5 Best Laptops for Blogging 2021 – Price & Buyer’s Guide

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What are the best laptops for blogging? The community of bloggers are growing at a fast pace these days.

If you are into it and want to keep up with the pace and the race, then you will need a suitable laptop to create and post some of your best creations in quick time and in the best possible way.

Yes, you may ask at this point, why should you use a laptop and not a desktop, and the answer to it is very simple. Blogging is an independent job where you are your own boss.

There is no restriction of time, type of content and it is not even restricted to one place where you need to complete your job.

Therefore, blogging means freedom and it is a laptop and not a desktop that can give you absolute freedom. In simple terms, portability is herein referred to.

Therefore, apart from your creative and writing skills, the other important thing that you will need is a laptop.  Apart from blogging, you can also use the laptop for other activities and for that you will need to choose a laptop with the right specs.

In order to choose the best laptop for blogging that will be high on performance, you will need to focus on different aspects apart from the brand name, specs and price.

You will need to focus on the keyboard design, display quality and battery life to make the most out of your computer.

These specs and other aspects of the laptop may vary depending on the brand and model you choose. There is a large range of laptops that you can choose from and it is this large range that will make things difficult for you.

This is where this article will help you to make your choice most easily. Here are the five top recommendations of laptops, along with a buying guide, that you can put to use for blogging as well as for other computing activities.

Blogging Laptops Price

What is Blogging and Its Requirements

Blogging is the shortened form of ‘weblog.’ In the early days of weblogging the internet users used to log in their details daily just like in a diary. With the passage of time, these became blogs and were made available to the readers.

The readers can now comment on a specific blog and this brought the like-minded people closer to build a community of their own called ‘bloggers.’

Blogging therefore is writing a content, with or without images or graphics. These contents may vary significantly and can be anything from travel to food, healthcare to political blogs.

Blogging does not necessarily have to be limited to written contents only. You can also create video blogs on a specific subject matter. With the advent and rise in popularity of YouTube, video blogging is now more common, a process and practice that is called ‘vlogging.’

Blogs are required by different users for different purposes and today it is very important to make a mark and name in the digital sphere.

For example, businesses and entrepreneurs make the best of the potentials of blogging. It does not only help in marketing a brand but it has become a business by itself, especially a home business.

As for the requirements for a blog, it is not very demanding. In fact, it is very easy and affordable. All you need to do is follow these few basic requirements.

For blogging all you have to do is obtain a website and start publishing original contents on and for it. If you are a bit more tech savvy, you can build a website yourself and buy a domain name.

However, if you do not have much knowledge about HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language, you can create a separate account with a WordPress site. This will simplify both the web designing and publishing process.

Once you are done with the set-up process, you must now add content in it and continue adding every now and then to keep it active and fresh as well.

Finally, marketing is also required to make sure that you can reach out to your targeted audience with your creation most effectively and productively.

All these jobs will be pretty simplified if you use a proper laptop for it, ideally any one of these five useful ones.

Minimum & Recommended System Requirements for Blogging

The system you want to use for blogging should come with at least an Intel Core i3 processor with a base clock speed of 2.4 GHz. As for the RAM and storage, it should be 4 GB and 500 GB mechanical hard drive at least. You may get away with an integrated Intel HD graphics 620 since your job will not involve too much graphics.

However, as you continue to create blogs, your computing needs may be higher and for that it is advised that you go for a laptop that comes with the recommended specs rather than the minimum system requirements as mentioned below.

A little bit of more money will ensure that your system is future proof and you get a higher performance and user experience.

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Minimum system requirements: Intel Celeron Dual Core N3350 or 10th generation Intel Core i3 processor | 4 GB of RAM | 32 GB eMMC or 128 GB PCIe SSD | Intel HD Graphics 6000 or better | 13.3 inches screen or larger | 1280 x 720 pixels resolution

Recommended system requirements: 5th generation Intel Core i5 or higher processor| 8 GB of RAM or higher | 128 GB SSD plus 500 GB HDD or larger SSD | Intel UHD graphics 620 or higher | 15.6 inches screen | 1920 x 1080 pixels screen resolution

5 Best Laptops for Blogging 2021:

1. Lenovo ThinkPad E15 – Best Overall 

Lenovo ThinkPad E15 Laptop

Bottom Line: This is a laptop that is favored by the bloggers who want a lot of storage space and a faster and better graphics and non-graphics performance from it while blogging as well. Apart from the fast SSD, it is the 10th generation Intel Core i5 processor of this laptop that offers the best overall performance.

