Asus Vivobook K570UD Review: Specs, Pros, Cons & More

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Asus Vivobook K570UD

US 1+

Value for Money Score


Reliability Score


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  • Useful port options
  • Lots of storage
  • Slim, sleek aesthetic
  • Portable
  • Good for small meetings


  • Not fit for high end gamers
  • Maxes out at GTX 1050
  • Middling battery life
  • Not available other than online
  • Its not fit for high end works


For the overall trendy features and advanced hardware configuration, it can be concluded that the VivoBook K570UD is reasonably priced. Since it is a casual gaming laptop, it suits various needs at a conference or during academic lecture session; however, this VivoBook variant may not be a perfect choice for having ultimate experience through the latest superior gaming titles.

Based on its average battery life and one of the former versions of Nvidia GeForce graphics chipset available under the hood, the laptop is finely designed for all casual gamers and home or academic users.

Asus VivoBook K570UD Laptop & Variant Price


To describe the Asus VivoBook K570UD casual gaming laptop just in a single sentence.

We can say that it is thoughtfully designed for the gaming professionals by the professional engineers, taking the gamers to a different world full of excitements.

Elegant stylish design, ultra-high hardware components, sleek & lightweight chassis, reliable powerhouse, ultimate storage capacity – all essential features are available to define this VivoBook gaming notebook.

Although it belongs to the casual gaming laptop category, it can be an all-in-one device to meet your varied day to day tasks like college tasks, business activities, streaming videos or watching latest movies with utmost comfort.

The laptop accommodates Intel Core i7-8550U processor, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card, 15.6 inch brilliant display and many other exclusive features to take part in a competition with world’s best gaming notebooks offered by Apple or other brands.

The brand has introduced the VivoBook K570UD gaming laptop to make your life easier for everyday usage.

It is wisely configured as well as priced to satisfy your wallet, ensuring A-grade day to day performance without any hassle.

Its streamlined design with slim structure is combined with a medium sized display to steal the heart of every gaming expert and general user.

Asus VivoBook K570UD Laptop

Buy for: Useful port options and storage.

Beware of: Not for very high end games.

Best uses for: Gaming, office work and other purposes.

The alternatives:

Specs Details:

  • Brand: Asus
  • Hard Drive: 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD
  • Hard Drive Type:  SSD+HDD
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • RAM Type: DDR4
  • Processor:  Intel Core i7-8550U
  • Processor Speed: 1.8 GHz
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 4GB
  • Screen Size: 15.6 in
  • Processor Brand: Intel
  • Product Dimensions: 14.7 x 10.1 x 0.9 inches
  • Weight: 4.3 lbs
  • Operating System: Windows 10


Being one of the most recognized brands across the entire globe, Asus develops a wide variety of laptops to cover various categories.

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Every laptop brand considers different budget segments to cater to the buyers’ requirements and hence makes attempt to launch different laptop variants in different price range in order to satisfy all sorts of users and their needs.

Asus is not far from following this perception and we get to witness the streamlined offerings from the brand in various categories every year as well.

As far as the gaming laptop category is concerned, Asus has been one of the topmost creators over the past several years on this ground.

To overwhelm the gaming enthusiasts or the beginners, the brand holds a number of high-end series, such as, EeeBook, ZenBook, ROG (Republic of Gamers), VivoBook etc.

ZenBook series is extremely popular for both premium and low-cost gaming laptops while VivoBook is another latest product line to offer budget laptops with trendy hardware configuration and other features.

Every gaming notebook variant from Asus has some uniqueness to stand out in the crowd. Check out best laptop brands.


At the core of Asus VivoBook K570UD casual gaming notebook sits 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8550U CPU which performs at the base speed of 1.8 GHz and up to the Turbo speed of 4.0 GHz as well.

Such powerful processor delivers top notch performance even with heavy activities on the device without any occasional lag.

The chipset is coupled with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card which has 4GB memory.

The graphics processor holds several advanced features to give a flawless visual and extra-ordinary gaming performance.

The device is efficient enough to run or play contemporary online PC games without any interruption.

Its graphics processor will not deliver fluid frame rates as you would notice in the high-end gaming notebook variants from Asus.

Still, the VivoBook K570UD offers playable & standard frame rates on its Full HD resolution to fulfil your casual gaming desires at times.

Overall, the laptop has got a fantastic blend of CPU and GPU components to become a casual gaming platform.



1. If anyone wants to get a clear image of this device’s performing capability then he must go through the benchmarks scores of its processing units. He can consider Geekbench 5, where he will get the benchmark scores of various processing units.

