Top 10 Desktop Brands 2023: Best Guide & Verdicts

By Puja Chatterjee on September 02, 2020

What are the best desktop computer brands? Soaring popularity of laptops and notebooks over the last decade has adversely affected the demand for desktops. Let us discuss today about top desktop brands 2022.

Top 10 Desktop Brands and Verdicts:

1. Dell – Best Over All


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Most of you may feel amazed to see Dell topping on list of best desktop brands in the world.

However, the fact and figures suggest that Dell has successfully dethroned Apple to occupy the number one status.

Over the years, Dell has successfully launched a plethora of desktop computers at different price points to fit the needs and affordability of a larger section in the consumer market.

Dell Inspiron series is still going strong in the industry and it is considered best brand for desktop computers by  many users.

Some of the popular desktop models from this brand are:

Verdict: Best Over All.

2. HP – Stylish Design and Smart Performance


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We keep HP at the second best brand of PC desktop. HP is an arch rival of Dell.

The desktops launched by HP just fly off the shelves because they are smart in design and performance as well.

The HP desktops come in a variety of designs and prices for picks by different customer groups.

The company has customer service centers in metro cities across the world.

They are among a few companies offering excellent customer care and post-sale service to the buyers.

Some of the popular desktop models from this brand are:

Verdict: Stylish Design and Smart Performance.

3. Apple – Best Performance but Costly


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The US giant currently holds the third spot on the list of the top 10 global desktop brands.

The Apple desktops are meant for only the high-heeled persons but without any doubt, these are worth their exorbitant price tag.

Apple has always explored the latest technology to make their desktop models thick an array of innovate features and functions.

What is more, the Apple desktops are the finest examples of out-of-the-box designs and outstanding durability.

Some of the popular desktop models from this brand are:

Verdict: Best Performance but Costly.

4. Lenovo – Has Become Household Name


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In recent times, Lenovo has emerged as a household name. The company offers desktops, laptops and notebooks in a larger variety.

Lenovo desktops are available at low, medium and high prices. It means, irrespective of whether you have a deep or shallow pocket, there are always options for your satisfaction and selection.

In the last few years, Lenovo has designed some out-of-the-pack accessories in addition to bringing out a series of innovatively engineered productive desktop systems.

Some of the popular desktop models from this brand are:

Verdict: Has Become Household Name.

5. Asus – Powerful Performer with Reasonable Price


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Asus is one of the top favorites with those with a low budget. The desktops made by Aus also find large-scale use at the workplaces around the world.

However, low price is not always synonymous with poor performance and Asus has already proved it beyond suspicion.

If you are not in a position to pay a hefty amount for a good desktop, think about going with an Asus system.

Visit the company website, navigate through the options and check the features as well as price before placing an order.

Some of the popular desktop models from this brand are:

Verdict: Powerful Performer with Reasonable Price.

6. Acer – A Reliable Name for Budget Buyers


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Acer is another reliable name for the buyers on a tight budget. The brand offers a wider range of desktops designed and engineered for the students as well as business professionals.

The Taiwanese multinational giant is always committed to leveraging the best-in-class technology while keeping the price as low as possible.

The company specializes in the advanced electronics technology and uses it optimally to bring out the best at the least prices.

If you are in search of beauty with quality at the most competitive price, think differently and think about Acer.

Some of the popular desktop models from this brand are:

Verdict: A Reliable Name for Budget Buyers.

7. CyberPowerPC – For Powerful Gaming Desktop Lovers


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CyberPowerPC, commonly referred to as CyberPower, is a computer manufacturer and retailer based in America. Probably CyberPowerPC is the best desktop brand for gaming computers.

The company runs business with a difference. It manufactures low-price yet top-notch hardware components for gaming PC and customized systems.

The brand has patents for many award-winning desktop systems. CyberPower is the best choice if you want to get a desktop system built as per your requirements and specifications.

Moreover, the price is pocket-comforting – a feature along with the option for customization catches the buyers’ attention.

Some of the popular desktop models from this brand are:

Verdict: For Powerful Gaming Desktop Lovers.

8. MSI – Wide Range and Classy and Attractive Chassis


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MSI is also a very popular desktop manufacturer at this time. This company manufactures various types of PCs; such as gaming desktops, workstations, laptops, AIO, mini PC.

The hot cake product of this company is its gaming desktops. The most unique and common aspect of them is that they all have very attractive, eye-catching chassis.

Some popular desktop models of MSI are:

Verdict: Wide Range and Classy and Attractive Chassis.

