4 Ways to Fix Accidentally Deleted Network Driver

By Puja Chatterjee on June 26, 2023

Sometimes, you may accidentally delete a network drive by clicking on uninstall driver instead of the update driver option in your Device Manager while updating your network driver.

There is also a possibility that a third-party software product may delete it.

However, this situation can be quite frustrating since there will be no internet to access. Do not worry because this article will tell you about the ways to fix this issue and get your network driver back.


Why Do You Need to Fix Accidentally Deleted Network Drivers?

You will need to fix the issue and restore the network drive deleted accidentally primarily for accessing the internet.

You will also need it to restore all those specific features on your computer that are directly related to the network and the network driver and be able to work on it.

The process to restore the deleted network driver, however, is very easy and can be followed by any user with little or no technical knowledge.

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How to Fix Accidentally Deleted Network Driver?

Fix Accidentally Deleted Network Driver

The simplest way to get back the deleted network drive in your computer is to download the driver from another computer that has access to the internet, copy the downloaded and saved file to a removable pen drive, and transfer it to your computer.

You can also do it in other ways, such as:

Here are the steps to follow for each.

Method 1: From the Device Manager

More often than not, scanning for any hardware changes in the Device Manager will resolve the issue.


Clicking on Scan for hardware changes

This will get back your deleted network driver.

Method 2: From the Command Prompt

Running a few specific commands in the Command Prompt is another way to get back the network driver that you have deleted accidentally.


Typing the commands ipconfig /flushdns and netsh winsock reset

If, in case, it does not work, you may have to reset the network. Go to Settings > select Network & Internet > click on Advanced network settings > click on Network reset button.

Then again restart your computer. This will resolve the issue.

Method 3: Create A System Restore

Perhaps the best way to get back a network drive that you have deleted accidentally is by restoring the system back to the time when the drive was there. The process is called system restore.


Create a restore point

Clicking on the System Restore button

Clicking on the Next button in the System Restore window

Choosing the restore point

Confirm your restore point

Clicking on the Yes button

Now, restart your computer and you will find the network driver that you deleted accidentally is restored.

Method 4: Download and Install the Network Driver Manually

If you know the details of the manufacturer, you can download the network driver and install on your PC manually. However, if you do not know the details, know it first and then download the driver.


Typing msinfo32

Looking at the System Summary

This will restore the network driver on your computer that you deleted accidentally.


So, as you can see there is nothing to worry when you delete a network driver from your computer accidentally.

One of the above processes will help you get it back easily.