CHUWI Hero Box Pro Mini PC Review – Price & Specs

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  • The users can attach two display units with this mini PC.
  • Being too small, it consumes very little space on a desk.
  • This device has advanced inbuilt dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • This mini PC has a USB Type-C port.
  • The device is available at a very comprehensive price.


  • The initial capacity of the SSD is not up to the mark.
  • The upgradation facility in this device is very limited.
  • This PC is not made for gaming purposes.
  • There is no separate cooling section in this product.
  • There is no internal microphone on this PC.

Read CHUWI Hero Box Pro mini PC review and see the price. Mini PCs were not so popular in the earlier days. But in the last two years, this type of computer has been trending.

The demand for such PCs is too high nowadays. For this reason, every PC manufacturing company has started to launch this type of mini PC.

The users of this generation prefer this type of computer for casual computing. These are not as costly as the gaming PCs.

Beginners and low-end users prefer to use this type of compact, small form factor PC a lot. CHUWI is a China-based company and its laptops and tablets are very famous.

In recent years the company has started to manufacture such mini PCs and this CHUWI Hero Box Pro Mini PC is one of the best-selling mini PCs of the company.

This device is available at an affordable price tag and its specifications are also very good for performing various multitasking tasks.

One of the most interesting facts about this PC is that there is no active cooling fan. This device is entirely passively cooled.

Another interesting fact is that this product uses a 12W TDP, which is almost double of the other similar products.

For its updated and strong configurations, this device can offer very satisfying performance.

From good responsiveness to productivity, this device is of top class.

CHUWI Hero Box Pro Mini PC & Variants Price

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CHUWI Hero Box Pro Mini PC Review

CHUWI Hero Box Pro Mini PC

Buy for: This computer is very compact and a great value for money product. The connectivity features in this PC are too advanced in comparison to the other mini PCs of the market.

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Beware of: There is no dedicated graphics card on this device. Its upgradation process is quite complicated, and an expert is always needed to perform this process.

Best uses for: Beginners, kindergarten students and other purposes.


In terms of performance and connectivity, this product is one of the best affordable mini PCs of the market till now. For casual, regular tasks, this PC is a good option to choose. But the high-end users will not be satisfied by using this device.

Design & Build

The manufacturer has given this product a very elegant and smart design. As there is no cooling fan, there are no air vents in this device.

By eliminating the cooling fans, the developers have created a lot of space inside the chassis.

For this reason, the capacity of the storage of this device is highly expandable.

This is a very lightweight and compact device that measures only 7.36 inches x 5.43 inches x 1.46 inches.

For its very simple profile, it can easily be carried from place to place. The developers have used power-saving technology in the design of the PC.

For this technology, this device can produce its best by consuming very nominal power.

There are no exaggerating RGB lights. Some simple LEDs are used here and these lights are also used for indication purposes.

The upper panel of this mini PC is made of plastic and the bottom panel and the side panels are made of aluminum.

Thus, the build quality of this device is quite sturdy. Overall this PC is very small and sleek.

The power button is placed on the front panel and along with this button; there is a LED indication light.

Out of the box, the design of this product is very attractive in comparison to the other mini PCs.

The components that are used in this product are not very powerful like a gaming PC.

Powerful components generate a lot of heat for this reason most of the mini PCs are moderately configured.

That’s why, while running this device generates very nominal heat. For this reason, there is no cooling fan and the average power consumption of this computer is below 10 watts.

The user can mount this device on the VESA mounts of any monitor. That means the users can attach this PC just behind the monitor.

Carbon black is the most common color in which this product is easily available. It can be placed vertically or horizontally.

For its compactness, this product is one of the best PCs that can be installed in a modern, newly decorated living room.

For various kiosks, this product is one of the perfect choices.


In a mini PC, one cannot expect a strong performance as a gaming desktop.

If anyone wants to install high-end configurations in a mini PC, he has to install an external cooling system with the device.

Most of the mini PCs are moderately configured and these products are mainly made for the low to moderate end-users.

For heavy workloads, this type of computer is not recommended. Modern users need speed and features.

This product of CHUWI has the capability of delivering quite speedy performance in comparison to its rivals.

This sleek device is equipped with Intel Jasper Lake N4500. This is a dual-core processor which runs at a frequency of 2.8 GHz.

This is a high-performing processor. It has great responsiveness.

The users can experience it when they run two or three software simultaneously on this PC.

