Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Laptop Over a Desktop

By Puja Chatterjee on May 30, 2020

Are You Worried on making a choice? Or thinking about durability of a system to another? Or it’s even the price of getting your choice is the issue? If you have answered YES to the entire question then take a look at 10 top reasons to choose a laptop over a desktop.

As the world grows young to old, technology grows thousand and thousand times bringing about a lot of change to the world by introducing new things that make life more fun and easy to live.


Why to Choose a Laptop Over a Desktop?

Why to Choose a Laptop Over a Desktop

These days, laptops have emerged as one of the most important personal assets to consider.

The compact device is extremely popular among millions of corporate people and students for a number of reasons.

Earlier the craze was for desktop PC to deal with multitasking needs, while today the craze is all about laptop for creating a sense of privacy and security.

Even, a range of corporate organizations all across the world provides their employees with the benefits of laptop, ensuring more convenience and productivity.

Laptop is another essential accessory to carry everywhere in laptop bag, just next to your smartphone.

If you call it a larger version of your handset, it won’t be an exaggeration at all.

Furthermore, you can get all the mandatory components assembled in your laptop just you see in a desktop, from hard disk drive to RAM, processor to graphics card & list goes on.

This single unit, also known as Notebook, is used for a wide range of purposes including online education, CCTV monitoring, graphics design, video conferencing, online gaming & plenty of other activities.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Laptop Over a Desktop:

Although, they do perform the same function, but the fact is that one will always be better than the other, but there is a need to know which is better and your actual reason behind that decision should be a genuine one.

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Before I got use to making use of laptop, I strongly believe that no other form of computer system can be better than the desktop.

But so far, I have been proved wrong by the invention of a portable type of system called LAPTOP.

Now going to the few reasons why I would advise anyone to go for laptop rather than a desktop computer.

1. Mobility

If someone is to change from what he/she is used to and move to another set of new things, there must be a very solid reason for that decision.

As things goes nowadays, no one will like to always consult a Cyber-café when there are better option.

This option is what the laptop offers you, when it comes to the power of mobility.

The laptop as a computer can easily be moved from one place to another which makes it quite good for travelers.

Not only that, there are cases where you have to do something and you really need a system but you can’t carry your big (Cupboard) desktop along with you to every where.

Hence this is another reason a laptop beats a desktop computer hands down.

Laptop has various sizes and no matter the size you choose, one major thing is that it will always have that mobility advantage over a desktop computer.

2. Economic Power Consumption

There is more to change when it come economic use of any electronics device. Computers are of different economical power.

Therefore are of several component that should be taking into consideration when choosing another computer.

Take for example you cannot compare the electricity a CRT monitor consumes to that which and LCD monitor uses that is one big advantage.

Laptop with its mobility/portability build comes with an hi-sense of economic components.

Therefore does a lot of benefits when it comes to power consumption, even with a 1.0 KVA power Inverter you can power a Laptop and other things conveniently without panic.

3. The Additional Features Come with a Laptop

Most if not all Laptop comes with one new features or the other.

Starting from the smart display to Bluetooth, wireless receivers, web cameras and much more are things very common on most Laptop which invariably cannot easily be found on a Desktop computer.

Except if attached, these features are used to either receive or send files and data. Now can’t you see that is an example of living a comfortable life?

4. The Flexibility and Performance

Compared to what we have in the olden days, computers has grown a lot more in different aspect that are un-negligible, such as speed, data of file transfer Rate and so on.

Part of these performances is that without a direct power source, there can be no dream of one working on a desktop computer.

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This is all because; the desktop relies solely on current electricity before it can function.

Although with the aid of UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) device it is now possible for desktop to run for an advantage of an hour or two depending on it capacity.

But nevertheless can’t be compared to that of a laptop. The laptop is built with long lasting battery life which can at least, run up to 2-3 hours when fully charge.

Thereby giving you access to do extra work even when there is no electricity to power your desktop.

5. Privacy

With these last point of view I can assure and convince you that in all ramification that a Laptop is far better that a Desktop.

Adding to the past features that are unbeatable, privacy is one important thing to tackle when thinking of buying a computer, just as its name implies (PC).

If your computer is no more personal then I say it is no more a computer because it has lost its taste being a personal computer.

Therefore is no different than your Playstaion game, or even a manual or an electronic typewriter which anybody just touches at any time.

These are things to ponder on when thinking of a best deal in buying a computer. Laptop is the best and ideal computer for all, I hope these has helped to solve your question.

Apart from the above-discussed big causes, there are several other sheer reasons which you cannot ignore at all.

In this era of technology, using a laptop is truly eco-friendly as most of its accessories or hardware parts are recyclable.

Laptop is known for offering utmost relaxation regardless of place and time.

It really feels amazing when you are with your laptop, executing some official projects and listening to favorite songs simultaneously.

6. Easy to Choose

A user doesn’t have an option to assemble a laptop.

The companies offer laptops with some fixed configuration and the user has to choose one from them.

A user doesn’t need to have proper knowledge of the hardware of a computer to buy a laptop.

If the user goes with an assembled desktop, then he must have a great knowledge of the specifications.

Else he can’t be able to assemble the desktop in a perfect order.

7. Availability of Updated Ports

USB ports play a major role in every computer as it helps the users to connect components externally and updated ports help the users to transfer data very quickly from one device to another.

An updated laptop always comes with updated USB ports. USB type C ports and USB 3.0 are very common in an updated laptop.

On the other hand USB type C is rarely found on a desktop so he has to attach it at his own cost.

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A user can’t face any connectivity issue in a laptop as every new laptop is always equipped with updated USB ports.

In a desktop, a user can also attach these features, but in this case, he has to do it from his own pocket.

8. RAM and Storage Up-gradation Facility in Some Laptops

If a user needs more RAM capacity and more storage capacity, then he can change or update the RAM and storage of the laptop according to his requirements.

Only a few laptops support SSD storage. So, a user has to check it before choosing a laptop.

One can also change the HDD of his laptop with another one of more capacity.

After some years from the purchasing time, a user can change the RAM and storage of a laptop and can make it faster and can give the PC more storage capacity to store and handle large amounts of data.

But, in this case, the laptop must have to be equipped with a powerful processor.

So, it is better to go with a laptop which comes with an updated processor.

9. Design

A laptop has a smaller profile than a desktop. A laptop consumes very small space and they can be fitted in a backpack.

On the other hand, a desktop has always to be placed on a table and they are not portable.

A laptop can serve a user at every place. It can serve a user as his assistant.

So, portability is a major aspect of a laptop and this portability is missing in a desktop computer.

10. Updated Security with Fingerprint Scanner

Most of the updated laptops come with inbuilt fingerprint scanners and provide very advanced security to the laptops.

An updated laptop is very hard to get hacked. Whereas a desktop doesn’t come with an inbuilt fingerprint scanner and they don’t offer such advanced security that a laptop can.

A user can attach a fingerprint scanner in a desktop externally, but in this case, he also has to buy it externally which needs extra money.


A number of typewrites prefer laptop over a desktop. It is especially because the keyboard of a laptop stays integrated with the main body, which is not the case of a desktop.

The laptop keyboard includes space constraints regarding dimensions as well. This important aspect accelerates to increase the speed of typing and hence makes the user more skillful at work.

The space-saving design and solid structure of a laptop surely attracts most of the tech geeks in this fastest digital world. You can check out desktop over laptop here.