5 Best Laptops for Real Estate Agents – Price & Guide

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What are the best laptops for real estate agents? If you are a real estate agent you will need a device that will not only keep you on the right track but will also make your job simpler and easier.

A laptop will be your best technological ally that will allow you to stay in the race and not lag behind your competitors.

This device will enable you to do a lot of things at the same time so that you can pursue your clients in a much better way.

A good laptop instead of a tablet or an iPad will make your job more convenient with its useful and easy to use features and its broader compatibility with all the apps and software that real estate agents usually use frequently.

However, for that you will need to choose one of the best laptops from the plethora of laptops available in the market.

For that, you will need to check the specs and configuration and also know your needs so that you can tally both and choose the most suitable laptop for your real estate errands.

You will also need to make sure that you focus on basics of the laptop such as the design, portability, durability, storage, memory, processor and more.

The design should be portable so that it adds minimal weight to your backpack and the battery life should be long-lasting so that you can use it without needing to recharge it between your multiple site visits and documentation.

Apart from that the CPU should be performance-friendly to run multiple browser tabs and all of the real estate management software.

Also, a sufficient amount of RAM will help in multitasking and a fair amount of SSD storage will improve the start-up time and facilitate quick data transfer.

If you do not have the time, patience, and energy to go through all these hassles, read on to know about some of the best laptops that will help the real estate agents in their job.

Also, follow the buying guide to choose the right laptop eventually.

Laptops for Real Estate Agents – Price (Top Picks)

Advantages of a Laptop to the Real Estate Agents

The most significant advantage of using a laptop is that it will help the real estate agents to stay competitive in the real estate industry.

Using advanced technology, real estate agents will have a strategic edge even if they are on the go while meeting with their clients and showing them different properties.

A reliable laptop will help them to make easy and unified communications and messaging with their clients to keep them up to date.

It will facilitate face-to-face conversations without meeting their clients physically to address all their needs. This will help them to fortify their relationship with their clients.

The device will also help the real estate agents to provide better and timely service to their clients. Also, keeping it more personal, it will also deepen customer loyalty.

The laptop is one of the most important devices that real estate agents should have nowadays to be more efficient and successful. It will also be easier for the buyer.

The real estate agents will be much more responsive and reply to their clients in a quick time by sharing and supplying all essential materials with them. Most importantly, the laptop will help them to stay connected with their potential clients all the time.

They can use a large number of applications to stay more productive by using a scoring system to find the dream homes for their clients.

Apart from the basic advantages like the portability, productivity, and being able to work remotely, the real estate agents will be able to pull up useful data effortlessly and instantly while researching on property listings and records.

They will also be able to open multiple documents side by side on a laptop and show them to the clients as well as compare market analysis.

They can also use different design apps to be creative by utilizing the design apps to create more appealing photos and listings of properties. Enabling them to work from anywhere, the laptop will help in both customer acquisition and retention.

The laptop will help you to perform a diverse set of tasks that includes finding clients, showing different properties to them, managing all transactions, prospecting and doing all paperwork, budgeting, staying up-to-date about the property listings in different regions, drafting documents, checking and sending emails, following up the leads, browsing the internet, and more.

In short, the laptop will help the real estate agents to make their services more personalized and effective to make a successful business.

Minimum & Recommended System Requirements for Real Estate Agents

If you do not need to use a laptop too much for doing complex tasks and do not need high end graphics performance, the minimum specs of it should be a good quality ARM or an Intel Core i3 processor of the 10th generation, 4 GB of RAM and 500 GB of HDD along with a good quality Intel or AMD integrated graphics unit.

However, today, you may have to use your laptop to make video presentations of the property to your clients and also need to do some other fairly complex activities in it. Therefore, you will be better off if you use a laptop with the recommended system requirements than the minimum as listed below.

Minimum system requirements: Dual Core Intel i5 processor or higher| 4 GB of RAM | 64 GB eMMC or 128 GB PCIe SSD | Integrated Intel HD Graphics 6000 or better | 11.6 inches screen or higher | 1366 X 768 pixels screen resolution | 6 to 8 hours of battery life

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Recommended system requirements: 8th generation Intel Core i7 or higher processor| 8 GB of RAM or higher | 256 GB SSD or larger | Dedicated NVIDIA GeForce MX 250 or higher | 13.3 inches screen or bigger | 1920 x 1080 pixels or higher screen resolution | 9 hours of battery life or more

5 Best Laptops for Real Estate Agents:

1. Asus ZenBook UX334FLC – Best Overall

Asus ZenBook UX334FLC

Bottom Line: As it is, all the parts of this laptop are of quite good quality that guarantees best overall performance but the single specific aspect that will appeal to the real estate agents the most is its innovative and interactive 5.65-inch touchscreen touchpad. It allows better multitasking and smarter control.

