8 Reasons Why Two Ethernet Ports on Your Motherboard

By Dominic Chooper on March 02, 2023

In this article you will read about why your Motherboard is having two (dual) Ethernet ports.

There are many reasons behind it, like it allows ease to multiple connections (devices & internet), especially a necessity for those having no built-in Wi-Fi, allows multiple data transfers.

The Motherboard may have one port, but the necessity of the dual connection comes in with reason. If the first fails then the second will immediately start its course of action – ultimately saves your day.


8 Reasons Why There are Two Ethernet Ports on Your Motherboard

Why Two Ethernet Ports on Motherboard

Thus, we elaborate with reasons about “Why Are There Two Ethernet Ports on Your Motherboard”? For the reason of data transfer,

Motherboard has two Ethernet ports that allow multiple data transfers and many other functionalities. Let us check out the following reasons with detailed explanations.

1. Back-Up Port Facility

The ethernet is considered a backup port which is extremely useful when your Motherboard does not have Wi-Fi connectivity.

There are some of the older versions of Motherboards where the Ethernet port is very essential as it does not have any built-in Wi-Fi systems.

If one port fails to provide a connection, then there will be a chance for the second one to do the job. If your primary port malfunctions, then you can have the second Ethernet port working and saving your day.

The second port will simply act as a savior which will allow the connection to be continued.

On the other hand, repairing and buying is also a time taking process thus it will be great when you are having two Ethernet ports on your Motherboard. It simply acts as a backup replacement.

2. Connecting Two Systems

Dual ports allow connecting two systems if your Wifi is down. Suppose the router is not working and you need a connection then without unplugging the connection you can simply go to your air net connection.

You can use or borrow a net connection from some other devices which you can easily connect to the other port. Thus, dual porting comes in handy.

3. Load Balancing by the Dual Ports

If you have two Wi-Fi connections at your place, then you can simultaneously use two connections at the same time. But you can’t connect two simultaneously by connecting an ethernet cable.

It is simply not possible to connect two networks at one time. But you can simply at a moment of notice you can switch between the two.

But it won’t be possible to transfer the data from one connection to another that you are using.

For this, you need a specialized router which is great for load balancing. Two separate IP addresses are being utilized by the two networks to transfer the data.

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You can face some hurdles like when you are using a single server then you can only access the faster of it.

But you cannot access secure sites like banking platforms and others from this load-balancing router.

For example, if you have a 10+ 5 Mbps connection then you can only get the faster speed of 10Mbps as the information is coming from a single server but in the case of torrent files, you can take benefit of it and get it downloaded with 15Mbps into multiple peers from a single IP address.

4. Teaming Done with Double Ethernet Ports

There are some motherboard supports that allow data throughput by “teaming” up which connects the Ethernet cables.

On the same note, a single Ethernet connection can simply transmit the high bandwidth in a work or home environment where teaming up is not required.

In the case of the usual 1 to 100 Mbps speed it does team up but when the Internet connection is more than 1 to 10 Gbps which is the standard transfer speed for an ethernet connection then you can expect more.

But it is not always necessary at your home and usual work environment. The connection could be expected to be better if you are having two router connections.

5. No Need to Replace the Router

Ethernet connections do not require any extra hardware or software. To be honest it is faster than Wifi connections too. When you are using the connection you can directly inject the cable into your modem.

Sometimes the doors and walls block the router signals, especially the 5ghz machines. You can solve this issue with ethernet cables which can be up to 90 meters.

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6. An Ethernet is Faster Than Wifi – Best Choice for The Gamers

The latency makes the connection much more time taking, it is the time taken for reaching the signal. Ethernet ports do not have latency thus the signal is reached faster.

Especially in the case of gamers, ethernet cables are used much more. In this case for safety if there is no room for a second port then it can be a risk at times.

7. Hardware Firewall

These ports are used as a hardware firewall from PC to PC and make a hardware firewall in case of using one PC as a main server PC connecting to another.

8. Used as a Linux

These two Ethernets can be used to connect the NIC as a Wide Area Network and Linux by ISPs by connecting to create the LAN connection of other systems.


In the nutshell, we can say that Motherboard has two Ethernet ports for the flexibility of the users.

You can carry out data transfers and other various purposes are solved like fast gaming, dual connection, back up, and other supporting features like making work faster than in Wifi making it lucrative to be within it.