5 Best Motherboard Brands for PC 2023

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What are the best motherboard brands for PC? There are different types, forms and specifications of motherboards available in the market.

The extent of their variance may, at times, overwhelm you if you want to choose a particular brand of motherboard over the others for the PC that you want to build.


  • Gigabyte: A Gigabyte motherboard will offer high versatility and a fresh look and also offer a high value with reliable performance.
  • Asus: An Asus motherboard is extensively used for its high durability and subtle design offering good customization options.
  • MSI: An MSI motherboard will offer a better VRM and high value proposition with distinctive and subtle aesthetics, quality and stellar performance.
  • ASRock: The ASRock motherboard will offer higher performance at low cost with innovative features and parts of the highest standards.
  • EVGA: The EVGA motherboard offers useful features with special focus on reliable performance, speed and power.

Best Motherboard Brands for PC:

Best Motherboard Brands for PC

1. Gigabyte – Fresh Look, Versatile


Gigabyte is a brand that focuses more on their motherboards and GPUs, though they are almost as prevalent as Asus and MSI with their lineup of different products.

Taking off lately, Gigabyte has produced some of the strongest and high-performing Intel and AMD motherboards.

The most recent variants are the Z390 and X570, which has made an impactful inclusion in their list of motherboards.

Gigabyte is a brand that is known to be versatile and ensure a very focused approach in their motherboard creation.

All their motherboards look good, perform well, and offer great value, irrespective of whether it is at the high-end of the variety or at the budget level.

The Gigabyte motherboard spirit is truly captured in the design of Z390 AORUS PRO. This specific motherboard provides great AORUS value.

Coming with some nice touches in the design, the board has a fresh look. The 12+1 VRM setup in it can boost up even an overclocked 9900K.

Though Gigabyte does not always get the same attention as Asus and MSI, for some strange reasons, it is certainly a motherboard brand that is worth some high recommendations.

The Gigabyte motherboards user reviews speak highly in volumes about their different versions and models of motherboards. The list includes:

Verdict: Fresh Look, Versatile

2. Asus – Tough and 24/7 Durability


Asus is a brand that is omnipresent in the computer industry. It produces almost everything that a computer needs to be built.

They maintain a more consistent and subtler design overall. A few of their motherboards follow the RGB fad and luckily, they have implemented this RGB in all their motherboards quite well.

Their motherboards also offer good customization options, with a strong VRM in each, and lots of innovative features to make their nice motherboards high in performance, even at its lower end.

Though the Asus motherboards that comes with high performance ability and most RGB also comes with a higher price tag, the uniqueness of their products is the reason that these are considered to be the epitome of design aesthetics and value.

Consider the highlights of the X570 TUF Gaming Plus and you will come to know about all of the important aspects, including the power of their motherboards.

With the TUF gaming chassis and ROG Ryujin series cooling systems, the Asus motherboards will prove to be a worthy component for your PC. It will perform well and support all hardware components that you install on it.

Ideally, all Asus motherboards are considered to be great price-performance contenders. These boards will perform at its best in terms of VRMs, clock speeds and other aspects, all due to its unique set of features.

Therefore, when you choose an Asus motherboard you will get robust reliability, great value and features, elegant and appealing design, good RGB software, and both budget and high-end products.

The Asus motherboards user reviews suggest that the consumers are very happy and satisfied with the performance of their motherboards, the range of which is wide and varied and includes:

Verdict: Tough and 24/7 Durability.

3. MSI – High Value Proposition, Superb VRM


Very much similar to Asus, you will get everything from motherboards to graphics cards from MSI. They have, in fact, made a ubiquitous presence in the market with some of the best computer components and peripherals production.

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With so many products to handle, MSI has never cut corners to build weaker products, both in build and performance. They keep their lineup quite strong from all angles.

The varied range of motherboards provides the users with a lot of opportunities and options to choose from.

The difference of MSI with Asus is that they follow a subtle yet distinctive aesthetics in their motherboard designs. You will get black, silver or red motherboard models with slight RGB on it.

Their strategic pricing policy emphasizes on the fact that their products are made easily accessible and affordable to all users, irrespective of their needs.

Though most of their motherboard options are top-notch, one such option that failed to meet the specific need to overclock to the maximum is the most recent release of MSI, the X570 chipset motherboards.

This performed very poorly especially in the budget section.

However, apart from that, MSI is the brand to go for a good quality motherboard. Apart from a great value proposition, these boards come with a superb VRM setup that promises stellar performance.

The reasonable price points also make MSI the go-to brand for motherboards, especially if you are looking for a good RGB software in it, at low cost.