Key Features 

  • Screen: 15.6 inches
  • Storage: 1 TB SSD
  • Processor: 10th generation Intel Core i5 10210U
  • OS: Windows 10 Pro
  • GPU: Intel UHD Graphics


  • The system offers a lot of SSD storage.
  • The laptop runs smooth and fast.
  • The keyboard layout and feel are great.


  • The screen is good but at times may show flickering lines and colors.
  • The auto clicks and cursor jumps can be annoying.
  • There is no optical drive in the system.

This system is also good for blogging and other computing needs.

With its 10th generation processor that comes with 6 MB cache and four cores operating at 1.6 GHz base frequency which can go up to 4.2 GHz with Intel Turbo Boost technology, you will get a better performance from the system.

The 3-cell lithium-ion battery of 45 watt-hour capacity will allow you to work on this system for 11 long hours on a single charge, and that too for mixed usage and not only for writing your blogs.

You will have a better viewing experience on its full HD, anti-glare LED display that comes with IPS technology. The graphics will produce some of the better images with more clarity and vivid colors.

You will have a lot of connectivity options in this laptop that includes one HDMI port, two USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports, one USB Type C 3.1 Gen 1 port, one USB 2.0 port, one headphone/microphone combo jack and one RJ45. There is also a Kensington lock slot in the system.

If you want high speed in performance while multitasking, this laptop will support it as well with the high bandwidth of the upgraded RAM.

While blogging, this will allow you to run several tabs concurrently while browsing the web and work on multiple apps, programs and windows.

The SSD storage will add to the performance and speed by booting up the system and these apps literally in seconds.

The Windows 10 Professional operating system with its 64-bit architecture will provide you with all the features that you need for performance and security. Check out Lenovo ThinkPad E15 Laptop Review.

2. HP ProBook 450 G7 – Runner Up 

HP ProBook 450 G7 Laptop

Bottom Line: Equipped with an equally powerful and efficient Intel Core i5 processor, this laptop is considered to be the runner up in this list due its SSD and HDD combo storage which is slightly lower than the above laptop. However, that does not take away anything from its high level of performance. 

Key Features 

  • Screen: 15.6 inches
  • Storage: 128 GB SSD plus 500 GB HDD
  • Processor: 10th generation Intel Quad Core i5 10210U
  • OS: Windows 10 Pro
  • GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 620


  • The system comes with a backlit keyboard for comfortable typing in the dark.
  • There is a BD-R type optical drive included in the system design.
  • The SSD and HDD combo storage ensures more space and faster performance.


  • The system is slightly heavy weighing 5 pounds.
  • The display resolution could have been better.
  • There is only one USB 3.0 port.

The laptop promises high performance with the upgraded memory up to 8 GB which allows advanced multitasking and better performance.

This RAM comes with adequate bandwidth that allows smooth running of the system as well as your games and photo or video editing apps.

The system will allow you to open and run multiple browser tabs and programs at the same time and will still be high in performance while blogging.

Just like the RAM, the storage of the device is also upgraded to a combination of 128 GB SSD and 500 GB HDD. This will allow you to have a lot of space to save and access your files much faster.

Adding to the performance factor is the 10th generation Intel quad core processor that can process data at a speed ranging between 1.6 GHz and 4.2 GHz.

The backlit keyboard adds to the typing experience ensuring more accuracy when you type on it even in dimly lit settings.

The system is also equipped with ports that ensure a speedy and stable connectivity, a long enough battery life, and a large enough display that will all work together to make your workday even better allowing you to multitask so that you can meet the deadline for your work while blogging.

You can work on this laptop for all day not only due to the fairly long battery life but also due to the features of the screen that comes with HD SVA anti-glare WLED backlit property that will not strain your eyes.

It will produce pictures at 220 nits and 45% NTSC which is good enough.

