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  • This gaming desktop comes with updated and balanced specifications.
  • The overall performance of this PC is quite great.
  • The specifications of this device are easily upgradable.
  • This PC can work almost silently with extreme workloads.
  • Sufficient numbers of I/O ports are present in this device of Asus.


  • There is no optical drive on this gaming desktop.
  • This device has limited cooling upgrade options.
  • The maximum RAM capacity of this PC is only 32 GB.
  • This is a very expensive device.
  • This device can’t offer its best, with the old operating systems.


This gaming desktop can offer top-notch performance in any situation. Any passionate gamer of a moderate level will be greatly satisfied by the performance of this PC.

The price is a great factor; but if you are in search of an efficient computer to perform your regular high-end tasks, then this product is one of the good options for you.

Asus Rog Strix GA15DK Gaming Desktop & Variants Price


Asus Rog Strix GA15DK Gaming Desktop

Day-by-day the demand for gaming desktops is increasing.

We all know that gaming desktops are more expensive than regular PCs as these gaming PCs are equipped with updated specifications.

On the other hand, the outfits of most gaming PCs are very eye-catching and stylish. It is not that professional gamers only prefer to buy gaming PCs.

Most of the users, who need to run high-end software and high graphical content very frequently, prefer to use a gaming system.

Almost all the renowned PC manufacturing companies have a separate gaming PC series.

Such a series of gaming PCs contain only highly efficient and very productive devices, which are expensive.

Asus Rog is an example of such a gaming series. Under this series, Asus had already launched plenty of gaming PCs, some of which are one of the best-selling products of the company.

And now, it comes with this Asus Rog Strix GA15DK Gaming Desktop. As far as its overall specifications are concerned, we can see that it has very powerful specifications.

Besides the updated processor and GPU, the RAM and storage section of this device are also well equipped.

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So, this is a high-performing gaming desktop, with an easy upgrade facility.

Buy for: This PC can run very smoothly and it can generate a very efficient and speedy outcome.

Beware of: If you are a casual user or an entry-level user, then you should avoid purchasing this product as it is an expensive deal. The users have to purchase the monitor externally.

Best uses for: Gaming, video editing, Twitch Streaming and other purposes.

Design & Build

To be one of the best-selling gaming desktops at this time, one device must have a unique and stylistic design.

In plenty of gaming desktops, we can notice a transparent side glass panel and numerous RGBs.

These things have become very common nowadays. And this Asus Rog Strix GA15DK gaming desktop also has a side glass panel.

In comparison to the previous model of this series, we can’t locate any drastic change in the design.

A black-colored chassis has been used in this product and the chassis is not no bulky. It measures only 19.6 inches x 7.3 inches x 16.6 inches.

This gaming desktop has a very classy but simple outfit. Only by its sorbet looks, it can impress a lot of people.

The entire chassis is made of solid plastic. The front panel of the case is divided diagonally by a set of LED strips.

At the end of these colorful lines, the power button is placed.

The logo of the company has been embraced at the center of the upper section of the front panel.

Some glossy black-colored plastic has been used there. So, to figure out this logo one needs to observe the front panel of the chassis with great attentiveness.

At the side panel of the case, there is a glass panel and the quality of the glass is quite good.

This glass panel is the gateway to access the core hardware section of the product.

To remove the glass panel and to get access to the internal section of the chassis, one needs to remove the screws that are located at the rear section of the case.

This process is very simple and one who has some basic knowledge about the hardware of a computer can easily upgrade or modify the configurations of this device.

As the internal section of this PC is easily visible from the outside, the cables that are used in the chassis are very professionally managed.

And to maintain the sober design, the users have to manage the wires properly, while upgrading or replacing any component in it.

The design of the upper panel of this chassis is very interesting.

At the front section of the upper panel, there are some USB ports, which can be used by the users very frequently to connect various peripherals externally to the PC.

In the rest of the part, there is no solid plane. Some bars are placed there and they are placed in such an order, which gives the entire panel a ‘V’ shape.

For this particular design, this PC has sufficient airflow inside the case.

And on the chassis, there is a handle, which is very unique. By grabbing this handle, the users can move this PC from place to place very easily.

In this model, the developers have removed the RGB ring light, which is greatly appreciated by the users of this product.


A gaming desktop must have to perform well. Before investing any penny on a gaming system, every buyer undergoes deep research about the overall performance of the product.

As this product of Asus has got very balanced specifications, it ensures top-notch performance.

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As it has got quite powerful specifications, it can produce a sustainable performance with any type of workload.

The users can freely use this system to run various classified software, and they will get a very satisfying performance from it.

They can also use this PC to play various trending AAA games with the highest game settings and they can experience smooth processing in it.

