How to Fix Wireless Display Install Failed Error in Windows?

By Puja Chatterjee on August 16, 2023

The Wireless Display feature in Windows will allow you to expand your visual workspace and the functionality of your PC.

However, you may experience an error saying that wireless display could not be installed on your PC when you try to install it as you do for any other optional feature in Windows 10 or Windows 11.

You need not worry much when such an issue occurs because there are some easy solutions that might fix the problem quickly.

Read this article in its entirety to know more about the reasons for this issue to occur and the effective solutions.


Why Does Wireless Display Install Failed Error Occur in Windows?

The wireless display install failed error usually occurs when the internet connection is unstable or limited.

In addition to the above, there are also some other factors and generic corruptions and inconsistencies that might cause this issue, such as:

Irrespective of the reason, the issue can annoy and frustrate you. So, you should resolve it as and when it happens.

Ways to Fix Wireless Display Install Failed Error in Windows

Fix Wireless Display Install Failed Error in Windows

One of the most effective and common solutions to the wireless display install failure issue is turning off the metered connection for both Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

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Assuming that you have restarted your computer and the problem still persists, you may try to resolve it by removing any antivirus software program that may be conflicting with the installation process.

However, before moving on to any of the fixes, there are a few basic checks you should make. Often these are ignored and it may result in several networking issues, including wireless display installation failed. So, check the following and fix them before moving on to the advanced solutions:

Often, switching to a different Domain Name System (DNS) server may resolve the issue.

All you have to do is:

Go to the Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Centre > Change adapter settings > Right-click on current network > Select Properties > Go to Networking tab > select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) > Click on Properties > Check Use the following DNS server addresses option > Set the Preferred DNS server to > Set the Alternative DNS server to > Click on OK to save the changes.

Now, if all of the above solutions could not resolve the issue, follow these advanced methods.

Method 1: Run a DISM Command in the Command Prompt

Running a specific Deployment Image Servicing and Management or DISM command in the Command Prompt can help fix a lot of issues which includes wireless display installation failed issues. This command is actually used to install the wireless display manually.


Typing in the command DISM /Online /Add-Capability /CapabilityName:App.WirelessDisplay.Connect~~~~

Wait for some time for the command to be executed fully. Once it is done, close the window and restart your computer system. Now, check if the wireless display installation problem is resolved or not. If it has not, then try the next method.

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Method 2: Turn Metered Connection Off

Often, the default setting of the metered connection can cause this issue. Making changes in it can fix the problem.


Going to Network & Internet

Clicking on the Properties

Metered connection

Check your system to see whether or not the issue is fixed and you can install the wireless display feature or not. If it still persists, move on to the next method.

Method 3: Make Changes in the Internet Properties

If you make some changes in the internet properties from the Control Panel it might resolve the issue of wireless display install failing issue.


Typing internet options

Checking the small square box next to Use TLS 1.2

Restart your system and check if the issue is resolved or not. You may try the following method if it has not.

Method 4: Clear the System Cache

In most situations, clearing the system cache might help in resolving the issue of wireless display installation. This process will fix the issues within the cache that might be corrupted.


Open the Command Prompt as administrator as before.

Type in the following commands one by one and press the Enter key on your keyboard after each command is executed completely and successfully:

Finally, type exit and hit Enter to close the Command Prompt window.

Now, restart your system and check whether or not you can install the wireless display successfully.

Method 5: Make Changes in the Windows Registry Key

It might be possible to install the wireless display after making changes in the registry keys.

Note: Making changes in the Windows Registry is crucial and may cause significant damage to the system and its operation. So, skip this step if you are not confident enough or know what you are doing exactly.


Typing regedit

When the Registry Editor window opens, click on the small arrow next to each of these following folders located on the left pane one by one in the exact order mentioned to expand them:

Now, double-click on the AU folder then continue the following:

Clicking on the OK button

Now, restart your computer system and then, when it starts, check whether or not you can install the wireless display now.


So, these are some of the ways to fix the wireless display install failed issue on your PC.

However, if none of the above solutions can rectify the error, there may be some other issues in your PC.

Consider contacting a professional service for assistance in that case.