5 Best Desktop Computers for College Students – Useful in 2022

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College is considered as one the most exciting time for any student. The rapid development in technology has completely revolutionized our lives. Check out best desktop computers for college students & buyer’s guide.

It is what has brought in a sea change in the way we live our lives today. This has happened mainly in the field of Information Technology. These have also opened new career frontiers.

So students of the new age can break out of conventions. They have brought in new career opportunities. In the information age, the computers they use have become vital, even regarding Desktop Computers.

You need to choose the best one. The following are the 5 best Desktop Computers for College Students. Check out best desktop brands.

Best College Student Desktops Price

5 Best Desktop Computers for College Students:

1. Dell G5 5090 Desktop

Dell G5 Tower 5090

As a student, if you plan to buy a Desktop Computer then the Dell G5 Tower 5090 is a great device, with some really impressive features.

It has been designed smartly to deliver great performance. Powered by the Intel i7-9700 Processor it offers great speed which is essential for any device in the current web scenario.

Apart from this the computer also has been provided with good quality graphics as well with the NVIDIA Ge Force RTX 2060 that provides the users with a realistic experience.

In terms of the RAM, it has 2 X 8GB = 16 GB RAM which way above the standard configuration of 4GB and thus great for speed.

This Dell Desktop Computer has a storage capacity of 512 GB SSD that is at par with the storage capacity of the current standard web devices in use.

But this could have been a bit higher, and perhaps a minor drawback of this desktop computer.

Along with this the desktop computer has many ports for input devices and USBs and offers great connectivity as well.

Thus all in all this Dell Computer is surely a device that is ideal for college students in many ways. Check out Dell G5 5090 Desktop Review.

Key Features:

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  • Good value
  • High Config
  • Impressive compact case


  • Storage is little
  • Geometric front
  • Sometimes hot

2. Acer Aspire Desktop TC 780

Acer Aspire Desktop TC780

The next very popular desktop computer amongst most college students of the current generation is the Asus Aspire Desktop.

There many reasons for the same. This Desktop has been loaded with a host of the latest features which include the latest 7th Generation Intel Core-5 -7400 Processor.

This is what enables the Desktop Computer to generate top speed which is very essential now for most college students.

Apart from this it also has the Windows 10 operating system that helps to further to enhance the overall performance of this computer.

This Acer Desktop has been smartly designed and is very compact as well. This means that it can be kept even in a small space.

The computer has been provided with the great HD graphics 630 for the best quality graphics. This desktop computer a Total RAM Capacity of 12 GB, that is very helpful to provide the desktop computer with good speed.

The Desktop computer also has many USB Ports and also ports for plugging in different input devices as well.

The other good thing about this desktop computer is that it offers great Wi-Fi connectivity at all times which enables users to stay connected easily at all times.

It also has the superb Hard Disk Drive capacity of 2 TB, which is more than sufficient as well for modern devices as well.

Everything put together this is a great desktop computer indeed. Check out Acer Aspire TC 780 Desktop Review.

Key Features:

  • Hard Disk: 2TB
  • RAM: 12 GB
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-7400
  • OS: Windows 10 Home


  • Good price
  • Powerful processor
  • Size is compact


3. Asus Chromebox 2

ASUS Chromebox 2

The Asus Chrome Box 2 is a desktop computer that has been designed very smartly. It has been so designed that it not only has the most advanced features but at the same time is very small and compact as well.

This is what helps it to be kept in a very small space too. Amongst the features, it has been provided with the powerful Celeron 3215 U Processor.

This is what enables the computer to be extremely fast. However, it has a RAM of 2 GB that is even below the standard RAM Capacity of 4 GB and is a problem.

The storage capacity is low as well, that is another major drawback for this Asus Desktop Computer. But is very lightweight and thus can be carried easily.

The additional feature that is worth mentioning here is that it offers the best quality Dual Display and is very useful in various setups.

The ports are many as well and connectivity for this desktop is no problem that would enable to do unlimited web surfing. Check out Asus Chromebox 2 Review.

Key Features:

  • Hard Disk: 16GB NGFF M.2 SSD
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Processor: Intel Celeron 3215U
  • OS: Chrome


  • Great price
  • Commanding processor
  • Size is compressed


  • No windows
  • Online reliance
  • Connectivity issues

4. Dell Inspiron 5680

Dell Inspiron 5680


If you are into computer gaming you would know that it is now a serious profession. It involves big money. This is why you need the best device as well.

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The Dell i5680 Inspiron is a great gaming PC with all the latest features. It is powered by the most advanced Intel Core i5 8400 Processor.

This is what enables it to generate great speed. Apart from this it also has the Nvidia GTX 1060 3 GB Graphics which is of top quality that is essential for gaming as it provides a very realistic experience.

