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Taylor Swift

Printed Circuit Board in Computer (Explained)

A Printed Circuit Board, commonly known as a PCB, refers to the particular board in a computer that comes with different circuits to connect the different electronic components together that are used by the system to function. The Printed Circuit Boards are typically made from an electrically non-conductive substance such as fiberglass. These boards contain …

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What is Network in Computer? (Explained)

The term computer networking signifies the interconnection of several computing devices called nodes. This helps them in exchanging data between themselves as well as share resources when needed with each other. Also known as networking simply, in a computer network, data is transported over a shared medium and comprises of several aspects such as: Design …

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Mainframe Computer vs Supercomputer Explained

A mainframe computer supports storing a large database and a large number of users at the same time. It allows running different applications and comes with a powerful set of hardware that produces the desired results pretty fast. Ideally, a mainframe computer can handle millions of transactions per second. However, a mainframe computer is smaller …

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Integrated Circuits vs Transistor (Explained)

Integrated Circuits are used extensively today in several electronic devices to enhance their level of performance and speed. These chips are usually made from a semiconductor material such as silicon and help in establishing connection between two hardware components in an electronic device. There are several golden plates or connectors on these Integrated Circuits that …

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What is (DVI) Digital Visual Interface? (Explained)

Digital Visual Interface, commonly referred to as DVI, signifies a specific standard of video connection. It is created by DDWG or the Digital Display Working Group and supports both analog and digital video signals. However, apart from a few specific types of DVI connectors, this standard does not support audio signals. Therefore, it can be …

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Technology Behind PCI Bus Variation Explained

What is the technology behind PCI bus variation? A lot of data and information travels through the different components in a computer when you use it. These signals, information and data are transmitted through different interfaces, buses or connectors. One such is the PCI or Peripheral Component Interconnect bus. The PCI comes with different bus …

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