Nowadays we all know that the products of Intel and AMD are equally powerful and efficient and the prices of AMD’s products are slightly less than the similar counterparts of Intel.

Even, in some situations, the users can experience a comparatively better graphical performance from a product of AMD.

To cut the price of the PC to some extent and to offer better graphical performance, the manufacturer has attached a processor of AMD in this product.

This gaming PC of Asus is equipped with AMD Ryzen 7 5800X. This is an octa-core processor which has a base clocking speed of 3.8GHz and its maximum clocking frequency is 4.7GHz.

Most of the users, who perform Twitch streaming very frequently, prefer to use this device; as the processor that is used here has a cache memory of 32 MB.

So, they can experience very smooth processing when they stream some content on Twitch.

In a gaming desktop, an efficient graphics card from NVIDIA is a must. So, this product of Asus has the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070.

The capacity of this GDDR6 GPU is 8 GB. This GPU is very efficient at its work and the base frequency on which it usually runs is 1500MHz and while running various UHD contents this GPU processes the data with a frequency of 1755MHz.

This product runs on Windows 10 Home. And the company is trying its best to offer a free upgrade to Windows 11 facility to the buyers of it, as early as possible.

One thing is for sure, the users don’t need to pay any extra dollars to upgrade the OS.

Overall performance of this gaming desktop is very strong and stable.

This device is one of the best options for video editors, Photoshop users, content creators, and others who need to run plenty of heavy software to get their job done.

Storage & RAM

Besides powerful GPU and CPU, a gaming PC must have a strong storage and RAM section.

The productivity and the responding capabilities of a PC are soulfully dependent upon the RAM section and storage type that is installed in that particular PC.

These two sections of most of the gaming computers that are available in the market are easily upgradable.

As ‘processing speed’ is one of the major considerations in gaming desktops, SSDs are mostly used in these products.

An SSD can offer faster and efficient performance than the traditional mechanical HDDs.

And an SSD can process and transfer various data almost 30 times faster than HDDs.

The main concern about the SSDs is that these drives are very costly.

But the manufacturer has acted very smartly by attaching both the SSD and HDD in this product.

There is an SSD of 512 GB. To get a very speedy performance the users have to install various software in this SSD only.

In the 1 TB HDD, they can store their important data, which they don’t need to use frequently.

For the gamers, these initial storage configurations are more than enough.

But, if they need more, they have to upgrade these drives from their pocket.

The capacity of the primary memory of this gaming desktop of Asus is 16 GB and these can run at a frequency of 3200 MHz.

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This section of this product is also upgradable. So, if anyone needs more processing speed, he can upgrade the RAM section of this device and he can experience a drastic change in the processing speed of the PC.

In this respect, one thing needs to be considered; the maximum RAM capacity of this PC is 32 GB.

For casual gamers, the initial capacity of these sections of this PC is more than enough.

They don’t need to invest any extra dollars in these sections.

 Ports & Connectivity

This Asus Rog Strix GA15DK gaming desktop is a full tower PC.

So, there is plenty of space to install the USB ports and the developers have used these spaces quite perfectly.

So, there are plenty of USB ports. At the front section of the chassis, there is a USB 3.2 Type-A port, 1 USB 3.2 Type-C port, 1headphone, and 1 microphone port.

At the rear side of the case, there are 4 USB 3.2 Gen 1, and 2 USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports.

One Ethernet port and one HDMI port are also available there. 3 additional display ports are also present in this device.

This product of Asus is compatible with Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) connectivity.

Additional Features

This PC comes with a ROG B550 motherboard and chipset.

In the earlier products of this series, AMD Wraith Prism cooler was used; but here in this PC, the developers very wisely shifted to a 3700x cooler.

This cooler is comparatively small in size and doesn’t have RGB lights on it.

This gaming desktop of Asus comes with a limited warranty of one year.


What Do Users Think About Asus Rog Strix GA15DK?

Most of the users are mesmerized by experiencing the speedy performance of this gaming desktop.

Some of the users are obsessed with its simple, not exaggerating outfit. Some of the users raised complaints against the cooling section of this PC.

They have stated that they have tried to upgrade this section of the device, but they don’t get satisfactory results.

It was obvious because all the things in this device are in perfect order. Check out Asus Rog Strix GA15DK Manual.

The developers have compressed the cooling section, not only just to save space. They have undergone deep research then they make this decision.

The overall specifications, design of this product are in such order that this device can’t get overheated even with the maximum workloads.

A large cooling fan or liquid cooling system isn’t needed here. And, there is no space left inside the case, to install an additional cooling fan or any liquid-cooled AIO.

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