By using this processor the users can enjoy 4K contents smoothly. There is Intel UHD graphics to tackle the ultra HD contents.

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The overall performance of this product is quite strong and smooth according to its specifications.

This PC is one of the best and affordable choices for a child who is studying in kindergarten.

This device can be used for simply surfing through the internet, to perform multitasking tasks of moderate level, for the beginners, for the casual users, for light to moderate business purposes, for entertainment purposes; and in every purpose, the users will get satisfied by using it.

This device has such specifications; that cannot generate too much heat.

For this reason and to save space inside the case the developers do not install any cooling fan in it.

So this PC can run almost silently and very efficiently. We have already mentioned that this compact PC e is a very energy-efficient product.

A beginner’s requirements are very limited and this small compact mini PC has the capability of fulfilling these criteria very easily.

Windows 10 Home is the OS on which this mini PC gets operated.

Storage & RAM

As far as the processing speed of any type of computer is concerned, these two sections always play the most crucial roles.

Even these two sections have a very deep impact on the overall performance of a PC. In a mini PC, the main issue is space management.

As this type of device is very small and compact, the developers have to manage the space inside the case very attentively.

For this reason, the hardware upgradation facility in this type of PC is very limited. This product of CHUWI has a primary memory of 8GB.

This initial Ram capacity is sufficient for casual works.

For this sufficient Ram capacity, the PC can launch various applications in very little time and can smoothly perform multiple tasks at the same time.

As there is no separate cooling fan, the PC does not create any type of noise.

To maintain this quietness and to enhance the processing speed, the developers have attached an SSD of 256 GB.

As solid-state drives have no mechanical component they can run without creating any type of sound.

But there is an upgradation facility in this section. If the user needs more storage capacity then he can install an HDD in it.

The maximum capacity of the HDD that can be supported by the device is 2 TB. The users can also enhance the initial capacity of the SSD.

And the maximum capacity of the SSD that can be supported by the device is 1 TB.

For beginners, the initial capacity of the storage and Ram is more than enough.

Such users who are going to use this PC for entertainment purposes, they only need to increase the capacity of the storage.

It is advised to upgrade the PC only from the authorized service points or only by an expert of this field. Else, the entire thing will be messed up.

Ports & Connectivity

The number of ports and updated connectivity features can make a device more user-friendly.

For a beginner or casual multitasking user, these two sections are very vital.

Even some of them reject some PCs from purchasing, just because of insufficient USB ports and backdated connectivity features.

One of the good aspects of this product is that there are an ample number of USB ports in comparison to the other mini PCs.

Most of the updated USB ports are present in this product. At the front side of the device, the users will get the most useful USB Type-C port.

Along with this, they will also get 2 USB 3.0 ports. One micro SD card reader is also present on the same side.

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There are two USB 2.0 ports at the rear section of the case. One audio port is also located there.

On that side, there is one VGA port and one HD video port. By using these two ports the users can attach two separate display units with this PC.

If the user wants to experience 4K contents then he has to attach a monitor on the HD video port. 60 fps is the maximum capability that the PC can generate.

For advanced wireless connectivity, the device has inbuilt dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity and their frequencies are 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz.

This inbuilt Wi-Fi gets operated on the updated IEEE802.11ac standard. Bluetooth connectivity of version 4.2 is also present in this product.

Additional Features

This mini PC can be used as a home theatre PC. By doing so, the users can experience television with the best picture quality.

This product can also be used as a media center for enjoying moderate games or web series.

There is no optical drive in this product and it comes with a conditional warranty of one year.


What Do Users Think About CHUWI Hero Box Pro Mini PC?

Most of the beginners and the parents who purchase this device for their children are extremely happy with this deal.

They are very satisfied by the overall performance of the device. Some of them are overwhelmed by the quietness of it.

Almost every buyer has stated that they choose this product to buy as it is a very compact and affordable device.

Many of them have stated that this computer is one of the best deals for beginners of this time.

Its performance is quite strong for casual computing. The experts have already listed this product in their value for money product’s list.

From its design to performance, in every aspect, this device has left its competitors far behind.

Other Expert Views

According to, this energy-saving pocket-friendly, pocket-sized mini PC is very powerful in its class and it is very hard to find an alternative to this device. has focused on the advanced connectivity features of this product. According to this website, this light-weighted device has all the features that are necessary to fulfill the demands of most of the casual users. has stated that the performance of this device is very smooth and stable because it has got hardware of quite good quality.

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