Key Features 


  • The system comes with an innovative touch screen pad.
  • The keys of the keyboard are large and the ergo lift design allows comfortable typing.
  • The screen of this laptop comes with Nano Edge bezel providing higher body to screen ratio.


  • There is no dedicated number pad in the keyboard.
  • There is no optical drive in the system.
  • The ‘shift’ key on the right is very small and you may end up hitting ‘enter’ every time.

This system will enable the real estate agents to unleash their creative skill and vision.

The screen of this laptop may look small but the four-sided Nano Edge technology provides up to 95% of body to screen ratio making it look bigger.

Moreover, the 178-degree wide view technology allows you to see the images from all possible angles more clearly.

The Nvidia GeForce MX 250 graphics chip is discrete and promises a high performance by the system on the whole irrespective of how creative and graphics intensive tasks you need to handle.

The system is also very safe to use by the real estate agents due to the built-in IR camera that comes with facial recognition ability and allows a password-free sign in with Windows Hello.

The system comes with extreme portability which is redefined by the innovative ultraportable design of the system that makes it most compact and light.

The lightweight chassis, however, does not compromise with the quality and the details. It also makes this laptop 14% smaller as compared to any other standard laptop.

The Ergo Lift design of the ZenBook 13 includes a strong and flexible hinge which will tilt the keyboard to 3 degrees and open the screen to 145 degrees.

This will provide a comfortable typing position automatically. With the optimal typing position, you will have a better user experience.

This engineering masterpiece comes with an enhanced audio performance and cooling system that will allow you to work on the laptop for a long time.

The best part of the design of this laptop is the intelligent trackpad that allows smoother multitasking and smarter control by acting as an app switcher.

You will also get all the connections that you need in the laptop, and, therefore, you will need to carry less when you are working on the go.

The system is equipped with a USB Type C 3.1 Gen 2 port, a USB 3.1 Type A port, an HDMI port as well as a DC-in slot on the left side of the machine.

On the right side, the system includes an audio jack, a USB 2.0 port as well as a micro-SD card reader slot.

This ultra-tough system comes with a military grade durability of MIL-STD-810 G standard.

This certification is obtained after the system passes a set of punishing test regime for durability that includes drop test, altitude test, low temperature test and other extended tests to ensure that the laptop can operate successfully in harsh environments.

This makes it the most reliable system that is able to work most efficiently under almost any demanding condition. Check out Asus ZenBook UX334FLC Laptop Review.

2. Acer Aspire 5 – Runner Up

Acer Aspire 5

Bottom Line: The larger screen than the above laptop and with an equally good graphics, this is truly the runner up in this list of laptops for real estate agents in spite of its Intel i5 processor and half the amount of RAM. Its thin and sleek design and the aluminum body makes it both appealing in look and durable.

Key Features 


  • The performance of this laptop is fast and powerful due to the 10th generation processor.
  • The PCIe SSD storage is very fast which improves the overall performance of the system.
  • The backlit keyboard allows better typing experience on this laptop.


  • Weighing 5.99 pounds, this system is quite heavy to lug around all day.
  • The average battery life is too low at about 5 hours only.
  • The system design does not include any optical drive in it.

This laptop is for those real estate agents who want both premium looks and mobility in a system that also promises high level of performance on the go with ease in use.

The Aspire 5 comes in a thin and sleek design but is highly durable for its aluminum top cover.

The screen of the laptop is big enough and comes with features like widescreen technology and an IPS panel.

This full HD screen also comes with an LED-backlit feature that makes it more energy efficient.

The thin bezel on the two sides of the screen provides more viewing and working space to soar your creativity to new heights making the most out of the sharper and crisper visuals.

The Nvidia GeForce MX 250 graphics card comes with 2 GB of dedicated GDDR5 VRAM which ensures a better and faster graphics performance.

