How to Stop Automatically Connecting to a Wi-Fi Network?

By Puja Chatterjee on September 03, 2023

If your device connects to a Wi-Fi network constantly and automatically without your consent, it can be really worrying.

Your privacy, security, and control will be compromised over your internet connections.

This article however has got you covered. The simple guide will show you how exactly to stop your device from automatically connecting to Wi-Fi networks in just a few simple steps.


Why Do You Need to Stop Automatically Connecting to a Wi-Fi Network?

Usually, when your system connects to a Wi-Fi network automatically, you somewhat lose control over the credentials and other files. Stopping it will allow you to regain the lost control.

Stopping automatic connection to a Wi-Fi network will also help in preventing a few unwanted activities, such as:

A few other specific reasons to stop automatically connecting to Wi-Fi networks include ensuring the following:

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The ways to achieve it are pretty straightforward, as described below.

Ways to Stop Automatically Connecting to a Wi-Fi Network

The best way to stop automatically connecting to a Wi-Fi network is to forget it from the device settings.

You may also adjust network priority or connection order of the device so that it always connects to the first selected option.

If your device keeps connecting to Wi-Fi networks without your consent, you can regain control over your internet connections with these methods:

Here are the steps to follow for some of the most effective methods.

Method 1: Make Changes in The Settings

You can disable the option of connecting automatically from the Settings app.


Clicking on Show available networks

Clicking on Properties

Connect automatically when in range

Note: The exact wording and location of this option may differ from the one in this demonstration depending on the operating system and the device you are using. So, check yours before you click on any option or button.

Method 2: Change through the Control Panel

You can also disable the automatically connecting feature from the Control Panel.

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Clicking on Change adapter settings

Selecting Status from the drop-down option

Alternatively, you may also double-click on your Wi-Fi network for quicker access.

Clicking on the Wireless Properties button

Clicking on the OK button

Close all windows.

Method 3: Remove the Unwanted Network Connection

You may also remove the network connection your system is getting connected to automatically if you do now want it. You can do it from the Control Panel.


Changing advanced sharing settings

Turn on automatic setup of network connected devices

You can now remove any network connection by forgetting it from the Settings app. For that, go to the Start Menu > Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Manage known networks.

Then click on the connection you want the system to remove and press the Forget button.

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Method 4: From the Command Prompt

You may run netsh or Network Shell command in the Command Prompt to stop automatic connections of your system to the specific Wi-Fi network that you know.


Typing command netsh wlan show profiles

netsh wlan set profileparameter name="PAN" connectionmode=manual

Replace “PAN” part in the given command with the actual name of your wireless network you found and noted in the last step.

To verify the changes from the profile settings, you can type the command netsh wlan show profile name=”ProfileName” and press Enter.

Once again, replace “ProfileName” with the name of your Wi-Fi network that you changed.

Now, your system will not connect to the selected Wi-Fi network automatically anymore.


With all these methods, you will find it easy to regain control of your internet connections and stop your device from connecting to a Wi-Fi network automatically. Happy browsing!