5 Best RAM Brands for PC with Verdicts

By Puja Chatterjee on September 02, 2020

The performance of your system will highly depend on the RAM installed in it. Therefore, it is necessary to choose one from a reliable and known manufacturer.

However, with so many brands out there claiming to be the best, it may not be easy if you do not have the reliable ones shortlisted.

Here is an article with 5 top RAM brands along with a brief description of each that will save you from the hassle of going through a large number of websites to create the list.

5 Best RAM Brands for PC:

Best RAM Brands for PC

1. Corsair – High Performance and Customer Support


Known for creating innovative solutions to boost PC performance, CORSAIR is a brand that was founded in 1994.

Since then the company has grown from being the pioneer in producing high-performing DRAM to the leading manufacturers of streaming and gaming products.

All of these products are of high quality and come with useful features that ensure high performance of the computer systems.

All their RAMs come with top-class architecture and specifications. These RAMs are easily available at affordable prices in the market.

Apart from their RAMs, you can also choose them for their best in class PC casing, power supply units, SSDs and several other computer components and peripherals.

They are one of the leading brands in producing some of the best RAMs, especially for the high-end gaming PCs.

Apart from the exceptional performance of their products, they are also the most favorite brand to go for outstanding customer support.

If ever you find that the RAM you chose from them is not functioning just as the way it should be, you can visit their official website for customer support.

You may also visit the forum to get the best assistance possible, in quick time. This is not only for the RAMs but is also applicable to any product you buy from them.

You will come to know about the different types of memory produced by this brand when you read the CORSAIR RAM user reviews.

It includes 91 DDR4 RAMs, 63 DDR3 RAMs and 7 DDR3L RAMS. According to these reviews, the most popular and common models of CORSAIR RAMs are:

Verdict: High Performance and Customer Support.

2. Crucial – Affordable, Simple to Install


Crucial, a brand owned by Micron Technology, is the company that sells their DRAMs to CORSAIR, G-Skill, Kingston and several other companies. It is this fact that makes Crucial one of those few brands that top others in the sales volumes of DRAMS.

They are one of the oldest producers of RAM. The best part of their RAMs is the fact that these are much cheaper as compared to the RAMs produced by other brands. This is due to the reason that they produce their own chipset.

They design their RAMs very carefully and strategically so that it eventually helps the computer to run faster and operate in a much smoother way.

Therefore, Crucial memory is the one you should look for if you want one of the most affordable and easiest ways to upgrade your system and increase its performance.

The Crucial Ballistix gaming memory is considered to be the next generation in the memory segment. This and the Ballistixs MAX memory comes with intense RGB, high-quality Micron die, and dynamic heat spreaders.

All these ensure maximum performance. They also make memory that is compatible with the Mac systems.

The good thing about Crucial is that they take out the guesswork from the equation when it comes to memory upgrade. These RAMs come with a limited lifetime warranty.

These are simple to install and will speed up the performance of your computer so that you get it to do exactly what you want it to do.

They are also the brand to look for if you want any server memory. Their DDR4 server memory will ensure that your systems reach their full potential and perform in a wide variety of modules.

All their RAMs are designed and manufactured in Micron fabs, from the beginning to the end.

You will get some of the best RAMs for your desktop PC or even for your laptop. Just go by the Crucial RAM reviews to make your choice of a particular version of RAM from the lineup that includes:

Verdict: Affordable, Simple to Install.

3. Samsung – Advanced Memory Technology


Apart from their impressive lineups of smartphones and television sets, Samsung is also considered to be one of the largest creators of memory modules in the world.

You will feel the difference in performance yourself when you choose a Samsung RAM for your PC. This is due to their advanced technology used in making the memory modules.

This advanced technology in the Samsung DRAMs ensures more acceleration in the performance.

The innovative features of these memory modules will provide the best results across different computing solutions including PCs, servers, to more sophisticated AI applications.

Their innovative technology and expertise in this specific field encourages several major and best RAM brands to use a Samsung chipset in their product. They then sell the same at a higher price, of course with some fancy branding of their own.

Being one of the largest creators of RAMs, all Samsung memory modules come with highest quality assurance.

The performance is top-notch in spite of the fact that their RAMs are very simple in design. It will not look as attractive as the RAMs of other brands, but will perform much better than most of them.

Samsung is definitely the RAM brand you should consider if you are not a very big fan of those fancy RGB lights and do not want several color flashings on your RAM.

However, you must note at this point that all Samsung memory modules come in just standard form.

Also, check the Samsung RAM user reviews to know more about their product and its level of performance. Their list of RAMs includes:

Verdict: Advanced Memory Technology.

4. G-Skill – Low Cost, High Performance


G-skill is another reputed brand that manufactures some of the best RAMs of highest quality and performance results. They produce RAMs for both PCs and laptop computers. All their RAMs are relatively cheaper in comparison to other brands.

These are the most significant factors that put G-skill at a higher bracket among the several RAM manufacturing brands.

