Best Dell Desktop Computers for Specific Requirements

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As a desktop manufacturer Dell as an international company has established itself very well in this competitive market of digital gadgets. Check out best Dell desktop computers for specific requirements and beginner’s guide.

In this 21st century, a computer has become a very necessary product to everybody’s day to day life.

In this digital era, investing in purchasing one best PC that you can afford is considered to be most important and useful investments in your life; and since the last decade, billions of people are showing their faith on Dell desktops, as they are unique updated, available in many configuration, etc.

This is the time of faster and powerful 8th- and 9th-generation processors. High-end graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD and minimum 4 GB RAM is very common.

It is not possible for a PC with single configuration, to be the best for all. We have made it simple ways to choose best dell desktops. Check out best desktop brands.

So, in order to define best desktop computers we have to device in some specified segment and then only you can decide the best Dell desktop computer for your specific requirements.

Best Dell Desktop Computers Price

Best Dell Desktop Computers for Specific Requirements:

According to Various Segments:

1. Best Budget Dell Inspiron PC

Most of the Dell desktops are costly and come with high configurations. But, there are also some budget desktops.

The Inspiron series of Dell is commonly a combination of budget friendly PCs of Dell. Budget friendly PCs do not come with high configuration, but they have the capability to run any regular applications.

They are fast but not the fastest. CPU of any computer is the main part that any user has to concern most. This budget Dell Inspiron series is not made for game lovers or any CAD users; it is a series of basic PCs most of which come with 7th generation Intel processor.

RAM is the other important aspect that defines the speed of any system. Most of the Dell PCs comes with DDR4 RAM.

As these budget Dell Inspiron PCs are used in regular, basic usages they don’t come with huge RAM capacity; but they come with such capacity that enables the users to run regular applications and casual games.

8GB RAM is very common in this series of PC. GPU is the other important thing of any PC as it enhances the quality of visual experience to the users.

Most of the budgets Dell Inspiron PCs come with Intel HD Graphics 620 coprocessor, which provides great performance.

SSD has made a revolution to the concept to storage of any PC; but SSD are more costly than SATA HDD. So, budget Dell Inspiron PCs do not come with SSD, rather they offer 1TB SATA HDD to the users to store their data.

The user can choose the Operating System of the PC according to his needs; but, initially most of the budget Dell Inspiron PCs has Windows 10 Pro as their pre-installed OS. Moreover Dell does not have a huge range of budget PCs; it offers only few systems.

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The products mentioned below are the best budget Dell Inspiron PCs, according to our experts and many online surveys. However, one has to remember that these are the budget friendly desktop of Dell.

So, these systems are not made to run classified software or high graphic games. These can be used in houses or in small commercial places.

The list:

2. Best Dell Desktops for Students

With the advancement to technologies, students of 21st century essentially need one good desktop.

A house with an updated PC with great processor, RAM and storage is useful for both serious gamers as well as students with creative hobbies, like audio production photography or film making.

As a trusted international company Dell desktops are the very fast choice of many students. Processor is simply the most important part of any desktop of Dell.

Basic users can fulfil their need with Core 2 Duo, Core i3 or AMD Athlon X2, but for a gamer, Core i5 or Core i7 or Core i9 is preferable. Intel processors become more powerful than the rest, but they’re also costly.

Casual users can ignore to buy a GPU; integrated graphics that is present on the motherboard of the PC is enough to fulfil the basic entities.

Nvidia and AMD are to two most common names in the market of GPU. RAM is another factor that determines the speed of any desktop. 2GB RAM is essential for any basic system, gamers need minimum 4GB RAM.

SATA hard drives with a speed 7200 rpm are very common till now. Most of the dell desktops come with 500 GB SATA drive.

SSD option is also available in some Dell desktops; but price of those products are little bit high. Other peripherals like keyboard, mouse and sound system, printer etc can be chosen according to the buyer’s needs and budget.

It is good to go with updated operating systems; but the user can choose it or reinstall it according to his needs. Most of the dell desktops come with Windows 10 Pro. Students of 21st century are addicted to laptops than desktops.

But, Dell desktops are updated enough and are less costly than laptops. One of the other important features of desktops is that the user can modify the configuration of the desktop according to his needs.

The list:

3. Best Dell Desktops for Video Editing

Video editing has become the new sensation to most of the creative and professional peoples and they spend a lot of time in editing videos and especially videos of 4K resolution.

The desktops of Dell are the best choice for video editing purpose, as they provide updated specifications and can easily upgradeable. Graphics cards are very essential for performing video editing.