This powerful and portable laptop allows everyday computing as well as performing complex tasks such as 2D animation and rendering on it with equal efficiency and output.

It is all due to the 10th generation Intel Core Processor that operates at a speed as high as 4.2 GHz.

It is the power and features of the processor that allows the device to handle any job of the real estate agents no matter how complex it is.

This is the perfect laptop to take wherever you go and work on it for long hours due to the perfect resolution of the screen and the Acer Blue Light Shield technology that will cause no strain to your eyes.

The audio quality of this laptop is also good and powerful that will produce higher and better output with more volume and deeper bass. This is due to the innovative design of the speakers that comes with Acer True Harmony feature.

Therefore, this system ensures and assures exceptional and intelligent performance. It will adapt to your working style and the jobs you do.

This will allow you to have more customized and responsive experience.

The system also offers a lot of connectivity options right from the wireless wi-fi 6 connectivity based on the 802.11ax standard of wireless networking that provides a more improved wireless experience.

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The backlit keyboard will allow you to work more comfortably in any setting, well-lit or poorly lit.

As for the ports and slots, the system offers one USB 3 1 Type C Gen 1 port, two USB 3 1 Gen 1 ports out of which one is used for power-off charging, and one USB 2.0 port as well as one HDMI port. Check out Acer Aspire 5 Laptop Review.

3. Lenovo Chromebook C330 – Value for Money

Lenovo Chromebook C330

Bottom Line: The real estate agents looking for a relatively cheaper laptop will get a higher value for money from this Chromebook. The small screen, low storage and RAM will not hinder its performance for the ARM processor which is much better than the standard CPUs usually found in low-end Chromebooks.

Key Features 

  • Screen: 11.6 inches
  • Storage: 64 GB eMMC
  • Processor: MediaTek MT8173C
  • OS: Chrome OS
  • GPU: Integrated Powervr SGX543


  • The system comes with a touchscreen IPS display.
  • The keyboard and trackpad provides comfortable typing and a nice feel.
  • The ARM processor is much better in performance than the Intel Celerons found in low-end Chromebooks.


  • The RAM and storage of the laptop is very low.
  • The screen is very small with thick bezel and comes with only HD resolution.
  • There is no number keypad in the system.

This device will ensure that the real estate agents get everything that they need, including a high level of performance when you need it.

The system boots up in a couple of seconds and comes with features that are easy to use. There is no need for any setup.

Just login with your Google account and the maps, emails, photos, and documents will be accessible via cloud storage.

The sleek and stylish convertible laptop is secure to use and comes with 360⁰-flip touchscreen.

Whether you use it online or offline, these features make this lightweight device perfect for day-to-day computing tasks, animation jobs and multimedia.

The Lenovo Chromebook C330 also comes with built-in virus protection as well as a battery that seems to go on for the entire day.

The 10-hour battery life will not let you down. There are also a lot of USB ports in the system that will allow effortless and multiple connectivity options.

The camera built in the system will allow the real estate agents to take quality images and the Bluetooth 4.2 technology will enable them to stay connected.

With all these high-end features for a low price, this system is loved by all the users. The speed of the system and the processor is good enough and snappy and responds to the gestures and commands pretty quickly.

It will allow a seamless integration with all of your Google accounts and will help you to be more productive and collaborative among your family, at your office, and even in the classroom.

The system will offer you with the latest multimedia and that too in high-definition.

You find it very easy to use and navigate, thanks to the 10-point touchscreen IPS display of the system. You can use it as a traditional laptop, in the tent or stand mode, or as a standalone tablet as well.

You can stream the latest show or video anywhere you want and not worry about anything due to the advanced digital security features of this device.

The system will update automatically in about every six weeks so that you have all those latest updates of the operating system by default.

This means that you can use all the latest software and its features without having to worry about updating them on a regular basis.

The design of the system is not only pleasing to the eyes but is also sturdy enough though it is made from plastic.

4. Microsoft Surface Pro 6 – Good Quality Touchscreen

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Bottom Line: In addition to the other aspects, the good quality touchscreen of this light laptop will add to the ease in use and experience of the real estate agents. The PixelSense technology ensures high quality of the images and the strong adjustable kickstand offers multi-mode usability with a better angle. 