Just like CORSAIR, G-Skill also uses chipset from the same source and therefore, both have quite similar timings, frequency and number of modules. It can therefore be concluded that the performance of a G-Skill RAM will be at par CORSAIR RAM.

The only aspect in which G-Skill lags behind CORSAIR is in its after sales support.

This means that, if you are not concerned very much about customer support but want to save some money without making any compromise on the performance of the RAM then, G-Skill is the brand you should look for.

Just go through the different G-Skill RAM reviews to choose one of the finest RAMs for your PC that includes:

Verdict: Low Cost, High Performance.

5. TEAMGROUP – Old and reliable


There is one similarity of TEAMGROUP with the Crucial RAM brand. Both are old brands. However, that did not stop them from continuing to make high quality and reliable memory modules.

Since 1997 they have been doing this. Their RAMs are more commonly known as T-Force.

Just as the other RAM brands, the T-Force models will also provide the best performance and live up to your expectations.

It will help you in performing all simple and complex computing tasks with its features and performance ability at a very high speed.

If you use the T-Force RAM, nothing can probably go wrong with your essential computing requirements.

When it comes to pricing, the T-Force RAMs typically fall in the mid-range category. A few models can even be on the higher side, slightly. At least, the TEAMGROUP RAM reviews indicate that.

The different types of TEAMGROUP RAMs for PCs include:

Verdict: Old and reliable

Buyer’s Guide for Best PC RAM Brands

If you want to find the best RAM to upgrade your computer system, to start with, you must know that there is a significant difference between the memory type of a desktop PC and a laptop computer.

This means that choosing any and every type and brand of RAM may not suffice and be a good idea. This is because the laptop and desktop RAMs are not interchangeable.

This is the first thing that you should know while choosing a RAM type for your PC.

Next, you should know about the two specific components of your computer that will influence your choice of RAM type and brand as well as the maximum amount of memory you can use in your computer system.

These are the motherboard and the operating system of your computer. Check out differences between ECC and non ECC RAM.

For example, you can use a 4 GB RAM comfortably for a standard 32-bit Windows 7 edition operating system.

On the other hand, for the basic Windows 7 Home operating system you can use 8 GB of RAM, for a Windows 7 Home Premium you can use 16 GB RAM, and a 192 GB RAM will do just good for a Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate operating system.

If your computer runs on a Windows 8.1 32-bit operating system, then the limit of RAM you can use is 4 GB. As for the other Windows 8 editions, you can use 128 GB RAM for a Windows 8.1 OS and 512 GB RAM for Windows 8.1 Professional and Enterprise operating systems.

On the other hand, you must also consider the motherboard of your system when you choose a RAM brand to make sure it is compatible. It will determine the capacity of the RAM to use in the system.

Ideally, specific types of motherboards will have a limited number of DIMM or Dual In-Line Memory Module slots. This is the place where you have to plug in the RAM.

In addition to that, the motherboard will also determine the type of RAM you should use for your computer system. Here are some of the common variants of RAM you can choose according to the motherboard.

You can choose a DDR2 SDRAM or a Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory, which is compatible with motherboards in computers made after 2003.

A DDR3 SDRAM or a Double Data Rate Type Three Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory will suit the motherboards in computers made after 2007.

A newer generation of DDR4 SDRAM or Double Data Rate Fourth Generation Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory will be good enough for the modern PC builds.

Apart from the motherboard type and operating systems, you will also need to consider other specs of the RAM when you choose one for your computer. Here are a few points that you should keep in mind.

The speed, denoted in MHz, will affect the performance if you need to handle more complex computing tasks in large volumes like the workstations.

The timing or latency of the RAM is another consideration to make which is represented by four numerals, each of them separated by dashes. Ideally, lower the numbers, better will be the performance.

You will also need to find a suitable and compatible multi-channel kit if the motherboard of your system supports multi-channel memory.

Therefore, all these means that you will need to select your memory based on the specifications of your computer system.

Shop smart because the RAM in your PC will actually act as a buffer between the CPU and the traditional storage.

If the memory stored in the RAM module is lost, it will take a longer time for the programs to start up. Right choice of the RAM is also necessary to cope with the increase in the internet bandwidth, media and data consumption.

Here are a few simple tips from the experts to follow when you shop for your RAM.

First, you will need to determine how much RAM you need, which will by itself be a difficult task, if you do not know your needs in the first place.

If you are building a standard PC for performing average computing tasks, a RAM up to 8 GB is enough. However, for high-end gaming and other software intensive jobs, a 16 GB to 32 GB RAM should be preferred.

If you are more concerned about your budget but want a better performance from your computer system then you should go for a 16 GB RAM.

This will support gaming and other fundamental and conventional productivity computing tasks.

You must also consider the clock speed and make sure that you do not waste your money on clock speeds that your system will be unable to support.

Check the specifications of the manufacturer of the motherboards beforehand for that matter and shop accordingly.

Also, do not spend money unnecessarily on heat spreaders and lights. These are actually just for show.

