8 Ways to Move a PC Game to Another Hard Drive

By Dominic Chooper on July 06, 2023

It is easy to move the games stored on your computer system from one drive to another by using the Command Prompt.

There are also several other ways to accomplish this. If you are not aware of these methods, fortunately you are in the right place.

In this article, you will find all those methods that will allow you to move the games across any platform, as well as the files of any other software program.


Why to Move a PC Game to Another Hard Drive?

Usually, most of the programs, games, and files that you download are stored in Drive C: by default.

Therefore, most users move the game file from Drive C: to any other drive because they do not want one particular drive to be full and run out of space.

Another significant reason to move a PC game from one drive to another is to save the hassles of reinstalling the game file all over again from scratch. Moving it directly from one drive to another expedites and simplifies the process.

A few other reasons to move your PC game file to another drive are:

How to Move a PC Game to Another Hard Drive?

Move a PC Game to Another Hard Drive

Whether it is for moving a PC game or a software program, the process to follow is basically the same. You can use specific commands in the Command Prompt and move the files. This is probably the easiest way.

Using Settings in Windows will also allow you to move the game from one location to another.

Usually, you will need to move games from one drive to another on Steam or any other platform. As for the platforms in particular, there may be a slight difference in the process depending on the game you want to move on a specific platform.

Remember, you may move your PC game from one drive to another drive within the computer system itself or from a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) to a Solid-State Drive (SSD).

Here are all the methods and steps explained for you in detail, using examples of the most commonly played games on different platforms.

Method 1: Using the Command Prompt

This is the easiest of all ways to move your PC game from one drive to another, as well as other software programs. The commands will actually create a symbolic link for both the source and destination folder.


When the Command Prompt window opens, type in the following command and hit Enter:

This command will copy all the security permissions from the source drive to the destination drive.

Once it is done, type in the next command and hit Enter:

This command will create a symbolic link to the source folder with the destination folder so that the file can be opened and run from the new destination drive.

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However, in this method the crucial aspects are the source and destination paths of the folder containing the game or software program file.

While the destination path can be of any drive that you wish to move the game or software program file, the source path is essentially either of the Program Files or of the Program Files x86 folder usually located in the Drive C:

Method 2: From Windows Settings

Games from Microsoft App Store can be moved from one drive to another easily from the Windows Settings.


Clicking on Apps in the Settings window

Selecting Drive E to move

The game will now be moved to Drive E from Drive C:

Method 3: Moving Steam Games from Settings

If you want to move any of the Steam games from one drive to another, you can do it from Settings when you open the Steam launcher.


Selecting Settings from the drop-down menu



Clicking on the NEW FOLDER button

Choosing directory name window

You can see the folder indicated in the new drive location in the Create or select new Steam library folder.

Selecting new Steam library folder

Clicking on the Move button below

Selecting the target drive “Splitgate”

If a pop-up window appears asking for confirmation, click on the Yes button.

This will move the game file from the source to the destination drive. It will take some time, which will vary according to the size of the game file.

When the process is complete, and the MOVE CONTENT window now says that All content moved successfully, Close the window.

All content moved successfully

Now you can see that the place where the Splitgate game file was located in the in Drive: E is empty, as shown in the image below:

Seeing that the place where the Splitgate game file

It is now moved to Drive: C, indicated by a red box in the image below:

Game moved to Drive: C

You have therefore moved your PC game successfully from Drive E: to Drive C: now from Steam Settings.

Method 4: Directly from the Source Folder of Steam Platform

You can also transfer your PC game or games from one drive to any drive across all platforms very easily directly from the source folder. The process to follow for different types of games may be a bit different. So, follow the steps very carefully.

Make sure that you have created a proper backup of your files beforehand.


For Steam, suppose you want to move the game DARK SOULSTM III. The steps to follow are:

You will see all your games stored here, as shown in the image below:

Opening File Explorer > Choose Drive: C > Program Files

Creating a new folder in the destination hard drive

Clicking on the particular game folder

You are done moving the DARK SOULSTM III game file from the old hard drive to a new location.

In order to check the files size and make sure that everything is there, right-click on the game folder in the new drive and select Properties from the dropdown menu.

Selecting Properties from the dropdown menu

Two Property windows

Clicking on Delete from the options in the dropdown menu

Clicking on the Play button

Steam - Error message


Steam – Restart required window

This will start downloading the game.

Clicking on the Pause button

Clicking on Uninstall

Now you must install the game.

Click on the Next button

The installation process will now start, and when it is completed and updated, you can open the game from the new location and start playing.

Method 5: Moving Games of the Blizzard Platform

The process to move a game on the Blizzard platform is relatively easy. For example, assume that you are moving the game Overwatch from one drive to another.


Locating the Game

Clicking on the Blizzard folder

Clicking on the Select Folder button

Starting playing the game

Method 6: Moving Games of the Epic Games Platform

Suppose you want to move the game Fortnite on the Epic Games platform, then this is the way.


The steps are the same as in Method 4 to create a folder named Epic, copying the game file, and deleting the old folder from the source drive.

Clicking on the Settings button on the game

Clicking on Uninstall

Clicking on the End task button

Clicking on the Install button to install the game

Choose install location window

Clicking select Folder

Choosing the game Fortnite

It might say that the Directory must be empty. In order to fix this, click on the Cancel button.

Directory must be empty

Dragging the Fortnite games folder

Click on Resume

It will now download successfully and you will be able to play the game, opening it from the new location.

Method 7: Moving Games of the Origin Platform

You may also move games like Apex on the Origin platform from one drive t another in this way.


You will have to follow the same initial steps to create the Apex folder and then continue with the following steps:

Selecting Application Settings

Clicking on the Change folder button

Choosing the desired hard drive and the Origin folder

Choosing the Apex game folder and click on the Select Folder button

Your settings have changed appears

Going to the My Game Library

Clicking on the Download button in the next window

Choose your language window

If the drive location is not current, click on the Change Location button to set the right location and then click on the Next button below.

Clicking on the Change Location button

It will take some time to download and move the file to the drive before you can play the game.

Method 8: Moving Games of the Ubisoft Platform

Games like Far Cry 5 and The Division 2 in the Ubisoft platform may also be moved quite easily. In this example, consider you are moving The Division 2 game folder.


Like all other platforms, follow the initial steps till you rename the new folder Ubisoft in the new drive, copy the game and delete the old game from the old drive.

Opening the play launcher

Selecting Settings from the drop-down menu

Clicking on the Change button under Default game installation location

Select the Ubisoft folder

Changing game installation location

Selecting the game

Locate game folder

Clicking on the Yes button on the User Account Control window

This will start locating the game folder automatically.

When the process is complete, click on the Close button when the Discovering Files status is displayed in the UPLAY window stating that All game files have been successfully validated.

All game files have been successfully validated

This will move the game to the other hard drive and you will be able to launch it from there and start playing.


Moving the games downloaded and stored on your PC is not a difficult process.

As you can see, all you need to know is the right process for each particular game you want to move and follow them precisely.