This benchmarking scale offers two types of scores. The single core score depicts any processor’s performance when it uses only one core of it. This is 878 for the Intel Core i7-8550U.

The multi-core score is related to the processor’s performing capability when it uses all of its cores. For the Intel Core i7-8550U, this is 2622. As far as the Intel Core i7-8650U is concerned, it is considered to be a very close competitor of the Intel Core i7-8550U.

For this processor, the single core score is 902 and the multi-core score is 2735. After analyzing these scores we can say that the Intel Core i7-8650U can deliver better and smoother processing than the Intel Core i7-8550U.

So such a laptop that is equipped with Intel Core i7 8650U can perform better than this Asus laptop. For example, we can consider Dell Latitude 7460.

2. Intel Core i7-8550U’s average benchmark score is 61.2% according to UserBenchmark. The processor is ranked 527th out of 1355 processors of a similar category. The high-end users of this era do not seem to find it efficient or reliable.

3. is another very popular benchmarking website. A CPU mark of 6003 is displayed on this site for the Intel Core i7-8550U. It has a single thread rating of 2081. The processor currently holds a ranking of 1085.

Based on the analysis of 5462 samples, the experts found that this processor has a very low margin of error. And it is unable to secure any significant position in the list of ‘CPU Mark Relative to Top 10 Common Laptop CPUs’.

4. 3DMark Time Spy Physics Test results show a score of 2686 for the Intel Core i7-8550U. It is currently ranked 198 on 3DMark.


1. Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti has an average G3D score of 6307 on the Videocard Benchmark. The overall rank of this GPU is 210 and the average G2D mark of it is 651. This is not a trending graphics card of this time.

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For the lack of demand, this GPU is unable to secure any significant rank on the ‘G3D Mark Relative to Top 10 Common Desktop Videocards’ list.

This GPU ranks low on this site’s value-related chart as well. For high-end gaming purposes, this GPU is not the perfect choice. But one can use it for casual gaming and editing purposes.

2. The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti has an average bench score of 30.9% on UserBenchmark. Based on performance, this GPU has occupied the 141st position out of 681 GPUs in the similar category.

3. For the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, the 3D mark rank is 128. The 3DMark Time Spy Graphics Score for this dedicated GPU is 2341.


The VivoBook K570UD looks so stylish and compact in appearance that it can easily blow your mind.

Asus Vivobook K570UD Exterior View

Its eye-catching outlook combines an elegant Reaper Black finish with the smart Lightning Blue edges.

A 15.6 inch monitor is sandwiched between its upper lid and ultra-high backlit keyboard to display your results.

The chassis made of premium quality plastic ensures a sturdy and powerful build as well as light feeling.

Its overall structure is slim and lightweight enough to accompany you on every single trip. The laptop measures about 14.7 x 10.1 x 0.9 inches and weighs just 4.3 pounds.

Hence its 0.9 inch profile helps the device easily slip into any sized laptop bag or side bag, while it has emerged as one of the lightest gaming notebooks from Asus to hold a GTX 1050 graphics processor inside.

Both sides of the lower deck accommodate comprehensive connectivity slots to help the device connect to various gadgets and peripherals.


Asus VivoBook K570UD gaming notebook comes with a 15.6 inch 1080p Full HD screen developed by IPS-level technology to help you enjoy your gaming to the fullest and motivate you in frequent gaming activities.

Asus Vivobook K570UD Display

Having the native resolution of (1920 x 1080) pixels, the display powered by Asus Splendid display technology offers crystal-clear and vivid visuals to add to the remarkable gaming experience.

At times of browsing any site or scrolling images or streaming colourful videos, you will note its richer, crisper and accurate colours in any lighting condition for any kind of content as well.

The screen also delivers wide viewing angles and different modes for an uncompromising visual experience. Check out Asus VivoBook K570UD user manual.


The VivoBook K570UD laptop features a striking combination of both hard disk drive and solid state drive, which is just amazing for the price.

It houses 1TB HDD to provide you ample space for your library of files, images and videos.

At the same time, the laptop enables you to utilize its 256GB SSD by securing your favourite gaming titles, movies or media files on the device.

Being another integral part of storage specs, its 16GB DDR4 RAM guarantees butter-like smooth multitasking even during long hours of usage, no matter what you are doing on the laptop.

Additional Features

Ports & Connectivity: The two edges of the laptop are evenly filled with all-essential ports and jacks. The device houses a striking combination of varied ports to meet your everyday requirements.