The blinking lights will not increase the performance in any way and, generally speaking, most of the memory will not run fast enough so that it will generate more heat and need the metal heat spreaders.

Unless you manually overclock the levels or need to ensure a better airflow through the case, you better choose any bare memory sticks.

Finally, if you have an AMD-based motherboard then remember that the memory speeds publicized as part of the XMP profile may not be achievable on it. XMP or ‘Extensible Metadata Platform’ is a kind of an automatic setting for memory overclocking.

These were ideally designed for the Intel motherboards only.

Moreover, some motherboards may come with specific BIOS settings that may help you to attain faster speeds on a few AMD motherboards only. However, even if there is any such setting, it has not proved to work better always.

Therefore, to keep your selection process much simpler, choose one of the above-mentioned five brands of RAM to get a better performance, maximum satisfaction and a high value in return for your investment.

Keep these points in mind to make it even easier.

If you want to go with the experts, then you should choose Crucial. Justifying their name in the truest of senses, everything from their commitment, expertise, reliability and compatibility is ‘crucial.’

Since storage and memory are crucial for your system to work, therefore, Crucial is the one brand you should go for.

Their RAM comes with some of the best features that will help you to save documents, load maps, virtualize databases, or stream content.

Another good reason to rely on this specific company is that it is a brand of Micron, which itself is one of the most reliable and largest manufacturers of top-quality memory.

You will notice the difference in performance yourself if you choose a Crucial RAM due to its high quality and expertise of the company in its making.

When you choose to use Samsung RAM for your PC it will help you to power up your device for tomorrow.

Samsung is known for their continual development process to make their products better, whether it is the RAMs, processors, displays and more.

Samsung promises the best performance of the computer systems through their DRAMs being the leaders of this industry for the past two decades.

Their leading-edge DRAM technologies are one of the best for modern times as well as for tomorrow.

Most of the digital devices of today, even the PCs, use Samsung DRAM technology. This promises industry-leading performance, energy efficiency and density.

Over the years, they have produced some of the best DRAM solutions using the 10 nm class process for the first time.

Now it has come up with the HBM memory which can be used in any type of work and application including HPC or High-Performance Computing as well as in the data centers of the future generation.

You can also use it for network systems, advanced graphics, artificial intelligence, enterprise servers, high-frequency trading, real time analytics and several other data-intensive applications.

If you want both quality and performance then it is G-Skill to choose. It is their skill and expertise in RAM manufacturing that ensures high performance of their product.

Since 1989, they have been making memory modules that are known for extreme performance.

Based in Taipei, Taiwan, they are a known figure in manufacturing high-performing gaming peripherals and several storage solutions of the highest of standards all over the world.

Their products, including their RAMs, are most favored by high-end and professional PC gamers, millions of content creators, and even by the average computer users, at home or business.

They continually research and develop in order to raise the level of performance of their memory products. This has helped them to design some of the best, fastest and high-performing memory kits of the world.

These RAMs will promise faster computing and smoother gameplay. These are reliable and compatible on any new generation computing platforms including powerful workstations, top class gaming systems and advanced servers that work 24/7.

If you want assurance about the quality and performance of the RAM then TEAMGROUP should be your ideal choice.

This Taiwan based company uses the best technology and research and development team to create the best memory products.

They ensure more productivity at a rapid pace but the best part is that they offer a full-service warranty. Just as their high-performing products, their customer service is also exceptional.

The fact that TEAMGROUP produces their own brand of memory cards and memory modules make them your perfect choice.

Their T-Force version of RAMs are specifically designed for those users who want excellent performance at an extremely high speed. This specific memory product is also preferred by the technology media.

CORSAIR is one brand that has come up with high-performance DRAMs. These RAMs come with innovative designs and advanced features.

They are known for their commitment towards quality and high-performance of their memory products. This has enabled them to make a distinct mark in the market as well as in the minds of the PC gamers.

Features, availability, pricing or specifications – their RAMs excel in all aspects to beat some of the major RAM makers of today.

Added benefit of using their RAM is exceptional customer service.

The Final Words

Ideally, the amount of RAM that your PC will require will vary at any given point of time. This is because your system will use the available RAM depending on the different programs and the operating system that you want to run on your computer.

This means that the PC will not use all of the RAM available, always. You can check how much RAM the PC uses for each program run on it by opening the Windows Task Manager.

If you see that the system uses 75% of RAM on an average, do not jump to the conclusion that you need to purchase more RAM. It is just a waste of money because any unused amount of RAM will mean wasted RAM.

Normally, you will need to buy more RAM if you cannot push the system further than its capacity or notice that the level of performance has fallen.

While choosing a RAM amount, type and brand for an upgrade of your computer system, you will need to consider how much RAM you already have, the configuration of the modules, clock speed and the existing RAM type.

Also consider the slots and capacity that the motherboard in your computer can support.

Using the guide above, you can choose one of the five brands and ‘play’ safe. Just make sure that you take your time to choose a brand and type of RAM for your PC. Rushing your decision may put you at the losers’ end.