PC Not Shutting Down: How to Fix? (7 Methods)

By Dominic Chooper on February 27, 2023

When a PC does not shut down properly, it can be really frustrating. Usually, users shut down their PCs forcibly in such situations, but that may cause serious damage and corruption to data, and even in its loss, asking for a complete reinstallation of the operating system.

This is quite a common issue, and it is not at all hard to solve it. All you have to do is try one of the following solutions.


Why is the PC Not Shutting Down?

There are many common and uncommon causes for a PC to not shut down. The most significant reason is that Fast Startup or the Hybrid Shutdown feature is usually enabled by default on most desktops and the latest operating systems.

Some other reasons that often affect the normal shutdown of a PC are:

In addition to the above, there may be several local services and processes that may also take a long time to close properly before the computer shuts down.

How to Fix PC Not Shutting Down?

You can disable the Fast Startup feature, use the Command Prompt, force shut down the system, cancel automatic restart, boot from safe mode, and do a lot of other things to solve the issue.

In simple words, when such a situation occurs in Windows 10 or 11, no matter for whatever reason, there is no need to get worried or frustrated. Here are some simple fixes to the issue.

PC Not Shutting Down

Method 1: Force Shutdown

If the computer does not shut down quickly, and if you are in a real hurry, you may force the system to shut down. This will cut off the power supply.

However, this is not the best way to go ahead, because it may bring up several other issues later on, such as:

Therefore, go ahead with this solution if it is absolutely necessary.


Fix PC Not Shutting Down Step 1

Fix PC Not Shutting Down Step 2

If it does, your problem is solved.

Method 2: Disable Fast Startup

This Fast Startup feature, which is actually a combination of the logout and sleep mode functions, enables a computer to turn off thirty times faster.

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However, there may be times when this function may also interfere with the normal shutdown process. So, it is good to disable this feature.


Fix PC Not Shutting Down Step 3

Fix PC Not Shutting Down Step 4

Fix PC Not Shutting Down Step 5

Method 3: Perform a Full Shutdown

Shutting down a computer system improperly often may also cause this issue. Therefore, it is recommended that you perform a complete shutdown to fix the problem.

This is a simple method in which you will need to use the Shift key and then follow a few other basic steps.


Method 4: Using Command Prompt

For the same reason as above that is not letting the PC shutdown properly, another good way to resolve the issue is to perform a full shutdown by using the Command Prompt. Most users do not know this method but it is very useful and simple.


Method 5: Boot Computer in Safe Mode

More often than not, booting the computer system in the safe mode may prevent it from shutting down improperly, therefore eliminating the chances of not shutting down later on.

For this method, you will need to make some changes in the Startup Settings.


Fix PC Not Shutting Down Step 6

Fix PC Not Shutting Down Step 7

A menu will appear and there you will see a lot of different options numbered 1 to 9.

Fix PC Not Shutting Down Step 8

Method 6: Using the Windows Troubleshooter

There are lots of simple fixes in the Windows Troubleshooter, which is why you should use it to fix the issue of the PC not shutting down.


Fix PC Not Shutting Down Step 9

Fix PC Not Shutting Down Step 10

Fix PC Not Shutting Down Step 11

This will identify the issue, fix it and shut down your computer.

Method 7: Run Windows System File Checker Tool

There may be some issues in the system file that may also prevent the computer from shutting down. Therefore, use the Windows System File Checker tool to resolve this problem.

You will need to use the Command Prompt once again for this method.


Fix PC Not Shutting Down Step 12

Fix PC Not Shutting Down Step 13

When the system is done running a check on the files, it will show a completed message.


So, these are all the steps that would resolve the Windows 10 or 11 system not shutting down properly and make your computer work normally once again.

These steps would resolve the issue quickly and help you to carry on with your work without having to call and wait for the IT specialist to arrive and resolve it.