Top 10 Laptop Brands 2023: Best Guide & Verdict

By Puja Chatterjee on September 02, 2020

The top 10 laptop brands  are in tight competition. Their competition is based on high-end technology, latest features and pricing.

These companies are spending a larger share of their investment on R&D to offer innovative design, expanded memory, fast performance and extended battery life.

Another interesting fact is these brands are making a variety of laptops across different price segments.

Though there are many in the industry, still it is not hard to pick up the best laptop brands in the world. Here is what our experts have to say in this regard.

You can also check out our buyer’s guide and verdict to select best laptop brands.

Top 10 Laptop Brands 2023 and Verdicts:

1. Lenovo – Best Over All


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Lenovo, without any doubt, makes it to the list of the top 10 global brands. Set up in 1984, the China-based company is mostly known for offering stable battery life.

In addition, the company has always leveraged the best-in-class technology to make laptops that score in both design and performance.

As per a report in 2018, the brand holds 20% stakes in the international market share.

Another good point of the brand is they have offers for buyers with different pockets.

Some of the popular laptop models from this brand are:

Verdict: Best Over All

2. Dell – Laptop Manufacturer with Utmost Care


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Dell stands for innovation and inspiration, is there any doubt about it? The brand is one of the most popular laptop manufacturers in the world. The company has a worldwide presence.

It operates in more than 100 countries. Dell Inspiron series has picked up huge popularity all over the world and voted as the best notebook for the professionals.

The company has  employee strength of almost 101, 000.

In addition to expensive high-end products, Dell also has offers for the tight-on-budget flocks.

Some of the popular laptop models from this brand are:

Verdict: Laptop Manufacturer with Utmost Care

3. HP – Reliable Battery Life


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HP Inc is undoubtedly one of the best laptop brands throughout the globe. The company holds about one-fifth of the international market share.

It was established by David Packard and R Hewlett in 1939.

Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, the brand is one of the leading laptop manufacturers for both students and professionals.

The company is a pioneer in exploiting the new-age technology to make what amazes with great features and grand performance.

Some of the popular laptop models from this brand are :

Verdict: Reliable Battery Life

4. Apple – Technology Innovator but Expensive


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Apple is one of the most touted brands throughout the globe.

Founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in 1977, Apple is one of the largest tech companies having more than 500 retail stores throughout the world.

The brand is heavily focused on innovation. According to a recent survey, Apple is the best laptop for a purchase in 2018.

The company has over 120, 000 employees working for them.

The Apple laptops are expensive. However, design, durability and performance justify the high price tag.

Some of the popular laptops from this brand are:

Verdict: Technology Innovator but Expensive

5. Acer – Good Features with Pocket Friendly Budget


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Acer is a pioneering brand in the industry. Founded by Stan Shih, George Huang and Carolyn Yeh in Taiwan 32 years ago.

The brand currently holds the fifth rank on the list of the largest vendors of computers and notebooks in the world.

The company has employee strength of more than 8000. The brand is popular for making mostly pocket-friendly laptops for the professionals and students.

Some of the popular laptops from this brand are:

Verdict: Good Features with Pocket Friendly Budget

6. Asus – Better Motherboard and Gaming Series


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Asus holds 7% of total market share in the global spectrum of laptop manufacturing.

The Taiwanese company came into existence in 1989 on strength great effort by M T Liao, Wayne Hsieh, Ted Hsu and T H Hung.

At present, Asus holds the sixth rank as the largest PC and laptop makers and the ranking is based on total units sold in a year.

The company has nearly 180, 000 employees working around the globe.

Some of the popular laptops from this brand are:

Verdict: Better Motherboard and Gaming Series

7. Microsoft – Laptops are Built for Faster Performance


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Microsoft is another popular name making it to the list of the top 10 laptop manufacturers along the length and breadth of the globe.

Established by Bill Gates as well as Paul Allen in 1975.

As one of the leading names in the computer manufacturing industry, Microsoft has more than 120, 000 employees across the globe.

The company always makes an earnest effort to explore the top-notch technology to take innovation, design and performance to the next level.

Some of the popular laptops from this brand are:

Verdict: Laptops are Built for Faster Performance

8. Samsung – Better Laptop Display


Samsung is a leading name in the world of mobiles, televisions and air conditioners.

However, the brand also belongs to the bracket of the top ten if it comes to manufacturing laptops and notebooks.

