How to Fix PC Not Detecting Headphones & Mic? (23 Methods)

By Dominic Chooper on March 10, 2023

It can be really annoying when you connect your headphone and mic set to your computer to listen to your favorite music or watch a movie and the PC fails to detect it.

However, this is a common issue, and it does not always end up with repairing or replacing the pair of headphones.

If you know the reason for the issue, there are a few easy and quick fixes to this problem. In this article, you will find all those fixes, all in one place, to put your headphones back into normal working condition. So, continue reading.


Why Does a PC Not Recognize Headphones?

A PC may not detect a headphone due to several reasons, including a faulty headphone cable or connector. There can also be issues with the earbuds due to damage, wear or breakage.

In addition to the above, the headphones may also not be detected by the computer due to:

How to Fix a PC Not Detecting Headphones?

How to Fix PC Not Detecting Headphones

Typically, there are a host of solutions that can fix the issue of a headphone not being detected by the computer. However, all these solutions generally fall under two broad categories, namely, hardware and software fixes, depending on the cause.

However, before getting into the relatively complex set of solutions to fix the issue of your headphones being undetectable by the PC, try the basic ones first.

This involves physically checking the headphones, the cables, and the ports, and even trying them on a different device.

Once you are satisfied with your checks and know that your headphone set is all good, you may try these specific solutions.

Method 1: General Troubleshoot

Sometimes, simple issues with the headphones and their settings may prevent a PC from detecting them. Therefore, it is better to start with simple troubleshooting.


Click on the gear icon to open Settings

Click on System

Click on Troubleshoot

Detecting problems

Playing Audio window

Wait for the audio to be repaired which will resolve the issue.

Method 2: Update the Driver

Often, the installed driver on your PC may be corrupted or outdated, preventing the headphones from being detected.

Therefore, it is better to update the drivers installed on your PC.


Go to Device Manager

Select Update driver

Browse my computer for drivers

Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer

Select High-Definition Audio Device

Update Driver Warning

Windows has successfully updated your drivers

You may find the issue resolved.

Method 3: Uninstall Device

If the above method did not work, the device itself may be the cause of the issue. It is good to uninstall the device and reinstall it again to fix the problem.


click on Uninstall device

Scan for hardware changes

Sometimes, you may see a window like this:

uncheck the Delete the driver software of this device option

If you see it, make sure that you uncheck the Delete the driver software of this device option. If you do not then it will uninstall the primary sound driver software.

When it is done uninstalling, reinstall it back. You must then restart your PC. This will resolve the issue.

Method 4: Change the Bitrate

Sometimes the quality of sound or the bitrate may prevent the PC from detecting a headphone set. Therefore, change it.


Click on the Sound Control Panel

Click on the Sound Control Panel

Method 5: Disable All Enhancements

There may be too many enhancements enabled in your PC. This can also create some issues with detecting the headphones by the system. In order to fix this issue, disable them.


Select Hardware and Sound

Sound Speaker properties

Go to the Enhancements tab

Method 6: Set the Default Device

The PC may not detect a headphone if it is not set as the default device. You should set it in these easy steps.


Click on Open Sound settings

Manage sound devices

See whether or not the headphones mentioned under this list are disabled. If it is so, enable it. In the above case, it is enabled and therefore left unchanged. Do the same for the other output device/devices under it.

This will make your headphones the default output device.

Method 7: Uninstall Problematic IDT Audio Device

There are several instances where the Interdigital transducer or Interdigitated Transducer (IDT) audio device creates problems with the sound drivers and thereby prevents the PC from detecting the headphones.

Therefore, it is best to uninstall them in the following ways.


Click on Programs

click on Programs and Features

It will be removed. and the problem will be solved. You can check your headphones to find out.

Method 8: Windows Update

Your Windows operating system may need some updating not only to detect your headphones connected to the PC but for all its other functions as well.

Most of the time, an outdated version of Windows can cause a variety of issues. Therefore, update it.


check for updates

Click on the button Windows Update

Windows will check for the latest updates and inform you when it has finished updating. This simple yet essential step will also resolve the issue of your headphones not being detected by your PC.

Method 9: Setting the Exclusive Mode

More often, a wrong setting or selection of the exclusive mode may create such an issue. So, it is better to resolve the problem in hand by setting the exclusive mode correctly.


Select Headphone option

Headphones properties

Finally, disconnect and reconnect your headphones. This should solve the issue.

Steps to Fix a PC Not Detecting Headphones Mic

There may be times when your PC would not detect the microphone. In such situations, you will need to make some adjustments to your system settings.

Method 10: Switching the Microphone On

A microphone will not be detected by a computer system if it is not switched on. Therefore, make sure it is switched on.


Click on Privacy

Allow access to the microphone on this device

This should resolve the issue and you will see the microphone icon when an app uses the microphone. You may also ‘Choose which Microsoft Store apps can access your microphone’ according to your wish.

Choose which Microsoft Store apps can access your microphone

Method 11: Tweak HD Audio Manager

The audio manager installed on your PC may not be working properly and hence your microphone may not be detected by the computer system. Make changes to it in order to resolve the issue.


Click on the Large icons button to open All Control Panel Items

HD Audio Manager

Disable front panel jack detection

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Playback tab

Use this device

Levels tab

When done, restart your PC, and it should solve the issue.

Method 12: Check the Jack

Now, if the above solution did not work, there may be an issue with the jack and you may need to rectify it.

Did you know that a 3.5 mm jack comes in two forms, namely, 3-pin and 4-pin? Obviously, if you use a 3-pin jack, your PC will not detect the mic but the sound may be fine.

