12 Ways to Fix PC Stuck on Let’s Connect You to a Network

By Puja Chatterjee on August 27, 2023

It is quite frustrating when you encounter a message “Let’s Connect You to a Network” while sifting through different websites in the digital landscape. This may affect your productivity as well as your user experience.

In such situations, when you will not be able to access the online resources as desired, you need not fret. Here is an article that will tell you about the strategic approaches to rectify this issue.

Offering a wide range of effective solutions to fix this problem, this guide will put you and your system on the right track.


What are the Reasons Behind Let’s Connect You to a Network Error?

Typically, an improper connection or loose cable can cause the “Let’s Connect You to a Network” issue. There may also be some technical or hardware glitches in the router or modem causing the issue.

In addition, each of the following factors might contribute to this annoying error:

So, a myriad of causes can stem the “Let’s Connect You to a Network” error from hardware to software issues.

To fix it, you will need to follow a methodical approach to diagnose and follow the right steps to restore seamless network connectivity.

How to Fix Let’s Connect You to a Network Error?

PC Stuck on Let’s Connect You to a Network

You may start fixing the issue of “Let’s Connect You to a Network” by performing some basic checks on the network cables and connections.

If that is proper and there is nothing loose, you may then restart your PC and the router by unplugging and plugging it back again after some time.

If these did not rectify the issue, you can also try the following quick fixes:

You can also try these methods:

A network reset: Open Settings > Go to Network & Internet > Network Reset > click on the Reset now button > Press Yes > Restart your computer > Reconnect to the internet following the on-screen instructions.

Disable/Enable Network Interface Card: Press Windows and R keys together on your keyboard > Type ncpa.cpl > Hit Enter > Right-click on your active Wi-Fi network> Choose Disable > Right-click again > Choose Enable > Restart the PC.

Disable IPv6: Type control panel in the search box next to the Start Menu > Hit Enter > Select current network > Go to Properties > Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) under Networking tab > Uncheck the box > Reboot the PC.

Note: Remember, each of the solutions mentioned above and below to fix the “Let’s Connect You to a Network” problem may not be applicable on each and every PC. It will largely depend on the PC setup, which can be unique.

However, these are usually general solutions that may work in almost any given situation. Still, you are advised to try a combination of these fixes so that you can find the right one that will work for your particular case.

Method 1: Forget Current Network

Sometimes, when you forget the current network and connect to it again, the “Let’s Connect You to a Network” error may be resolved.


Selecting Network & Internet

Clicking on Manage known networks

Clicking on the Forget button

Now, restart your device after forgetting the current network. After it restarts, connect to the network again by clicking on the network icon on the taskbar and typing the password when prompted.

Your issue should be resolved now because the process will now have a fresh connection to the network free from any corrupted or incorrect configuration that might have been causing the issue.

Note: This solution might not be applicable in all cases. However, it is worth a try. If it cannot solve the problem, try the next method.

Method 2: Run Network Adapter Troubleshooter

The built-in troubleshooter in Windows can rectify a lot of networking issues, including the “Let’s connect you to a network” issue.


Clicking on Troubleshoot problems

Clicking on the Next button

Follow the on-screen instructions as Windows attempts to identify and fix the issues with the network connection.

Clicking on Run the troubleshooter

When the process is complete, check whether the issue is resolved. If you still face the problem, explore the following solution.

Method 3: Stop the Network Connection Flow Process

If the above method did not work, you may also try solving the “Let’s Connect You to a Network” issue by stopping the network connection flow process. Typically, this will reset the networking components.

Note: This process is to be followed especially if a temporary issue in the network connection setup is causing improper connectivity.

Also, this process is applicable subject to availability of Network Connection Flow process. Therefore, this solution might not work in all situations or if the issue is related to hardware or is more complex.


Typing cmd

Typing taskmgr

Scrolling down to locate the Network Connection Flow process

Additionally, you may have to create a new local account when and if prompted. Follow the in-screen instructions for it.

Alternatively, you may also do it by using a simple command in the Command Prompt – taskkill /F /IM oobenetworkconnectionflow.exe.

Now, check whether the issue is resolved or not. If the error still persists, try the next troubleshooting step.