The Intel UHD on-processor graphics comes with shared video memory that will produce images of high quality. You will find it easy for basic photo and video editing, casual gaming and for internet use.

The features of the Windows 10 Pro operating system, as you already know, are useful and reliable. This operating system not only adds to the level of performance but also provides adequate security protection with its built-in security features.

The system comes with lots of security such as firewall and internet protections that will help you to safeguard your system and data against malware, viruses, and ransomware.

With all these features and functionality, this laptop will help you to blog more and make your efforts more productive. Check out HP ProBook 450 G7 Review.

3. Apple MacBook Air – Good Small Screen 

Apple MacBook Air

Bottom Line: Those who are looking for a laptop for blogging that comes with a good yet small screen then this lightweight device will surely meet with all their needs. This display comes with LED backlit features that saves a lot of battery power and a high 1440 x 900 resolution that supports millions of colors.

Key Features 

  • Screen: 13.3 inches
  • Storage: 128 GB PCIe SSD
  • Processor: 5th generation Intel Core i5
  • OS: Mac OS X
  • GPU: Intel HD Graphics 6000
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  • The laptop is good in performance and runs great for a 5th generation processor.
  • It is light in weight weighing just 2.96 pounds.
  • The camera is good and works fine.


  • The storage capacity of the laptop is low by today’s standards.
  • Hinges are not very strong and have issues.
  • There is no number pad in the keyboard.

Take a look at the specs of this laptop and you will surely be impressed with it. The glossy widescreen comes with LED backlit features that makes it energy efficient, therefore, saving a significant amount of battery power.

The technology of the screen supports millions of colors of the images displayed at 1440 x 900 resolution. Then consider the RAM and storage of the laptop.

The 128 GB PCIe-based SSD storage may not allow a lot of space to save your files but it is the PCIe SSD feature that will increase the performance of the laptop on the whole and also allow faster and easier access to your stored files.

The 8 GB LPDDR3 RAM also ensures that the performance of the system while blogging is at high level.

The processor of the laptop operates at a speed of 1.6 GHz and the two cores of it processes enough data at any given point of time quite quickly.

It is enough to support the Intel HD Graphics 6000 integrated in it to produce images at fairly high frame rates per second.

The long battery life of the system will allow you to work on it right from the morning till evening on a single charge.

This, along with the lightweight build of the system, makes it extremely portable and useful for outdoor use.

The best thing about the battery is that it has a very long standby time. It will not drain even after a couple of weeks, sitting idle.

Work, play music or watch movies, or browse the web, this is the laptop that you should buy and get the right value as you desire with everything happening at a superfast speed.

The device packs a pot of power and functionality in its thin unibody design. It comes with the fast 802.11ac wi-fi technology that offers high speed and more reliable connectivity while blogging.

With all these expanded range of features, this laptop will allow you to work more, work better and more freely than ever before. Check out Apple MacBook Air Review.

4. HP Chromebook 14 ca050nr – Value for Money 

HP Chromebook 14 ca050nr

Bottom Line: A higher value for money is offered by this laptop to the bloggers not only because it is fairly cheaper than the rest but also due to the other features that it comes with like the 180-degree hinge that allows easy sharing of the screen, the pretty long battery life and an extra 100 GB cloud storage.

Key Features 

  • Screen: 14 inches
  • Storage: 32 GB eMMC
  • Processor: Intel Celeron Dual Core N3350
  • OS: Chrome OS
  • GPU: Integrated


  • The laptop comes with a digital media card reader built in it.
  • The 180-degree hinge makes it easy to share the screen.
  • A long battery life allows working on it all day.


  • The memory of this system is not upgradable.
  • The keyboard is not backlit.
  • There is no fingerprint reader or numeric keypad.

The Intel Celeron dual core processor works at 1.1 GHz and can go as high as 2.4 GHz to ensure a faster processing and performance of the system.

The Chrome operating system and Google Drive ensures a more secure online blogging experience and an additional 100 GB cloud storage for two years respectively.

The 14-inch display of the system comes with full HD features as well as anti-glare and IPS technology to provide a better and more immersive viewing experience.

The WLED backlit feature of the display saves a considerable amount of power as well. The 180-degree hinge design will enable you to share the screen with others easily and allow viewing it from all possible angles.