Key Features 

  • Screen: 12.3 inches
  • Storage: 256 GB
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Processor: 8th generation Intel Core i7
  • OS: Windows 10 Home
  • GPU: Intel HD Graphics 620


  • The system can serve both as a laptop or a tablet.
  • The laptop is extremely light in weight and slim in design making it highly portable.
  • The touchscreen feature is very handy.


  • The average battery life of the device is pretty low than advertised.
  • The screen of this laptop is quite small in size.
  • There is no dedicated number keypad.

One of the best 2-in-1 laptops for real estate agents, the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is designed for a convenient use. It is light in weight and comes with a touchscreen feature.

You can use it either as a laptop or as a tablet according to your need and preference, thanks to the strongly built adjustable kickstand that provides a comfortable sitting angle.

The 12.3-inch screen comes with PixelSense technology and a resolution of 2736 × 1824 pixels.

You will get a strong and stable connectivity of the 802.11a, b, g, n, and ac standard from this great product.

The quad-core Intel Core i7 processor belongs to the 8th generation and allows using all apps and a wide range of important software by the real estate agents for their everyday tasks. Check out Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Review.

5. Apple MacBook Air – Durable and Portable Unibody Design

Apple MacBook Air

Bottom Line: This lightweight laptop will appeal to the real estate agents very much especially for its durable and portable unibody design, apart from its ability to perform at a high level. It can endure the daily rigors of usage and rough handling and allow them to work on it easily and seamlessly on the go.  

Key Features 

  • Screen: 11.6 inches
  • Storage: 128 GB PCIe SSD
  • Processor: Dual Core Intel i5
  • OS: Mac OS X
  • GPU: Intel HD Graphics 6000


  • The battery life of this machine is quite long.
  • The laptop comes with a multi-touch trackpad.
  • The device is extremely light in weight.


  • The screen size of this laptop is small with thick bezel all around.
  • The amount of RAM and storage is quite low in this system.
  • The system does not come with any optical drive built in it.

Do not get confused by the small size of this laptop. This MacBook is designed for maximum portability.

The unibody design of this system is thin, small, and light, but is packed with features that will help the real estate agents in performing all their computing jobs and in running all 2D animation software.

Though it weighs only 2.38 pounds, the system is extremely durable to endure the rigors and rough handling.

This will enable you to work seamlessly and efficiently on the go and you can slip it into any backpack or briefcase most easily.

The 5th generation Intel dual core processor ensures a better and faster processing of data as well as a reduction of power consumption.

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It operates at a base clock speed of 1.6 GHz that can be increased up to 2.7 GHz using the Turbo Boost technology to ensure that the performance is at high level, always.

The Intel HD Graphics 6000 is believed to belong to the next generation. With its advanced features and improved capabilities, it guarantees a faster graphics performance by the system.

This helps in everything that is graphics intensive and more immersive, right from mainstream gaming to 2D animation and rendering.

The multi-touch trackpad of the system is also a very useful inclusion in the design.

With its high responsiveness and touch support to gestures and commands, you will find it easiest and smoothest while scrolling through the photo libraries and large music playlists and files by tapping, pinching and swiping on the pad.

As for the connectivity options, the system offers both Bluetooth 4.0 as well as 802.11ac wi-fi wireless communication networking.

Add to that, the USB 3 ports and the Thunderbolt 2 port comes with the next generation and most advanced I/O technology.

The Thunderbolt ports will provide you with faster data transfer at a rate up to 20 Gbps with its double bandwidth.

The FaceTime HD camera included in the system will support video calls and the dual mics and stereo speakers will ensure that you have a clear and better conversation.

The PCIe-based flash storage, though less in amount, does have the power and capacity to operate at a high level and speed, which is, in fact, seventeen times more in comparison to any conventional notebook hard drive.

Most importantly, if you leave the system for a long time, it will wake you up from sleep in just one second to enable you to resume your work after a break. Check out Apple MacBook Air Review.

How to Choose a Laptop for Real Estate Agent?

There are different types of laptops available on the market which might make it a bit difficult for you to choose the right laptop for your needs.

Though the list above will help you a great deal to narrow down your search, if you want some more help then you should keep these specific points in your mind while shopping for the best laptop for real estate agents.


As a real estate agent, you will need to move quite a lot. If you do not want to move your files and office physically with you, which is impossible, you will need to carry your laptop.

Therefore, it is essential to make sure that it is light in weight and portable.