Nvidia Quadro cards are the best option available in the market which is best for editing purpose, although AMD cards and Nvidia GeForce graphics cards can also be used for the same purpose.

A graphic card of Minimum 4 GB is necessary to every Dell desktop, which is going to be used for video editing purpose. The buyer can choose the GPU depending upon the video editing software he is going to use in this system.

Processor is the main brain of any desktop. For video editing purpose multi-core Intel i5, Intel i7, Intel i9 models are the most common choice. Intel i9 is obviously the best option, but the price of it is high as compared to the rest.

A processor with more cores is always preferable, as they able to provide high performance. 4 or more processor cores are must in any processor of Dell Desktops which is going to be used for video editing purpose.

RAM of any desktop is the other important aspect as it defines the speed of the PC. 8GB RAM is must in any Dell desktops, for video editing purposes. A Dell desktop must have minimum 256 GB hard drive with 7200 RPM speed.

It is better to go with SSD; but the main problem with SSD is that they are too costly. The user can choose the OS according to his needs and requirements.

The list:

4. Best Dell Desktops for Office Use

Desktop computers are very essential to every office and business places. Dell desktops are one of the best choices in this segment to the buyers.

The products of Dell are undoubtedly good and they offer great performance. For office purpose a Dell desktop must have to be very fast and should provide great performance.

As we all know processor is the most vital integral part in any desktop PC. So, the user buyer to be very selective while choosing the perfect one for him.

The performance of any desktop depends on the clock speed of the processor. It is good to buy a processor with higher processing speed or clock speed.

The number of cores of the processor also plays a vital role in maintaining the efficiency of any processor. A processor which has higher number of cores can handle more multi-tasking and heavier workloads efficiently.

RAM is the other aspect that is directly related to the speed of any desktop of Dell. A RAM is the part of any computer that increases the speed of the PC, instantly. So, for office use a desktop with more RAM capacity is preferable.

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At least 4 GB RAM is essential in any desktop of Dell that is going to be used in for office purpose. If the user needs to run high graphical program then he can go with 8GB RAM.

The capacity of the RAM can be increased later also. In an office or commercial places a desktop has to handle a lot of files, programs, for which they need a huge amount of storage capacity.

SATA Hard drives (HDD) and Solid State Drives (SSDs) are the two main types of storage that are commonly used in a desktop. But, for office purpose, it is better to go with SSD, as they provide more processing speed to the users.

The SSD type storages don’t have any moving component, which reduces the chances of physical damaged to the drive; and the data can easily and safely be stored for a long time in it without any hassle.

But, this choice completely depends on the buyer’s budget as the price of SSD is too high as compared to the traditional HDD.

As windows 10 comes with plenty of advances security and updated features, this OS is commonly used in every Dell desktops which are suitable for office usages.

The list:

5. Best Dell Desktops for Graphic Design

Every professional graphic designer needs an updated, highly performing PC, and Dell desktops are the very fast choice to them as most of the desktops of Dell have great performance report, they can easily be updated and they come with updated configurations.

Every graphic designer has to perform a lot of important work though a PC. Therefore, he cannot just choose any regular desktop which are used to perform any casual or regular tasks.

Processor, RAM and Storage are the three main units that can transform a casual desktop to an extraordinary high performing PC. In order to run almost all the Adobe software like Adobe illustrator minimum i5 or i7 processor is needed.

Intel i7 processors are good choice to any graphic designer; but if, he can afford Intel i9 processer, then it will be the best. GPU unit is very common to every Dell desktops which are going to be used graphic designer.

Plenty of options are available in the market, with different price tag; the user has to choose the GPU wisely. NVIDIA and AMD are the two most popular names in that industry.

RAM is the other important factor that will affect the graphics performance of the PC. Graphic designing software requires a lot of RAM, and therefore the buyer must buy a PC with 16- 32 GB of RAM at least.

A lot of storage is needed to a graphic designer in order to store pictures, videos, slideshows, presentations, symbols, etc.

So, minimum 1TB SSD storage is needed to every graphic designer. It is good to use an updated OS in the PC; but the user can choose it according to his needs and requirements.

The list:

6. Best Dell Desktop Computers for Small Business

A small business owner has to manage all sorts of information and responsibility with the help of a desktop. So, the system has to be powerful enough to handle maximum workloads.

Most of the Dell desktops have great processing speed. The performance of any computer is directly related to its CPU, especially the processor.

For small business purpose the user doesn’t need to buy i9 processor, he can go with Intel i5 or i7 processor. For regular business purpose, integrated graphics of the Dell desktops are enough, but if the user need to run high graphic software, then he can but external GPU.

