefield.

Explore their different versions of graphics cards, all of which are built with the latest technology and come with the best design, cooling system and other features that will take your gaming one notch higher.

Rely on Sapphire Technology if you want to have a more professional graphics card that will help you in gaming as well as perform other high-end professional tasks on your computer system.

Their GPRO Series is the latest in the graphics products that are preferred by most of the 3D professionals.

The Sapphire compute GPU solutions and Pulse graphics cards come with better-performing parts and technology that will ensure an excellent gaming experience.

The best part: you will get all these at a price that you can easily afford.

If you want to bend the rules of PC gaming in your favor then XFX is the brand that is most suitable for you.

Apart from the exceptional parts and technology that are necessary for high-end gaming, their graphics cards come with better features.

For example, if you choose the 5600 XT, 5700, or the 5700 XT version of graphics cards, you will get the new triple dissipation coolers.

The 100% copper GPU comes with technologies like cold plate, GDDR heat spreader, and more that ensure a better airflow with its open airflow design. This not only gives superior cooling but better acoustics as well.

In short, XFX is the brand all should go for if they want a graphics card that will enable anything from 1080p to 4K gaming experience at a comparatively affordable price.

ZOTAC is the name that signifies innovation, high quality, reliability and responsibility. This is the brand to look for to buy a graphics card if you want to play the games of the future.

They ensure that all their graphics cards are made using the best and latest technologies and are of the highest of standards.

ZOTAC has established a new gaming empire with their graphics cards that are nothing short of being one of the best in its kinds. Their graphics cards are ideally designed for those users who live to game.

You can also customize the cards the way you like. For example, you can brighten up the lighting using SPECTRA.

They ensure performance of the highest caliber and precision. They make the best use of their design expertise and engineering prowess while creating the graphics cards.

They are the ones to rely on if you really want to have the ultimate PC gaming experience while playing the games of today and also those of tomorrow, keeping the system cool all the time.


Comparing all available brands of graphics cards and coming to know about them individually, it can be concluded now that the most common and popular GPU recommendation, new or for an upgrade, is NVIDIA GeForce series.

As of now, the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti is one of the top picks of several PC gamers and creative designers.

This is because it offers the highest possible frame rates per second, provides better support for hardware, ensures expedited ray tracing, uses latest technology, and comes with unique features.

You may also try out the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 that offers superb 1080p and 1440p frame rates per second. This is also the cheapest version of graphics cards that comes with the latest technology that supports ray tracing.

However, the choice of graphics cards, in the end, is a matter of personal preferences, budget and your needs as well as the system requirements.

The list of brands mentioned above is prepared based on the facts and findings of a thorough research and statistical figures. It is certainly not a ‘strict order.’

Therefore, when you make your choice, make it a point that you select a graphics card based on two specific aspects, namely, the longevity and the throughput, both of which should be better than a gaming console.

Ideally, there are lots of alternatives in each category that perform equally good as the major brands. It just requires a proper and extensive research to select the best graphics card for your system.