How to Fix DHCP Not Working Properly?

By Dominic Chooper on September 21, 2023

Experiencing Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) issues can disrupt your network connectivity.

While not fatal, it is essential to identify and resolve the issue promptly.

Explore the common causes and methods to address the DHCP not working properly issue and ensure your network operates seamlessly.


Why is DHCP Not Working Properly?

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol or DHCP usually does not function properly when the router has a problem in fetching an IP address from the ISP or Internet Service Provider (ISP).

This is mainly a result of misconfigured DHCP server settings on the router or network equipment.

A few other strong reasons that may cause this issue are:

So, there are different reasons for the DHCP not working properly and so are the solutions to fix it.

Ways to Fix DHCP Not Working Properly

The first and most common solution to the DHCP not functioning properly is to run the network troubleshooter to detect any issues in the network or your system and fix them automatically.

A few other ways to try and resolve the issue are:

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Note: The solution to choose to fix DHCP not working properly and its effectiveness will however depend on the network conditions and specific symptoms. So, follow the next method if the previous method does not resolve the problem.

Method 1: Run Network Troubleshooter

Running the network troubleshooter can solve a lot of network related issues by detecting them quickly and fixing the issue, including DHCP not working properly.


Open Settings

Network & Internet

Network troubleshooter

Method 2: Clone Your MAC Address

Cloning your MAC address can also resolve DHCP not working and other issues if it is specifically related to the identification of the device connected to your network.


Log In to your router

Clicking on the Clone MAC Address button

This will show the same address for both the WAN MAC Address and Your PC’s MAC Address, which are showing differently in the image.

Method 3: Update Your Network Driver

Issues related to compatibility that may result in problems like DHCP not working properly may also be resolved sometimes by updating your network driver.


Typing devmgmt.msc

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Selecting the Update driver option

Selecting Search automatically for drivers

Method 4: Rollback Network Driver

If updating your network driver does not help resolve the issue, rolling it back might.


Clicking on Properties

Clicking on Roll Back Driver

Method 5: Disable Internet Protocol Version 6

Disabling Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) may resolve the issue if it is causing conflicts.


Typing control panel

Selecting Network and Internet

Going to Network and Sharing Center

Clicking on your active network connection

Clicking on Properties

Unchecking the Internet Protocol Version 6

Method 6: Restart DHCP Client Service

Restarting the DHCP Client Service can resolve the issue by refreshing the DHCP configurations.


look for DHCP Client

Method 7: Change DHCP Query Frequency

Sometimes, adjusting the DHCP query frequency can address this issue by optimizing the frequency of IP address requests by the device from the DHCP server.

Note: Exercise caution while making changes in the Windows Registry, and make sure to take a proper backup before performing the following steps, as any errors may render your system inoperable.


In the Windows Registry Editor, click on the following folders on the left pane in the exact order:

Now, there may be multiple subkeys under it. Look for the interface key of your network adapter.

Choosing DWORD

Method 8: Update Router Firmware

Updating the firmware of the router will remove the bugs in it and improve compatibility, potentially resolving the DHCP not working properly issue.


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Clicking on the Upgrade button

Alternatively, if you want a quick online upgrade, you can simply click on the Upgrade button, marked with a red arrow in the above image.

If this does not resolve the issue, try the following method.

Method 9: Reconfigure DHCP Adapter Settings

Reconfiguring DHCP adapter settings will allow the device to obtain IP addresses automatically, which might help the DHCP work properly.


Clicking on Open Network & Internet settings

Clicking on Change adapter options

Selecting Properties

Clicking on the Properties button

Clicking on the OK button to save

Method 10: Reset Your Router

Resetting your router will clear the settings and might resolve the issue.

However, use this as your last resort as it will clear all saved settings, including your password and SSID. You will need to reconfigure them again from scratch.


Disconnecting the internet cable

Press and hold the Reset button


In conclusion, there are lots of reasons and solutions for DHCP not working properly. Try one or a combination of them based on your needs.

If none of the methods work, you must reach out to your ISP. There may be some service issues or outages from their end.

You may also seek their assistance if needed.