As for the listening pleasure, the Bang & Olufsen audio system will do the rest.

The laptop comes with a low 4 GB memory but the DDR4 type of it makes it perform at a high level, enough for you to blog the whole day.

This SDRAM, though not upgradable, operates at 2400 MHz and the 32 GB eMMC storage ensures a faster and better performance of the system as well.

The 2-cell, 47.36 watt-hour battery will provide you with day-long power for 10.5 hours for varied usage.

All these features make this lightweight laptop weighing 3.39 pounds quite functional and a worthy investment for your blogging needs. Check out HP Chromebook 14 ca050nr Review.

5. Acer Aspire 5 – Secure and Superior Operating System 

Acer Aspire 5 Laptop

Bottom Line: This is another good laptop that will help in blogging with its secure and superior operating system that is streamlined for offering an enhanced performance and comes with useful features. You will experience much faster start-ups and can browse the internet safely and most confidently. 

Key Features 

  • Screen: 15.6 inches
  • Storage: 128 GB NVMe SSD
  • Processor: 10th generation Intel Core i3 1005G1
  • OS: Windows 10 in S Mode
  • GPU: Intel UHD Graphics


  • The laptop comes with a backlit keyboard to allow better typing in dimly lit settings.
  • There is an Ethernet LAN RJ 45 port in the system for additional connectivity.
  • The IPS screen is quite good and of high quality.


  • There is no optical drive in this system.
  • The on-board memory of the system is pretty low.
  • The system comes with middling battery life.

You will get all that you need for your blogging from this laptop.

You will get a 10th generation Intel core processor that can perform at a high speed of 3.4 GHZ, NVMe SSD storage for faster boot up, a full HD and large enough screen for easy viewing, and an integrated Intel UHD graphics that will produce better quality pictures to display on the TN and LED backlit widescreen.

The backlit keyboard will allow you to type fast and more accurately in the dark. As for the connectivity, the fast Intel wireless wi-fi 6 features of the 802.11ax standard will ensure a stable and strong connection.

With a battery life of up to 8 hours and a HD webcam, this machine also comes with other ports and connectivity options such as one USB 3.1 Type C Gen 1 port to transfer data at 5 Gbps signal rate, two USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports of which one can be used for power-off charging, one USB 2.0 port and one HDMI port that supports HDCP.

The Windows 10 operating system in S mode ensures faster start-ups and comes with the familiar but expanded Start menu and lots of other useful features that will allow you to get your work done most comprehensively and smoothly. Check out Acer Aspire 5 Laptop Review.

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How to Choose the Best Laptop for Blogging?

It may not be an extremely challenging task to choose a laptop for blogging. However, if you are into active blogging then you will need to choose a laptop that you can use on the go. Therefore, portability is a factor that you should seriously consider.

Likewise, there are several other useful features that you should consider as well in a laptop for blogging.

Here are a few specific things to consider while buying your personal laptop for blogging. If you consider these factors it will narrow down your search making it easy and quick.

Size of the laptop

Like it is said before, portability is the most important factor which is why you need a laptop in place of a desktop.

And with portability comes the size of the laptop which varies directly with the size of the screen.

Ideally, you should choose a laptop of moderate size for blogging. This will help you to carry it anywhere as well as see the text on the screen very clearly. A laptop with a screen size between 14 and 15 inches is ideal.

It will be neither too big and cumbersome to carry nor too small to make you strain your eyes to see what is written on the screen.

You can choose a brand of your choice but if you stick to this specific range of screen size, you will do away with the portability factor.


The next important thing to consider is the processor of the laptop for blogging.

Though you will not need to use those complex sets of software and editing tools for your blogging, a good and powerful enough processor, I-Core or others, will make your job quick and easy.

Most of the processors belonging to the Intel core family come with multiple cores and threads that speeds up the processing.

Anything within the i3 and i5 family will be good enough, though an i7 processor is more preferred. It will future proof your system.

Make sure that the processor belongs to the latest generation, preferably not less than the 7th generation.


The RAM of the system is also a very crucial factor that will determine the performance level of the system while blogging.

