4 Ways to Find Wi-Fi Password in Windows & Mac

By Dominic Chooper on July 31, 2023

Most users do not remember the password to their Wi-Fi network because they do not need to.

After you login once into the Wi-Fi network using the password, the computer system remembers it and henceforth uses it automatically to log in.

But sometimes you may need to recall this password, especially when you have problems connecting to the network.

In such situations, if you cannot remember the Wi-Fi password, in this article you will learn about the multiple and easy ways to find it out.


Why Do You Need to Find a Wi-Fi Password?

You will need to find out the password to your Wi-Fi network when you want to make any changes to the settings to rectify the issues you may be facing with your network connection.

Sometimes, you may also need to know it if you want to give it to someone else reliable and close to you to use your Wi-Fi network.

Apart from that, you may need to use a different computer system sometimes other than your personal system that you use regularly.

During these times you will need to know the Wi-Fi password to connect to the internet.

How to Find Wi-Fi Password?

Assuming that you have not changed your password even once after you bought the router, look at the label at the back of your device to find your Wi-Fi password. You will see the 8-digit default password there.

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Check from the web interface:

You can also find out the Wi-Fi password from the web interface of the router and access the settings.

Though there are no universal steps to go ahead since the interfaces of different routers can be different depending on their brand and model, usually you will have to type in the default IP address of the router in the URL of your web browser and hit Enter. The default IP address is usually or

This will give access to the web interface of your router. Inside the interface, go to the Wi-Fi or Wireless setting option. Look for the option there to show the password of your router.

Other ways:

There are also a few other easy ways to find the password of your Wi-Fi, over and above the physical checks. These are:

In addition to the above simple methods and those that are described below, you can also use a third-party Wi-Fi password viewer app for the same. Just make sure that it is safe and reliable to use.

In Windows systems:

Here are the steps to follow for each of the methods to see the Wi-Fi password in a Windows PC.

Method 1: Find it from the Wireless Properties

You will find the password of your Wi-Fi network in the wireless properties in the Network and Sharing Center.


Selecting Settings from the option

Alternatively, you can also open Settings directly by pressing the Windows and the I keys on your keyboard at the same time.

Clicking on the Network & Internet

Clicking on the Network and Sharing Center option

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Selecting your Wi-Fi network name

Wi-Fi Status window

Clicking on the small square box next to Show characters

This will show the password to your Wi-Fi network.

Method 2: Use the Control Panel

Almost in the same way as above, you can also view your Wi-Fi password directly and quickly from the Control Panel.


This will open your network connection in the control panel.

(Alternatively, you can type control panel in the search box next to the Start menu and hit Enter > choose the Large icons category from the box next to View by > Open Network and Sharing Center).

Selecting the Status option from the context menu

This will open the Wi-Fi Status window as in the above method, from where you should follow the steps described above to view your Wi-Fi password.

Method 3: Find by Running a Command in the Command Prompt

You can also use the Command Prompt to run a command and find the password of all Wi-Fi networks saved on your computer system.


Typing in the command netsh wlan show profiles

You will see the complete list of the Wi-Fi networks in the return result, marked by a red box in the above image.

(Replace MERCUSYS_4136 within the quotation marks with the exact name of your Wi-Fi network. Make sure you use correct capitalization).

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Looking for the Key Content

In a Mac Computer System:

Almost in the same way as Method 1 for checking the Wi-Fi password in a Windows PC, you can find out your Wi-Fi password in a Mac system as well.

Method 4: Use the Keychain Access

In a Mac system you will simply need to open Keychain Access to view the password to your Wi-Fi connection, assuming that you know your Wi-Fi router name.


Typing keychain access in the box

Keychain Access window

Clicking on the small square box next to Show password

Please enter the keychain password

You can now see the password to your Wi-Fi router in the box next to Show password in the previous window.


All these methods described above are useful to find out the password of your Wi-Fi.

You may use any of the methods according to your preference, subject to the accessibility to your computer settings, especially if you are not authorized to use the Command Prompt.