Method 4: Enable and Disable Airplane Mode

In some specific situations, enabling and disabling the airplane mode in your settings may resolve the “Let’s Connect You to a Network” error because this feature disables all wireless communications including cellular and Wi-Fi connections.

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When you enable this mode again, it will reset the network connection settings and solve the issue.


Clicking on the Airplane mode option

Note: Though this solution is a potential fix to this issue, the impact and result cannot be guaranteed as it would be for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Still, it is worth a try.

If it does not resolve the issue, try the next method.

Method 5: Set Up Network Connection Manually

Ideally, when you set up the network connection manually, it will fix almost every network issue, including “Let’s Connect You to a Network,” depending on the nature of the issue. So, it is worth trying.


Clicking on Open

Clicking on Network and Sharing Center

Selecting Set up a new connection or network

Clicking on the Next button

Entering the Network name

This should establish the connection immediately. However, in some cases it might not happen that way. In that case, you will need to restart your device to apply the changes.

Now check whether the problem is fixed or not. If you still encounter it, follow the next method.

Method 6: Update Network Adapter Drivers

The network adapter driver may be outdated to cause the issue. Updating it may bring things back to normal.


Clicking on the Update driver option

Selecting the ‘Search automatically for drivers’ option

When the process is completed, you can check whether or not the error has been rectified. If the process fails to do so, follow the next process.

Method 7: Check and Set Security Type for Adapter

You must ensure that the security type for the network adapter and Windows in your system is the same. If it is not, change it. This step will enhance Wi-Fi security and performance, potentially resolving the “Let’s Connect You to a Network” error.

In this demonstration, it is assumed that the security type to be set is WPA-2 Personal.


Clicking on the Wireless Properties window

Clicking on the OK button

Now, check whether the issue is resolved or not. If it persists, move to the next method.

Method 8: Flush DNS Cache and Reset It

Flushing the DNS Resolver Cache and then resetting it might help you fix this issue.


Typing in the command ipconfig /flushdns

Wait for the process to be completed. When it is done, run the following commands for resetting:

When all these commands are executed successfully, restart your PC and check whether the issue has been rectified or not. If it has not, move on to the next solution.

Method 9: Change Wireless Network Mode

You may resolve the issue of your computer stuck on “Let’s connect you to a network” by changing the network mode. This will help your system to connect to a particular network.


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Selecting your active network

Clicking on the Properties button

Wi-Fi Properties window

Clicking on the OK button

Now, reboot the system to apply the changes and check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Note: The available options may vary according to the settings. The main idea of this process is to select a different mode from the current one that might work and resolve the issue and save that setting.

Also, note that changing the network mode might have an impact on the overall performance of the Wi-Fi network. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the best mode that is compatible with your system and also functions at a good speed.

After changing the wireless network mode, try to connect your device to the network again and check if the error persists. If it does, there might be other issues causing the problem. In that case, move on to the next method.

Method 10: Change the Channel Width of the Network Adapter

Changing the channel width of the network adapter can sometimes resolve the issue.


Clicking on OK to apply the change

Check if the issue is resolved now or else move to the next solution.

Note: This solution is most relevant to the 2.4 GHz frequency band, which is common for Wi-Fi. And, 20MHz will reduce interference from neighboring networks.

If you are using a dual-band router, you can explore different channel width settings for the 5 GHz frequency band.

Method 11: Change the Power Options to Maximum Performance

You may fix the “Let’s Connect You to a Network” error by making changes in the power options. It helps most of the time.


Clicking on the Additional power settings option

Selecting Change plan settings

Clicking on Change advanced power settings

Pressing on the Apply button

Now, restart your computer and check whether the issue is resolved.

Method 12: Bypass the Connection Using Command Prompt

Finally, you may use a specific command in the Command Prompt to bypass and resolve the issue as well if you encounter this error during Windows 11 setup.



This will restart the computer automatically after successful completion.

Click on I don’t have internet

Clicking on Continue with limited setup

This might take some time. Once the entire process is complete, it will resolve the issue.

Note: You may even bypass the issue by connecting to a mobile hotspot or by using an Ethernet adapter, though it will not address the issues underlying.


So, from checking the network connections and cables to updating the network drivers, there is a spectrum of solutions to the “Let’s Connect You to a Network” issue.

Try one or a couple of these fixes to overcome this issue and restore seamless network functionality. If nothing works, seek professional assistance.