Though a 4 GB RAM will be enough to do most of your work but it will be of more value if you settle for a system that comes with 8 GB of RAM.


Next, you should focus on the onboard storage capacity of the laptop. It should be adequate enough to store all your blogs created within the drive of the system.

A 256 GB or 512 GB storage will be fine enough, if you do not want to have a 1 TB storage due to financial constraints.

When it comes to storage, there are a few more things to consider. One, if you are choosing between an SSD and HDD storage then it is best to go for an SSD storage without any doubt. This will ensure a faster performance.

Two, you will be better off if you choose a laptop with a combo storage of SSD and HDD. It will ensure both, a lot of storage space and a faster performance, of course, if you can afford the price of these systems.

Three, you can choose a laptop with lower SSD storage but with a feature that will allow you to store and access your files in the cloud.


It needs no special mention that as a blogger you will need to do a lot of typing. Therefore, you should choose a laptop that comes with a comfortable keyboard.

Focus on the key travel, the mechanism of the keys and the feedback. The keys should not be shallow.

Also, make sure that the keyboard is of full size so that there is adequate spacing between two consecutive keys. This will allow faster typing with more accuracy, especially if you have larger fingers.

You should give special preference to those laptops that come with a backlit keyboard. This will allow you to type on it in any given setting, well-lit or poorly lit, like in a coffee shop.


All bloggers need a laptop that comes with a solid battery life. Once again, this will be of much help when you blog on your laptop on the go.

A laptop with a long battery life, preferably ranging between 7 to 10 hours, will provide you with all the power that you need on a single charge.

Therefore, you will not need to worry about sitting next to a power outlet which is hard to find outdoors especially.


As a blogger you will write a lot and need very little images and graphics. Therefore, you should not focus much on the graphics processors of the system.

However, if you are into gaming blog or into video editing then you will need a more powerful and dedicated graphics card. Otherwise, the integrated graphics card will be more than enough to handle your blogging needs.


Since you will have to look at the screen almost all the time while writing your blogs, it is better to invest on a system that comes with a decent display with good resolution.

The best option is to choose a full HD matte display with good brightness and contrast ratio. This will not strain your eyes when you look into it. It will also help you to multitask easily and quickly add to your writing pleasure.

If you are into photo or video editing as well, you should choose a display that comes with a wider viewing angle, a better aspect ratio, LED backlit and IPS or In-Plane Switching technology.

However, if you have any issues with your eyes then a TN panel will be a much better and more productive choice.

Less important factors

In the end and when you are done with the above, focus on the additional features in the laptop. Though all these factors are not that important, these will help you a lot in your blogging, either directly or indirectly.

The design and appearance of the laptop, though not very important, matters if you want to work and move along in style. It also determines how durable the device is.

The connectivity options need not be large in number but one thing that you should surely be very certain of is the wireless connectivity.

This is important because you will need an internet connection such as a wi-fi router or a hotspot if you write your blog online.

Choosing an appropriate carrying case is also important if you have to carry your laptop and if the requirement for travelling with it is not the same always.


Do laptops for bloggers need a camera?

These days, almost all laptops come with a regular camera built in it. Therefore, it is natural that your laptop will have one. However, if you need a webcam then you will need to choose a specific model of laptop for that. Some may have a webcam while others may not.

Can I print with my laptop I use for blogging?

Yes, you surely can. Connect a printer to the laptop if you want hard copies of your creation. Depending on the type and specs of the laptop you can connect a printer through wi-fi LAN or through a cable using the USB port. If you really have to use a printer, then make sure that you check the specifications beforehand.

How important is an antivirus on a laptop for blogging?

If you use a connected device, it is prudent to have an antivirus package in your laptop. This is essential in addition to the firewalls provided at different levels such as a Windows security ring. Even if the internet service provider keeps a regular check on it, an additional antivirus will keep your laptop much safer with complete protection provided to your important data in the laptop.

What is the best way I can share my laptop for blogging with a friend or a colleague?

If you are using a Windows laptop, you can create a different User ID if you really have to share your laptop with your friend. This will prevent him or her from accessing your files and documents. Also ask your friend to use a unique password. If your laptop comes with a fingerprint reader, it will be much easier that way for both of you to use the same computer.

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