MSI is always on the lookout to make the performance of their motherboards better and are highly responsive to any feedback from their users.

For example, when people complained about the difficulties faced by them in updating BIOS using their B450 Tomahawk, they immediately came up with a good refresh, the Ryzen 3000 ready B450 Tomahawk MAX.

You can take the full advantage of a big brand name of MSI to save on cost, get high value in return and an assurance of exceptional performance.

As per the MSI motherboard user reviews you will get different types of motherboards. They have an impressive motherboards lineup that includes:

Verdict: High Value Proposition, Superb VRM

4. ASRock – Costs Less for Higher Performance


This brand has a strong reputation in the motherboards market. However, initially it had a bit of an odd reputation especially due to the past filial, the low-cost Asus.

But then, since 2002, things started to change once it became an independent company. Since then they have produced some of the finest and best performing motherboards.

All their products are designed by some of the best engineers, come with parts that are of the highest of standards, and, most importantly, at a lower price tag.

However, you can rest assured to get the same level of performance as the premium brands of motherboards.

The ASRock motherboards will continue to provide great value, thanks to its innovative features across their motherboard lineups.

However, everything is not perfect in their motherboard. The biggest drawback of ASRock motherboards is the very weak and unfriendly RGB Polychrome Sync software.

All RGB software is appalling, but this Polychrome Sync software really does stand out as an exceptionally bad one by far.

Still, if you can set up the RGB as per your liking, you can have extraordinary performance from the motherboard. This mid-range motherboard will provide quick BIOS updates as well.

It has some nice RGB, subtle elegance, and strong heatsinks. Apart from that, these motherboards also come with superb VRM.

In short, the ASRock motherboards will offer better performance overall, great value proposition, and top-notch reliability, and all these within a very moderate price range.

You may go through the ASRock motherboard reviews to choose one of the best models from the different versions of their unique motherboards that includes:

Verdict: Costs Less for Higher Performance

5. EVGA – Much More than Average


EVGA is considered to be one of the top NVIDIA authorized partners. They are known for their intelligent innovation and design of motherboards that promise real time operation.

Their products provide the most effective and best solution according to the need of the market and the consumers.

You can take a look at their product differentiation and their customer focused services and rely on the features and performance of their motherboards.

Take a look at their Z390 FTW, one of the most popular and favored motherboard models. The novel interpretation of the design of the motherboard emphasizes on its overclocking ability.

Their intentions are clear as they completely omit VRM or Voltage regulator Module for an Intel integrated graphics.

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Their primary focus of this brand is on delivering power, speed and performance for the VCore CPUs. The motherboards come with a large number of right-angled connectors across it.

This allows a better cable management. In addition to that, a more prominent visual impact is created by the audio capacitors that are mounted horizontally.

When you choose an EVGA motherboard, you can base your choice on two specific things: innovation over practicality, and style over substance.

However, no EVGA motherboard is average. The best part of theirs is their exceptional customer service.

Computer users and builders are very fond of EVGA motherboards, as revealed through various EVGA user reviews.

There are different varieties of EVGA motherboards to choose from. The list of some of the other variants of EVGA motherboards include:

Verdict: Much More than Average.

How to Choose Right Motherboard Brand?

When it comes to selecting a particular motherboard amongst a few major brands, it is actually an exercise in performance versus budget.

However, the choice is largely dependent on the processor you want to use in your computer system. Check out differences between ATX and mini ITX motherboards.

Most of the people choose the processor first and then the type of motherboard. Actually, it should be the other way round, and very few people follow this process.

It makes a lot of sense to choose the motherboard first and then the processor because the CPU will have a significantly large impact on how you use the computer system and also on its level of performance.

Some people may suggest that you choose Asus as your motherboard, while others may suggest buying other brands such as Gigabyte, ASRock, MSI, and others.

Confused? Yes, you should be. Remember, over generalizing is not a very good idea.

You should understand the reputation and expertise of some of the major players in the market today in terms of motherboard manufacturing.

It is only then you will be able to make an informed and educated decision.

Here is a guide that you should follow while choosing the motherboard more knowledgeably and confidently.

Generally, Asus seems to be the most popular and key brand to choose. It is reliable, comes with great features and also has good overclocking overall.

MSI, on the other hand, is a brand that is really good and comes at a decent price.

You will get good enough features that may support most of your computing needs.

Gigabyte is also a good and reliable motherboard to choose for making your computer.

It is a popular brand that is known to produce high-quality Printed Circuit Boards that come with useful features.