For Storage, this Dell Desktop Computer has the 128 GB SSD and also the 1 TB Hard Disk Drive that is ideal for any gaming PC.

Besides the computer also has an 8GB RAM that is more than the standard capacity. The Windows 10 Operating System helps it to further enhance its performance.

All in all, therefore, this Dell Desktop is very useful and has been designed to meet the latest computer gaming needs. Check out Dell Inspiron 5680 Gaming PC Review.

Key Features:

  • Hard Disk: 128GB SSD+1TB
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 8400
  • OS: Windows 10 Home


  • Overall good price
  • Speedy processor
  • Lovely design


  • Upgrading issues
  • Runs hot
  • Port issues

5. HP 460 Desktop

HP Pavilion 460


Last but not least the HP 460 Desktop Computer is also one very popular desktop computer amongst the college students of the present day. This is of course for various reasons.

This HP Desktop Computer has been very smartly designed. It is loaded with all the latest features that make it the computer designed to meet the needs of the future.

It has the most powerful Intel Quad Core i7 7700T Processor for top speed. It also has the 8 GB RAM that is higher than the standard configuration in most computers of today.

For enhancing the overall performance of this HP Desktop Computer it has the preloaded Windows 10 operating system. For storage, the desktop computer has the 256 GB SSD.

It could have had a higher storage capacity as it is a requirement to meet the needs of the current web scenario.

The Computer has many ports for plugging in the important input devices and also has several USB 2.0 as well as USB 3.0 ports as well.

For connectivity, it can be connected by Blue Tooth that is essential now.

So owing to all these latest features this HP Desktop Computer can indeed be the desktop that you would want to buy. Read HP 460 Desktop Computer Review.

Key Features:

  • Hard Disk: 256 SSD
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-7700T
  • OS: Windows 10 Home


  • Remarkable design
  • Fast processor
  • Easy to install


  • Complicated while upgrading
  • Runs hot
  • SD ports are not there

How to Choose Best Desktops for College Students

Are you planning to buy a desktop but confused about making a choice? With a plethora of options around, it’s normal for common people to feel perplexed.

As a college-goer, you should first decide the purpose of your computer purchase as it will make easier for you to lay your hands on the right model.

The blog offers a comprehensive guideline by mentioning the five most important considerations to keep in mind while opening your wallet. Check out best desktop computers list.

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CPU or processor is the lifeline of any computer. It is the most important part of any system.

The CPU is in charge of controlling every performance. The speed of the CPU is an important criterion as faster the processor, the faster your system will perform.

Dell i5680-5842BLU-PUS Inspiron Gaming Desktop and Dell G5 Tower 5090 are powered by 8th and 9thgeneration Intel core processor respectively.

These systems work at a lightning fast speed and deliver outstanding performance. 

Graphics Card

Great visual is a big asset for any system. It is a big draw for the potential desktop buyers. Without amazing visuals, you can never enjoy working with high-end multimedia software and playing the latest video games.

If speed contributes to smooth performance, excellent graphics ensure amazing detailing that enriches user experience.

Integrated graphics processor is another important attribute of any good desktop for college students.

Since the college students use their desktops for a number of purposes from gaming to multimedia works, they need a top-end graphics card under the lid.

Dell G5 Tower 5090 houses NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6GB GDDR6 graphic card to deliver VR-capable performance and powerful gameplay.

Operating System

Windows and Mac are two most popular choices as OS. Windows is still a priority mainly because of its compatibility with nearly all applications and software.

Acer Aspire Desktop, powered by 7th Generation Intel Core processor, runs on Windows 10 Home OS. Dell i5680-5842BLU-PUS Inspiron Gaming Desktop also comes with Windows 10 Home operating system. HP 460 Desktop computer is equipped with Windows 10 Pro.

Primary Memory

Primary memory, also known as internal memory or system memory, is a prime consideration for the college students planning to buy a desktop.

Insufficient system memory will make your computer run slow. Depending on the purpose, you should choose a system that comes with plenty of RAM, low RAM or anything in between.

If you are buying a desktop to play high-end games or work on the latest multimedia software, never settle for anything less than 16GB primary memory; otherwise, hiccups in performance will bring a blot in your gaming, entertainment or work experience.

Dell G5 Tower 5090, which comes packed with 16GB DDR4 2666MHz memory, is a good pick for multitasking and intensive gaming. 


Plenty of storage means you can store a large number of items, including video and text files, games etc in your system.

Desktops designed for gaming and multimedia works offer plenty of storage space.

Acer Aspire Desktop comes bundled with 2TB of HDD whereas Dell i5680-5842BLU-PUS Inspiron Gaming Desktop houses 128GB SSD+1TB HDD.


Now, whether you will choose from the big house or anything budget friend that will entirely depend you.

We can only assist you with information before every purchase you make. So have a wonderful desktop buying experience ahead.

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