9. SkyTech Gaming – Expensive, but the King of the Gaming Segment

SkyTech Gamingimgs/article/top-10-desktop-brands/

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‘SkyTech Gaming’ is one of the favorite desktop manufacturing companies for gamers of this era. As the name of the company suggests, it mainly manufactures gaming PCs.

So, most of these PCs are highly configured and very expensive. Mainly, for this reason, it has a very limited fan base. But, most gamers and other high-end users are familiar with this brand.

This company offers many powerful desktops; you can easily find various YouTube streamers (who mainly stream their gameplay) to use a SkyTech desktop.

Some of the popular desktop models from this brand are:

Verdict: Expensive, but the King of the Gaming Segment.

10. Corsair – Premium and Costly Systems


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The CPU coolers and keyboards of Corsair are very popular nowadays.

Besides that, it is also a very popular brand in the world of pre-built gaming PCs. This company doesn’t have plenty of desktop series like HP or Dell.

But under the ‘Vengeance’ series this company has launched plenty of quality products.

Corsair ONE is also another popular desktop series of this company. Corsair’s desktops are mainly high-end systems. These are premium models and very costly.

It doesn’t manufacture any low-end PC, AIO, or Mini PC.

Some popular desktop models of Corsair are:

Verdict: Premium and Costly Systems.

Buyer’s Guide to Choose Best Brands of Desktop Computers

With popularity of laptops and notebooks soaring high, desktops are less in demand these days.

However, the companies have not done away with desktop manufacturing. In fact, all top brands as well as the new entrants have never fallen short of introducing feature-rich desktop models from time to time.

Having a desktop is not a bad ides especially if you have kids at home.

Watching movies or creating interesting graphics takes your experience to a new height if you do these on a desktop.

For those willing to buy a desktop, here are our expert’s recommendations about the top brands to rely on:

Amazingly Beautiful and Feature-Thick Models

The name shocks most of you as Dell is worldwide famous as a laptop maker. But it makes desktop as well.

Those amazingly beautiful and feature-thick models make the brand as the topper on our list of the best.

As per the latest facts and figures, Dell has successfully dethroned Apple from its top slot.

It has introduced varieties in desktop models to meet different preferences and pockets in the consumer market.

Dell Inspiron series is particularly mention-worthy in this context. Dell 99K5T OptiPlex, Dell Vostro and Dell Latitude are still going strong in the market.

Stylish Design and Offer Smart Performance

HP is next to Dell in terms of popularity. HP desktops are in high demand as these feature a stylish design and offer smart performance.

The desktops from HP are available across different price points. What is more, the brand has service centres in almost all metro cities throughout the world.

HP Pavilion, HP Slimline, HP All-in-One and HP Pro GI are some of the popular HP brands.

Deep Pocket Buyers

The US tech biggie now holds the third rank on the list of the top desktop brands of the world.

One drawback of the Apple desktops is these are made only to serve the purposes of the buyers with a deep pocket.

The company has always made a decent use of the latest technology available for desktop making and that explains why Apple computers are full of new-age features and functions.

A mix of outstanding design and durability is the signature of the Apple desktops.

Some of the most popular desktop models from the den of Apple include Apple iMac, MacBook Air, Apple iMac, Mac Mini etc.

Houseold Name

Lenovo has become a household name in recent times, partly because their desktop models are available at different price points.

Irrespective of your needs and affordability, you will always find something up to your satisfaction.

Lenovo Ideacentre, Lenovo ThinkCentre, Lenovo AIO, Lenovo H50 etc are some popular brands from Lenovo.

Shallow Pocket

Asus is a big favourite with those having a shallow pocket. Asus desktops have large-scale use at the workplaces throughout the world.

Asus has proven it beyond doubt that it is possible to make a powerful performer while keeping the price low.

Asus ROG, Asus Chromebox, Asus Zen AiO etc are some top-of-the-line Asus desktops.

Budget Friendly

Another reliable name for the buyers on a tight budget! Acer makes desktops for both students as well as professionals.

By leveraging the latest technology while keeping the price as competent as possible, Acer has introduced a wider range of smart desktops.

Acer Nitro 50, Acer Predator Orion, Acer Chromebox CX13 and Acer Aspire are some of the most popular desktops from Acer.

Later Entrants in Desktop Market

There are several desktop brands who made a late entry in this segment. Some of them are CyberPowerPC,  MSI, Skytech and Corsair.


Hope we have answered to the question of which desktop brand is best. Now you have got an idea of the top desktop brands ruling the global market and it will help you make a choice from a gamut of options.

The list prepared by our experts is obviously not a universal one and other people may have a different list. However, some brands will find a mention on the list whoever makes it.

The purpose of the blog is to guide you in regards to a desktop purchase and we hope you will get benefits from our experts’ advice.