How to Change Network Profile in Windows PC?

By Dominic Chooper on May 21, 2023

Ideally, there are three different types of network profiles you can use in Windows, namely, Private, Public, and Domain. The first two types can be used on any PC, but the domain profile can only be used by those devices that are linked to a domain.

If you want to switch to any of these three network profiles, there are a few specific methods to follow, which this article will walk you through.


What is the Reason to Change the Network Profile?

You may need to change the network profile from public to private, especially when you need to share files or other devices, such as the printer, with other computer systems connected to the network.

This is because it will enable the network discovery feature.

You may also need to change the network profile according to the place you are working. For example, you should change it to public if you are in a public location such as an airport, library, or a coffee shop.

Changing the profile from private to public is also necessary to prevent other users from connecting to your network or to keep your data safe from hacking by making the best use of the different firewall restrictions imposed by Windows in this specific mode.

Ways to Change the Network Profile

How to Change Network Profile in Windows PC

You can change your network profile from private to public or from public to private by running a couple of specific commands in the Command Prompt or PowerShell.

Depending on the type of connectivity, Wi-Fi or Ethernet, you can also change it in other ways, such as by changing it from:

You can also change it by removing the password and connecting to the network again to set it to your desired network profile.

Here are some specific steps to follow to change the network profile on your PC.

Private or Public

You can change the network profile from private to public and vice versa, depending on the initial settings.

Method 1: Slide the On/Off Switch for Ethernet

If you are using an Ethernet connection for your network, you can change the profile type from public to private or the other way around with a click on the sliding switch.


pressing the Windows and I keys

Network & Internet

Select Ethernet from the left panel of the window

In the new window, you will see a sliding switch under Find devices and content.

Find devices and content

Simply slide it to On or Off, as the case may be, to change the network profile.

Method 2: From the Network and Internet Option under Settings for Wi-Fi

You may change the network profile very easily and quickly from private to public or vice versa from the Network and Internet option in Settings.


click on the Wi-Fi

In the new window, click on the small circle next to either Public or Private, as the case may be, to change the Network profile.

Network profile

Method 3: From the HomeGroup

If your network profile is set to public, for example, you can change it to private very easily and quickly from HomeGroup.


Network and Sharing Center

Click on HomeGroup

Change network location

your PC to be discoverable by other PCs and devices on this network

Now, go to the Network and Sharing Center window.

Compare the contents within the two circles in the first and last images of this method to see the change, marked with a red circle in both, and you will see that your network profile type has changed from Public network to Private network.

network profile type has changed from Public network to Private network

Method 4: By Removing the Password and Reconnecting

As a combination of the above two methods, you can also change the network profile by removing the password first and then connecting again.

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Manage known networks

click on Forget to remove the password

Once again, you will be asked whether or not you want your PC to be discoverable. Clicking on Yes will make it a private network, and if you click on No, the network profile will become public.

Method 5: Make Changes in the Local Security Policy

Another way to change the network profile of your PC is through the Local Security Policy. You can access it by using the Run command.



Network List Manager Policies

Network Location tab

Method 6: Running Specific Commands

You can run specific commands in either Command Prompt or PowerShell with administrative privileges to change your network profile.


(Alternatively, you can press the Windows and X keys together and choose Windows PowerShell from the window that pops up.)

Now, first type in the command Get-NetConnectionProfile to check the type of profile your network is set to.


Once you know the network type, remember the name of the network exactly as it is displayed in the list. For example, it is Th3G33ks5 5 in the above list.

Now, since the network profile is public, you will need to change it to private. For that, type in the following command:

Set-NetConnectionProfile -Name “Th3G33ks5 5” -NetworkCategory Private

Th3G33ks5 5

On the other hand, if the network profile was set to private, you could have changed it to public by running the following command:

Set-NetConnectionProfile -Name “Th3G33ks5 5” -NetworkCategory Public

The change will be made immediately, even though you will not get any message confirming it.

You may confirm it from the changed value in the network category by either running the earlier Get-NetConnectionProfile command or from the Network and Sharing Center window, as you did before.

Method 7: From the Registry Editor

Making some changes to the keys in the Registry Editor will change the network profile.

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Then, expand the following folders in the specified order in the Registry Editor window:

Once you reach there, look at the different profiles displayed under the folder.

(The number of profiles, however, may vary from one user to another.)

ProfileName modify

Edit String

Also, changing the value of the Category of the same network will change the profile of your network.

(Change it from 1 to 0 if you want to switch from private to public network type.)


Finally, click on the OK button and close the Registry Editor window as well.

Now, restart your PC and then go to the Network and Sharing Center. When the window opens, you will see that the profile name of your network has changed.

Private to Domain

You can change the network profile from private to domain as well, almost in the same way as above.

Method 8: Change the Category Value

You will need to change the value of the Category of the network profile in the registry if you want to change to domain from private.


You can also change it by using specific commands.

Follow the same steps as you did in Method 6, but this time enter the command Set-NetConnectionProfile -Name “network name” -NetworkCategory DomainAuthenticated.


As you can understand by going through the methods described above in this post, making changes to the network profile is pretty simple.

You can follow any of the methods for it, though it is advised to set and leave your network connection type to Public since changing it may affect how Windows handles it.