How to Fix a Broken Router Antenna?

By Dominic Chooper on September 13, 2023

Fixing a broken router antenna is a straightforward process that can help restore functionality to your router.

This guide will provide you with the solutions and step-by-step instructions to address the issue.


What Happens If Router Antenna Breaks?

When a router antenna breaks, you’ll likely experience connection problems, frequent dropouts, dead zones, and a noticeable decline in signal quality leading to slower internet speeds.

Additionally, a broken router antenna can result in:

In summary, a broken router antenna diminishes user experiences and may lead to long-term router issues.

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Ways to Fix a Broken Router Antenna

The easiest way to fix a broken router antenna is to replace it with a compatible one.

Alternatively, you can:

Method 1: Replace the Broken Antenna with a Compatible Antenna

If your antenna is simply broken and can be unscrewed, replacing the broken antenna with a compatible antenna will easily allow you to restore the normal functionality of the router.


Screw the new antenna

Note: Secure the antenna but do not overtighten it.

Method 2: Repair Bent Elements

If you have the proper tools, you can make some minor repairs to the broken antenna, such as fixing the broken wires or the bent external elements.


Removing the screws from the router

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Solder the loose connections

Fix antenna elements carefully using pliers

Replacing the PCB

Method 3: Inspect and Secure Cable Connections

There may be some loose cable connections causing performance issues. Check the wires and solder them.


Using a soldering iron to remove them and then securely reaffix them on the PCB

Replace the enclosure, fix the screws, and check the router.

Method 4: Check the Internal Part of the Antenna

Check the internal part of the antenna. It can be broken or bent and affect the performance of the router.


Opening the internal part

Straighten the wires

Replacing the part inside the antenna enclosure

Refix the antennas

Method 5: Replace the Broken Antenna Enclosure

Assuming that a portion of the internal part of the antenna is okay and the enclosure is broken and irreparable, you can fix it quickly with this impromptu solution using the case of a ballpoint pen!


Checking the connection

Taking a copper wire of considerable length

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Twisting it like a spring

Attaching it with one end of the internal part of the antenna

Inserting the internal wire

Connecting the two wires

Inserting the antenna inside the pen case

Antenna is fixed

Replacing the cover and fix the screws


To wrap up, fixing a broken router antenna is essential for a reliable internet connection.

This guide offers solutions through replacement, repair, or upgrading, with a reminder to secure cable connections and seek customer support if necessary.