Asus ROG G15CE Gaming Desktop Review

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Asus ROG G15CE Gaming Desktop


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  • The processor of this computer is quite powerful.
  • Having an SSD, the processing speed of this PC is very promising.
  • A transparent side panel and RGB lightings make its outfit very eye-catching.
  • Each component of this desktop can be upgraded or replaced.
  • By its performance, it can satisfy any professional gamer.


  • The price of this PC is quite high as it has updated components.
  • It is not a compact desktop.
  • Maintenance cost and power consumption are higher than the regular systems.
  • No optical drive is present in this product.
  • No liquid cooling facility is present there.


This product is one of the best options for those, who need a high performing, efficient, good looking desktop, to perform their regular tasks. It already has plenty of updated features.

If the users want more from it, they can modify it according to their choice or workload. There is no limitation in its upgradability. It has the capability to satisfy most of its users.

Asus ROG G15CE Gaming Desktop & Variants Price


Asus ROG G15CE Gaming

Asus has offered us plenty of updated and useful pre-built desktops till now.

And most of its products are high performing and lashed with updated components. This Asus ROG G15CE is ‘the beast’ among them. In terms of specification, performance, pricing, features, it is the best.

It has hybrid storage, four RAM slots, a powerful processor, an efficient GPU. Moreover, it has all the features that a standard gaming PC must-have.

But, liquid cooling is not present in it, which is the major issue with this product. For the high-end users, it is one of the best options to go for, as its processing speed and performing capability are beyond one’s imagination.

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The outer appearance of this desktop is also eye-catchy. Besides a transparent side panel, there are plenty of RGB lighting, which give the device a perfect gaming PC look.

Asus ROG G15CE Gaming Desktop Outside Look

It can offer a stable and sustainable performance throughout the year. The gamers will be highly satisfied by using it.

Buy for: The performance of this Asus ROG G15CE is the best in its class. All the specifications of this pre-built PC are upgradable.

Beware of: The cooling fans create some noise. The pricing of this PC is higher than a regular desktop.

Best uses for: Multiple gaming, COD Warzone and other purposes.

Design & Build

Being a standard gaming PC, it has a very attractive design. The build quality of the chassis is very sturdy. It is not a fully compressed set-up.

So, this tower desktop is not suitable for any business place or commercial house.

There is plenty of RGB lighting and through the transparent side panel; the users can easily watch the inner beauty of this device.

The cables are managed pretty well. This high performing pre-built desktop of Asus measures ‎20.5 inches x 19.8 inches x 14.8 inches.

Asus ROG G15CE Gaming Desktop Inside

The RGB lightings are placed in quite perfect places inside the cabinet; for which its outer appearance becomes more attractive.

At the front side of the chassis, there is no port. These ports are shifted to the upper side of it.

Asus ROG G15CE Gaming Desktop Front Side of the Chassis

To get access to the inner section of the cabinet, you just need to untie the transparent glass panel; then you are in.

Its upgrading process is almost tool-less, you just need a simple screwdriver. This PC is usually available in black color.


This gaming desktop assures top-notch performance under any circumstances.

The users can smoothly enjoy most of the updated games, with ultra-high resolutions.

This prebuilt desktop is packed with powerful, efficient and updated components that help it to run smoothly, even with huge workloads.

The buyers will get the smoothest processing ever; as it has a very efficient, updated processor.

Most of the gaming desktops of Asus come with the GPUs of NVIDIA, and this one is not the exception.

GPU in Asus ROG G15CE

The GPU, which is present here, is the best in its class, and can smoothly tackle 4K contents, and the users will be greatly satisfied by using it.

Asus ROG G15CE comes with Intel Core i7-11700F. This is an octa-core processor; with a base clocking speed of 2.50 GHz.

And the maximum clocking speed that can be reached by it is 4.9 GHz.

Therefore, we can say, this processor is the perfect one, for gaming, streaming, editing or any high-end tasks.

Gaming Screenshot Play by Asus ROG G15CE

The multitasking capability of this device is beyond the imagination of one because this processor has 16 MB smart catch memory.

This version of Intel i7 is the best till now. Starting from gaming, streaming, editing, creating content, to each and every field, this processor is the best option.

Having this processor, the device can smoothly run COD Warzone, and the users can enjoy each and every thrill of this game.

They can also play the other popular updated games like Frontline, GTA V, Pubg, etc and simultaneously, at the same time they can stream their game-play at any online platform.

Second Gaming Screenshot by Asus ROG G15CE Gaming Desktop

The processor is very powerful and it has the capability to act smartly in any uneasy situation.

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This feature protects the device from any major losses. Having a great clocking speed its responding time is very fast.

On the other hand, the SSD and faster RAM help it to offer a great processing speed every time.

This computer takes very little time for booting purposes. The powerful Intel i7 processor is accompanied by an efficient graphics card from NVIDIA.