Asus Vivobook K570UD Ports

Although it lacks mini-DisplayPort feature, you will find a wide array of connectivity channels on its both sides. The right panel is a home to USB 3.1 Type-C (Gen1), MicroSD reader, a single USB 3.0 port, HDMI 1.4, RJ45 port and AC adapter.

On the left, you will notice dual USB 2.0 ports, Kensington Lock and a 3.5 mm combo audio jack.

Keyboard & Touchpad: The VivoBook K570UD casual gaming notebook sports a full-sized modern keyboard with 1.4mm of key travel, providing you the ultimate typing experience as well as the solid & comfortable feel.

Asus Vivobook K570UD Keyboard and Trackpad

The backlit keyboard is able to adapt to any ambient lighting condition, while helping you to work freely and improve your typing speed in any low-light ambience.

Its touchpad may appear a bit undersized for the large, spacious palm rest. But it is highly responsive to support soft clicks and multiple gestures while having a fingerprint sensor on its top-right corner.

Audio: The immersive audio quality of the laptop takes you to the topmost level of entertainment & enjoyment.

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Asus Vivobook K570UD Speaker

Powered by the brand’s own SonicMaster technology, the stereo speakers infused in the device produce ultra-high sound effect along with great bass, delivering an unforgettable louder audio to fill a large conference room.

You can feel the same at times of streaming videos, watching movies or playing assorted online games even at lower audio settings.

Webcam: Being the most required feature of any laptop, the webcam placed on the bezel of the VivoBook K570UD gaming laptop is quite average in terms of image quality.

Asus Vivobook K570UD Webcam

It helps you stay productive by arranging a video conference with your partners or colleagues or friends in need.

Battery Life

The device is powered by a special 48Wh lithium-Ion battery of great capacity to provide the user a full-day battery life with offline regular usage.

The battery can remarkably last for 9 hours on its single charge with streaming Full HD video, light gaming or preparing official documents.

However, the actual battery life claimed by the brand may differ to some extent, based on environmental conditions and nature of usages.

Moreover, the VivoBook K570UD is powered by ASUS fast-charge technology and hence you can have its low battery charged up to 60% so quickly as in just 49 minutes.

What Do Users Think?

Our experts talked to Asus VivoBook K570UD users and compiled their opinions here.

For all casual gamers who also want their laptops to accomplish their general activities, the VivoBook K570UD will be a fantastic alternative.

According to several existing users, none can achieve such a wonderful amalgamation of hardware & software in a casual gaming notebook being priced around $1,000.

Some users have condemned its additional features, such as average battery life in reality, poor Wi-Fi connection, so-so webcam quality etc.

Our Testing & Analysis Report

On testing the CPU of the Asus VivoBook K570UD on Geekbench 5 scale, we found that its single-core score performance is 878 and its multi-core performance core is 2622. On the other hand, on the UserBenchmark test, its average score was found to be 61.2%.

Based on these benchmarks we concluded that the processor is quite good but is not perfect. According to the CineBench R15 multi-thread performance test, it scored only 708 points.

This is not good because the CPU becomes unsustainable during heavy usage returning a score as low as 550.

The GPU of this laptop, however, performed exactly as it should within its capabilities. Though it does not throttle, it does not offer a higher performance when the graphics setting is high.

The display of the system is quite similar to other displays within this range and specs with good contrast, average brightness, and just satisfactory response times. We found a hint of backlight bleeding at the corners which is however not visible during casual computing.

On our colorimeter and X-Rite spectrophotometer, we found that it covered only 58% and 37% of sRGB and AdobeRGB color space respectively.

Its color accuracy is also average and it gets worse when the saturation levels are higher. We needed to calibrate it to improve it marginally.

The keyboard and trackpad performed quite well offering a fast and accurate typing experience. The keys are adequately large and well-spaced.

They have a good travel distance, bounce, and tactility. The trackpad and fingerprint reader both are quite responsive and allow easier and smoother navigation.

Our battery rundown test indicated that the runtime of the battery was much longer than any gaming laptop but fell significantly short when we compared it with a few Ultrabooks in our database.

Questions & Answers:

Can the Asus Vivobook K570UD be charged via a USB Type C port?

Unfortunately, the users can’t charge this device, by using a Type-C port. They need to use the original adapter every time.

Does the keyboard of the Asus Vivobook K570UD have backlit light?

Yes, the keyboard of this Asus laptop comes with backlit lights. So the users can use the keyboard at night without any external light.

Can you attach an external display unit through the Type C port of the Asus Vivobook K570UD?

No, you can’t do that. The Type C port of this device is only for data transferring purposes.

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