Samsung Galaxy 10 is still one of the best selling products ever made by any computer manufacturing brands in the world.

The company hires more than 3 million professionals from around the globe.

Some of the popular laptops from this brand are:

Verdict: Better Laptop Display

9. Toshiba – Both Expensive and Low-priced Laptops

Toshiba Corporation

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Toshiba Corporation was born as a result of merging of Shibaura Seisakusho and Tokyo Denki in 1939.

It is one of the 10 leading laptop brands in the world. Toshiba notebook computers are popular worldwide.

The company still enjoys massive popularity due to its notebook computers that are much in demand across the globe. The brand has more than 200, 000 workers around the world.

The company makes both expensive and low-priced desktops, laptops and notebooks to suit different preferences and pockets.

Some of the popular laptops from this brand are:

Verdict: Both Expensive and Low-priced Laptops

10. Huawei – Known for Smart Design and Stylish Finishing

Huawei Technologies

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Though Huawei is still a lesser-known name, the brand records a fast growth rate in the global laptop industry.

The company came into being on strength of an effort by Ren Zhengfei more than three decades ago.

According to a report, nearly 200, 000 professionals work across the globe.

Most of the products manufactured by the best brands are thick with the latest features. These products offer ultra speed and performance.

In addition, they flaunt off smart design and stylish finishing. In a word, they rock.

Some of the popular laptops from this brand are:

Verdict: Known for Smart Design and Stylish Finishing

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Buyer’s Guide to Choose Best Laptop Brands

There is neck-to-neck competition between the most popular laptop manufacturers.

The fierce competition is strongly based on top-notch technology, new-age features and cost factor.

Many companies are manufacturing laptops but not all are equally poplar for making high-end models suitable for running demanding professional applications and games.

With so many brands around, it is not easy to pick only ten. However, our experts have picked up the 10 best laptop brands and here is a rundown of those most popular names:

Dell – All is Well

Over years, Dell has become synonymous with innovation and improvisation. Always uncompromising about quality, Dell makes most of its global and glorious presence to promote its products throughout the world.

Dell operates in over 100 nations. Dell enjoys popularly for almost all of its products. Of all Dell models, Dell Inspiron series is most popular and widely considered the best notebook for the busy working professionals.

Most Dell models are expensive but the company has offers for the budget-conscious buyers as well.

Popular Models: Dell XPS 13, Dell Inspiron Series, Alienware 17 R5, Dell Chromebook, Dell Latitude etc.

Lenovo – Offers for All

The Chinese company is definitely one of the best global laptop brands. Established in 1984, the company offers longer battery life.

The company has never failed to make most of top-of-the-line technology to manufacture laptops that look smart, feel stable and offer speedy performance.

The best thing about Lenovo is the company has offers for all – both high-heeled buyers and budget-sensitive customers.

Popular Models: Lenovo IdeaPad, Lenovo ThinkPad XI Carbon, Lenovo Yoga, Lenovo Miix 320 etc.

HP – A Name to Trust

HP Inc is one of the top brands along the length and breadth of the world. The company owns one-fifth of the total share in the international market.

Coming into the world back in 1939, HP is one of the most trusted names for the professionals and students.

One of the leading names in leveraging the best-in-class technology, HP manufactures the most amazing beauties that never fail to deliver exciting performance.

Popular Models: HP Chromebook 14 GS, HP Pavilion 15, HP Omen X, HP Spectre x360 etc.

Apple – Excellent & Expensive

Without any doubt, Apple laptops are buyers’ pride but others’ envy! Having over 500 retail stores throughout the globe, Apple heavily concentrates on innovation.

Apple laptops are known for their richness in features and functions. Performance apart, the Apple laptops look extremely gorgeous and feel solid always.

The only downside of the Apple laptops is these are designed for the affluent buyers.

Popular Models: Apple MacBook, Apple MacBook Air, Apple MacBook Pro etc.

Acer – Smart yet Pocket-Friendly

Acer is a popular name in the global market. The Taiwanese company was set up more than three decades ago.

Acer occupies the fifth place on the rooster of the largest manufacturers of laptops and notebooks throughout the world.

Acer is mostly popular for making feature-rich yet pocket-friendly models for students and working people as well.

Popular Models: Acer Aspire, Acer Switch Atom, Acer Swift, Acer Nitro Ryzen etc.

In addition to the above names, some other most popular laptop manufacturers are

Do you have a different list? Please feel free to share it with us.