An updated and powerful GPU is a must in any gaming desktop; because it not only tackles the graphical contents but also acts as a perfect friend to the processor of the device.

The efforts of these duos can transform an ordinary computer to an efficient one. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 is present in this pre-built gaming desktop.

The GPU is very efficient and powerful. By using it, the users can play real-time games with great efficiency and they will get 60 plus fps.

This computer of Asus runs on Windows 10 and this operating system is pre-installed in it.

Storage & RAM

These two sections are the major point of attraction to each gamer of this generation. The data processing and transferring speed of a computer is mainly dependent upon these two sections.

This Asus ROG G15CE gaming desktop has both SSD and HDD. Therefore, it has huge storage capacity and has an SSD; it can also transfer data with great speed.

The HDD that is present in this product has a capacity of 1 TB and this Toshiba HDD has a speed of 7200 RPM.

There is nothing special in this HDD; it’s a traditional one. Besides this HDD, there is an NVMe drive of 512 GB.

To offer the maximum outcome from this SSD, Asus has placed a heat sink upon it. On the motherboard, there are a total of four slots for RAMs.

Two of them are occupied and each of them is 8 GB. These are standard DDR4 RAMs, which run with 3200 MHz; there is no heat sink on the RAMs.

The users can upgrade the RAM section as there are already two empty RAM slots.

Ports & Connectivity

We have already mentioned above, there is no USB port at the front panel of this product; these are shifted to the upper panel.

There you can find two audio ports and two USB ports. The rest of the ports are located at the rear side of the chassis.

Asus ROG G15CE Gaming Desktop Rear Side Chassis

Total 8 USB ports are available on this computer. Among them, two are USB Type C ports.

Two HDMI ports are present in this PC and there are three additional display ports.

So, we can say that the users can attach multiple display units with this device to create their desired gaming or working environment.

This Asus ROG G15CE gaming desktop is compatible with Wi-Fi 6.

That means the users can attach various input or output peripherals with this computer wirelessly.

Additional Features

Each part of this desktop can be upgraded. Nothing is proprietary in this device.

The liquid cooling facility is not present in it and if anyone wants to install liquid cooling, then it is requested to replace the chassis with a larger one to make it more effective.

Asus B560-G, gaming motherboard is used in this PC. This comes with Wi-Fi 6 connectivity.

There are dual fans on the installed high performing GPU and the heat sink pipes are also very neatly placed.

The PSU of the device is a very regular one; there is no fanciness in it. It is a 750 Watt’s very regular 80+ Gold category’s PSU of a brand named ‘Great Wall’.

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Asus is offering a standard warranty of one year on the hardware of this PC. For cooling purposes, there are many small cooling fans, with great spinning capability.

These fans ensure a good amount of airflow, but as they spin at a very high speed, they generate some irritating noise.

This is a secondary kind of drawback of this product.


  • Storage: 1 TB HDD and 512 GB Solid State Drive
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Storage Type: HDD and SSD
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-11700F
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
  • Processor Speed‎4.9 GHz
  • Processor BrandIntel
  • Product Dimensions: 20.5 inches x 19.8 inches x 14.8 inches
  • Operating System: Windows 10

What Do Users Think About Asus ROG G15CE ?

According to many users, Asus needs to upgrade the cooling system of this device.

Having such updated components, this PC generates too much heat; and the single rear exhauster fan is unable to tackle it down.

Many users stated that the case that is used here is not a good one and there is insufficient air ventilation option.

For this reason, the PC gets overheated and sometimes it automatically gets shut down.

To solve this issue many users installed some additional cooling fans, but the PC starts to create more noise.

Hence, the best option to solve this issue is to install an additional AIO cooler inside the chassis.

Except for these heating and noise issues, every user appreciates the device’s performance.

The gamers of this era are its most satisfied users. Getting an easy upgrade facility in this device, the users are really happy.

After upgrading its cooling section, many users test this product on various high-end projects and every time they get satisfactory results.

Our Testing & Analysis Report

In terms of gaming performance, this gaming desktop is quite smooth. We are very satisfied with its processing power.

We played many different games on this desktop, such as Pubg, GTA V, Hitman 3, Call of Duty Warzone, Frontline, etc. And in between, we didn’t notice any significant drop in the fps.

We had extensively used this desktop for video editing. It was a very smooth system to use and its performance was very effective when it came to editing 4K videos. Fimora, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Corel Video Studio Ultimate – these were the major software that we ran on it and we didn’t find any considerable issues.

This system had also been used in some elementary-level graphics designing projects that we had to work on. There was also no noticeable difference in the desktop’s performance in terms of smoothness and silence.

We experienced a whole new level of perfection from the PC when we were working on multiple multitasking tasks at the same time. It had tackled more than 12 Chrome tabs smoothly.

Our team also used this desktop to code some applications. It was a long season. This desktop has an efficient cooling capacity for which we didn’t encounter any problems on the PC during that long season.

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