How to Partition a Hard Drive? (Step by Step Guide)

By Dominic Chooper on June 30, 2023

The disk management feature will allow you to partition your hard drive, delete any partition and do a lot of other things with relation to disk management.

This article deals with creating a new partition in the existing hard drive in the computer.

The method is pretty simple, albeit a bit long, but can be accomplished by anyone without any technical knowledge.


Ways to Partition a Hard Drive

The most important reason behind partitioning a hard drive in a computer system is to allow managing data in a much cleaner and more logical manner.

It allows isolating system files from personal data to allow better, easier, and faster access.

In addition to that, partitioning the hard drive guarantees safety of data stored in it by protecting them from chances of loss due to errors that may cause a system failure or due to crashing of the operating system.

Creating partitions on a hard drive also allows the following:

Apart from the above partitioning your hard drive will improve system performance by storing frequently accessed data and used programs nearby.

How to Partition a Hard Drive?

Partition a Hard Drive

A hard drive in a computer can be partitioned from Disk Management, which is a section found under Computer Management in This PC.

You can also partition the space on the hard drive of your computer by using a reliable third-party software program.

In this article we focus on using the built-in feature, which is explained clearly below.

Method: Using Disk Management

It is easy to partition a hard drive from the Disk Management. It is also one of the most common processes followed by users which involves making all sorts of changes in the hard drive installed in a computer.


Selecting Manage from the drop-down options

Clicking on Shrink Volume

This will take some time and you will see a window pop up asking to wait until the Querying Shrink Space process is complete.

Querying Shrink Space

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Clicking on the Shrink button

This will create and show the amount of space you shrunk for partition as Unallocated in the Computer management window.

Selecting New Simple Volume

Clicking on the Next button

Clicking on the Next button

Assign Drive Letter or Path

You can leave the default letter or choose anyone you like from the drop-down options you get after clicking on the small downward arrow key at the right side of the box.

Format Partition

This will once again take you to the New Simple Volume Wizard window.

Clicking on the Finish button

The process will once again take some time to complete before you can see the new partition is given the name you choose as its label before, as shown in the image below:

see the new partition

You will also be able to see this new partition of your hard drive in the File Explorer as shown in the picture below:

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New partition of your hard drive

This shows that you have successfully created a new partition in your hard drive.


That is all you have to do in order to create a new partition on the hard drive installed on your computer.

If you do not have enough partitions, you are missing on system performance and compromising data safety. Go ahead and create one now.