ASRock and EVGA are also reliable motherboards that will provide you with high value, excellent performance and faster computing due to the unique features that these boards come with.

These boards are often considered underdogs by people who know very little about them.

If you know about these boards quite well, you will see that these boards actually provide one of the best overclocking in comparison to all other motherboard brands.

This makes these boards pretty reliable on the finest models.

This means that all the different types of motherboards are built differently with different features, either cheaply or at a high price.

Some of these are decent while the other boards are high-end products.

It makes enough sense to find out some of the best reviews on particular motherboards that you have shortlisted.

You will then find that a few of these motherboard companies are more favored than the others in a few specific circumstances.

Motherboards may come either locked or unlocked, which affects the overclocking speed, which, in turn, affects the BIOS upgrades.

Time tweaking, component quality and other features are all important factors that will either make or break a motherboard, sooner or later.

Usually, the top or mid-range brands of boards will have more features that will be innovative and useful.

These boards will also come with bit higher quality parts in it.

It is these features you should look for, regardless of the brand of motherboard you wish to buy.

It can be an Asus Z370-E, MSI Gaming Pro Carbon or Gigabyte Gaming 5, EVGA and ASRock, the BIOS are all the same basically for all these brands.

Ideally, the choice of your motherboard majorly depends on what you want your computer to do for you.

As long as you are using any one of these brands of motherboards, your computer should be OK to meet your diverse computing needs.

  • High price
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First, when you look at the price of Asus motherboard, it is quite high.

It is this price high price tag that may not make an Asus motherboard the one that may offer the best value.

Moreover, the RGB implementation of Asus is quite disappointing, though this board comes with better implementations of IMO.

Therefore, if you are willing to pay more for a mid-range performance of the motherboard, then Asus motherboard is the one you can give a thought to.

  • Decent price and performance

If you want a motherboard at a decent price that will also perform well enough, then MSI is the brand you should go for.

The features, quality, build and the parts are all good enough to meet your computing needs.

However, of late, their models are not performing as good as they need to be, especially their overclocking factor, which is very inconsistent.

This is in spite of the fact that it has a much better implementation of IMO as compared to other brands of motherboards.

  • Good RGB memory

The ASRock boards come with good RGB memory. If you want a board that is good in RGB implementation, this is the ideal choice of motherboard for you.

You will feel the difference in performance of this board in comparison to others due to its legendary overclocking ability as well.

However, be aware of the fact that ASRock will not be very efficient in LED management.

This fact may be a point of concern for you because you will not be able to match the color shade or the lighting effects with the LED strips or the motherboard.

  • Durable technology

If you are a techie and want durable technology in your motherboard then you can try the Gigabyte brand.

This is the one brand that comes with Gigabyte Ultra Durable technology, though, at times, it may not do too much for you.

However, all their products come with warranty and the most significant aspect of the company is that they provide adequate and prompt online support.

This makes them a more reliable motherboard company, if that is what you want to opt for.

  • The most affordable brand

If you want a motherboard that is most affordable, you should turn your attention on EVGA.

This is a popular brand that comes with some best options to choose from, such as the EVGA Z390 FTW and EVGA Z390 DARK.

The FTW model is rightfully named ‘For the Win’ by EVGA. It comes with better overclocking which promises high performance of the board.

The price of this specific model is also much more accessible in comparison to the EVGA DARK model.

It has all the features and is built in such a way so that it can compete with the premium motherboard brands and support building high-end computer systems.

Summing It up

Building a new computer is not an easy task. There are lots of choices to make right from the motherboard to the processor, the graphics card to the memory.

Given the fact that there are so many different brands to choose from for all these different hardware components of computers, it is all the more difficult.

Moreover, each brand or maker of motherboards offers nothing less than half a dozen diverse models that are based on one particular chipset.

This makes choosing one brand of motherboard even more confusing.

The guide along with the brief overview of top five and most popular brands of motherboards, will ensure that at least one aspect of your choice is simplified.

Your choice is all about the trade-offs. It is this factor you must focus on rather than simply choosing between AMD and Intel just because these are the two names that you commonly hear of or some techie-friend of yours has suggested them.

Ideally, when you look at all these different types of motherboards, you must base your choice on the compatibility of the motherboard with the processor that you want to install in your computer.

You should be prudent and decisive in making your choice. Following the reviews of different brands and the buying guide and tips from the experts, things should not be as complicated as it seems.

It is your research and a lot of homework at the beginning that will help you a great deal in choosing the right motherboard for your computer system. This will also save you a lot of time, effort and money.

Most importantly, you will not regret your choice later on, which will be the very best, when compared to other motherboards.

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