Either Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Home is commonly used in those desktop which are going to be used in this specific purpose.

Minimum 4GB RAM is required to run any standard software and most of the Dell desktop has this minimum RAM capacity. But, the user can increase the RAM capacity according to his needs.

The good desktop which is going to be used in a business place must have minimum 500 GB storage capacity.

Moreover, in small business places, Dell desktops are the best as they able to handle any complex situation very easily.

The list:

7. Best Dell Workstation Desktops

In recent times most of the workstations of Dell are comprised to the same size of desktop and those workstation desktop models of Dell have great designs with great power and performance.

A good, updated work station of Dell can handle any updated and classified application that the buyer wants to run in it.

Dell workstation desktop models are most favourable to every financial analyser, designer, engineer, and researchers, who need to run complex software.

Intel core i7 and quad core Xeon E3 are mainly used in entry level CAD. Intel i9 processor is the best option available in the market, but its price is too high. GPU are very essential at every 3D workstation.

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A good GPU enhances the performing capacity of any desktop. Minimum 500 GB HDD or 250GB SSD is very common in every Dell workstation desktop models.

8GB RAM is the minimum criteria of every workstation desktop. The user can choose ECC RAM, but it completely depends on the user’s choice.

Every users want to use updated OS in his system; so, most of the Dell workstation models come with updated Windows versions.

The list:

8. Best Dell Gaming Desktop PC

Gaming is one of the most attractive parts to every youth of every country. For this purpose every gamer need a desktop with high configuration and Dell desktops are the very fast choice to every gamer as they can be easily updated.

The gaming PCs of Dell are all equipped with ground-breaking features and they has powerful motherboard. Most of the updated and new games require a processor with multiple cores.

Gamers always need a processor with higher number of cores. An Octa core or hexa core processor of Intel can easily handle smart gaming with maximum graphic.

Casual gamers can choose dual core processor. It is considered to be good to buy a desktop of Dell with minimum Intel i5 processor. As most of the recent games are available in high graphics, a good GPU unit of minimum 2GB or 4GB is essential to every gaming system.

The updated versions of NVIDIA GeForce graphics processor ensure great view experience with other multimedia activities. Games of modern time are of great size.

In order to run and store them the user needs a huge amount of storage capacity with high processing speed. SSD is the best option to every gamer but, the price of it is too high.

Speed is the other most important thing that a gamer needs and it mainly depends on the RAM. Minimum 8GB RAM is very essential to each and every gamer and he can choose RAM of higher capacity.

Motherboard and cooling system are the other aspect that are the other important thing to a gaming PC and in these two the buyers completely trusted the brand Dell.

The list:

9. Best Dell Inspiron PCs for Home Use

In recent times a desktop has become an essential component to every modern house. Dell desktops are the very fast choice to many buyers; as they come with plenty of updated features and they are easily updated.

The very fast thing of a PC that is to be checked is its processor. For home use, a desktop don’t need processor like Intel i9, but to choose a desktop with Intel i5 processor will be a safe side. Speed is one of the main thing that those PC needs.

Home PCs are used in regular usages; that mean these PCs are not able to run software of CAD, but regular software and some casual games with low graphic can easily be played.

A PC which is going to be used in home must maintain a certain processing speed, for which minimum 4GB RAM is essential. Most of the Dell PC comes with minimum 8 GB RAM which is enough to run the latest games and memory-hungry multimedia programs.

So, the buyer needs not to worry about the capacity of RAM, in Dell products. However, the capacity of the RAM can be increased later.

1TB 7200rpm HDD is most common in every Dell desktops that are going to be used in home. It is good to use an updated Operating System, and in most of the Dell desktops Windows 10 Pro is pre-installed as OS.

Moreover, Dell is the most trusted company to every home user.

The list:

Dell Desktop Computer FAQ:

How do you choose a good Dell desktop computer? 

It is not possible to be the best in all segments by a single computer of Dell. So, the buyer has to check the best Dell desktop computer for his required segment; and in the above article we have talk about each and every segment briefly. So, the buyer can choose his favourite one form that list.

What should you look for when buying a new Dell desktop computer?

RAM, storage and processor are the three main components of any PC. For buyer’s guide the users can go through the links above that are mentioned in each segment.

What questions should you ask when buying a Dell computer?

The capacity of RAM, storage, GPU and processor are the main concern of any buyer while buying Dell computers. For, further details it is better to go through the buyer’s guide of that segment.

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