Ideally, it should weigh anywhere between 3 to 5 pounds so that it is easy and comfortable to carry around. For this you will need to pay attention to the size of the screen of the device.

A screen size between 11″ and 15″ is ideal for a laptop for real estate agents. The bigger the size, the heavier the laptop will likely be.


Whether it is for the use for real estate agents or any other professional, no one would want to buy a laptop that will last for a couple of years only. Therefore, consider the durability aspect when you shop for your laptop.

This means that you should look beyond the design and build of the device because some models may look good but lack durability.

Some specific models may look stunning but soon the ports may start malfunctioning, or you may even notice the keys flying out. None of these is acceptable.

The best thing to do is to buy a laptop with an aluminum chassis. It will last for a long time and the system will not be heavily damaged even if you drop it accidentally.

Battery life

Once again, since you will be on the move, you should choose a laptop with a fairly high battery life ranging between 8 to 10 hours, if not more. This will allow you to work on it all day on a single charge.

Most of the latest laptops today come with large but lightweight batteries which extends the life periods of these on a single charge.

Moreover, as a real estate agent, when you are showing a presentation to your clients, you may not get an outlet to plug in your laptop.

That is why you need a laptop with long battery life to ensure an uninterrupted service, both from you as well as your laptop.

Screen resolution

In addition to the size of the screen, you should also look for the resolution of the screen. This is very important because it will determine the image density as well as the color reproduction.

When the images are clear, sharper and show all the minute details of the property, it means that the clients will be able to see the true image of the property. This will, in turn, influence the buying decision of the clients.


It is natural that you will have to store a lot of images and videos of different properties in your laptop. If there are several videos in your laptop it will be much easier for you to woo your potential clients with it.

Therefore, you will need a fair amount of storage capacity in your laptop. Though a 256 GB storage is fair enough but a 512 GB storage is highly recommended in a laptop for real estate agents.

Apart from the amount of storage in the laptop for real estate agents, it is also required to focus on the type of storage. There are mainly two types of storage namely, SSD and HDD.

Though the HDD storage will offer you more storage space, an SSD storage will be much faster than it.

A laptop with an SSD storage will boot much faster and at the same time it will also load all the necessary apps much faster than the HDD storage.


Since the processor is the most important element of a laptop, the type of it will always affect the efficiency and power of the laptop.

As a real estate agent, it is true that you will not need an exceptionally powerful and high-end processor in your laptop, but you should not settle for anything less than a Core i3 processor, though a higher one is better.


Though you will not use your laptop for any rigorous programming or 3D modeling, that does not mean you can choose a sluggish machine.

Therefore, you may not choose a high-end graphics in your laptop, but make sure it is of good quality, even if it is integrated.

Ideally, you will not need a dedicated GPU in your laptop because it will, in fact, be useless and will make your laptop costlier, unnecessarily.

It may even affect the battery life draining it out fast. Instead, an integrated graphics of good quality and brand will suffice all your needs.


Are Chromebooks good for use by real estate agents?

Yes, a Chromebook will be good enough for real estate agents, especially for those who are starting and do not want to spend a lot of money on a laptop. However, do not expect it to perform as good as a laptop because there are significant differences between a laptop and a Chromebook which is designed for working with online applications and therefore have limited functionality and storage capacity.

Is it required to have a high storage and RAM in a laptop for real estate agents?

No, it is absolutely not required. A laptop with 8 GB of memory is good enough for a laptop for real estate agents. However, if you use a lot of web tabs at the same time and multitask a lot, then 16 GB would be helpful for sure. As for the storage, 512 GB SSD storage is good enough. If you have a lot of data to store, you can go for those laptops that comes with SSD and 1 TB HDD combo storage.

Can I use a tablet instead of a laptop for real estate agents?

Ideally, the main job of the real estate agents, apart from showing properties, is to prepare documents. You will need focused setting to do that. Though a tablet will help you in some aspects of your job, for such specific jobs and environment, you will need a lot of different accessories which a tablet may not support. Therefore, you will need a good laptop instead.

Is it convenient to use a 2-in-1 device instead of a traditional laptop for real estate agents?

Yes, it very much is. The 2-in-1 devices available in the market today actually bring the best of both worlds. It will allow you to use it as a traditional laptop and enjoy the convenience and power of it including the keyboard experience. On the other hand, you can use it in the tablet mode for small jobs as well as for media consumption.