So, choose a 4-pin 3.5 mm TRRS or Tip Ring Ring Sleeve audio jack instead of a 3-pin TRS or Tip Ring Sleeve audio jack.


First, check the jack to find out which type of jack you are using.

type of jack

Now, look at the front panel audio connectors for the mic and headphones, which look just the same but have different markings for the headphone and the mic.

front panel audio connectors

If you connect a 3.5 mm 4-pin audio jack in the headset slot, you will hear sound, but the mic will not work.

In that case, you will need to use a special type of cable that comes with a splitter and two different connectors marked for the mic and headset.

Now, simply plug in the connectors into the right slots according to the marks and it will resolve the issue.

In some rare cases, users may use a separate microphone with their PCs like this:

separate microphone

Typically, this type of mic may need a separate type of connectivity and arrangement like this:

type of connectivity and arrangement

If you have a new PC, such as a new All-in-One computer system, it will typically come with a single 4-pin TRRS 3.5 mm jack as shown below:

So, if you use a 3-pin connection, the mic will not work. Therefore, you will need a different jack for the adapter to recognize the microphone. You will need to use a 3-pin to 4-pin adapter like this one.

3-pin to 4-pin adapter

Method 13: Uninstall Audio Inputs and Outputs

The ‘Audio inputs and output’ setting may be incorrect and therefore, your microphone may not be detected.

In that case, it is better to try updating it, and if the mic still does not work then uninstall it to resolve the issue.


Audio inputs and outputs

Scan for hardware changes

Restart your PC and see whether or not the issue is resolved.

Method 14: Adjusting Device Installation Settings

Sometimes, automatic downloads of manufacturers’ apps and custom icons may also cause such an issue.

So, it is better to disable this feature, which is usually enabled by default.


Advanced system settings at the right side of the window

Device Installation Settings

Do you want to automatically download manufacturers

Close all windows and your issue will be resolved.

Method 15: User Policy Update

There are several instances when an outdated user policy has hindered the PC from recognizing the microphone in a headphone.

Needless to say, you will need to update the policy.


Type cmd in the box


Finally, when it is done checking, type exit to close command prompt. This should fix the problem.

cmd exit

Steps to Fix a PC Not Detecting Headphones Jack

The PC may sometimes not detect the headphone set due to a faulty port where you have inserted the jack. Fixing this issue is quite simple.

Method 16: Check the Audio Source

First up, the audio source may not be correct and that may be the cause of your headphones not being detected.

Assuming that your jack is not damaged and it has the right number of pins, and the volume is not muted, it may not work sometimes because the slots on the PC may be faulty.

So, changing and trying a different slot and source may resolve the issue.


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slot at the back and plug it in at the front

If you are using an activated Universal Serial Bus connection, make sure that the Speakers (USB AUDIO) source is chosen correctly.


Steps to Fix a PC Not Detecting Headphones Via Bluetooth

There may be times when your computer system will not be able to detect the headsets that are connected or paired via Bluetooth. You should fix it and there are quite a few ways to do it.

Method 17: Turn Bluetooth On

First of all, you will need to make sure that the Bluetooth headset is powered on and the Bluetooth option on the PC is also on.


Bluetooth and other devices

Method 18: Add a Device

Often, users forget to connect or add their Bluetooth headphones with the PC, and therefore it cannot detect the device.

Therefore, make sure that you have added your headphones correctly.


Add a Device

add a Bluetooth or other device

Click on the Bluetooth option at the top

click on the device you want to connect via Bluetooth

The system will do the rest to connect and pair your headphones to the computer system to resolve the issue.

your device is ready to go

You can now see your headphones under the Audio section of the earlier Bluetooth and other devices window.

Method 19: Run the Troubleshooter for Bluetooth

Sometimes, there may be internal issues with the settings and other aspects of your PC which may prevent the normal functioning of the Bluetooth feature, even when it is on.

Running the troubleshooter is one of the easiest fixes to this issue.


Now, restart your PC and the issue should be resolved.

Method 20: Update the Bluetooth Driver

The Bluetooth driver may not be able to detect the BT headset and therefore may need updating sometimes to resolve the issue.


Update Bluetooth device

Once both are done and you close the windows, it may fix the problem.

Method 21: Change the Bluetooth Support Service Startup Type

Windows offers a lot of services but all may not be needed or configured just the way you want. In this case, the Bluetooth support service may cause some issues with detecting your BT headphones.

Therefore, you will need to reset it properly.


services app

change the default Manual setting to Automatic

Finally, restart your PC and your problem should be solved.

Method 22: Fix Hardware Issues

There may be some issues in the hardware that are unknown to you but may cause this problem of the Bluetooth headset not being detected by the PC.

You should therefore try to fix them by following these easy steps.


Run app

msdt.exe - DeviceDiagnostic


Hardware and Devices

When the process is complete, restart the PC and see whether the problem is resolved or not.

Method 23: Troubleshoot Bluetooth

There may be problems with the Bluetooth itself that may be preventing your headphones from being detected by the PC.

Updating and reapplying it is one feasible fix.


Hardware and Sound

Apply this fix

Restart your PC

Device Install Settings

Troubleshooting has completed window

Close all windows and let the system restart, which will resolve the issue.


So, now you know that there are lots of reasons for why a headphone may not be detected by the PC.

Assuming that the device is not faulty and needs repair, you can try any or a combination of the above methods, depending on the cause and the situation, to get your headphones to start working normally again.