Corsair One i160 Gaming PC Review

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  • Top performance
  • Excellent shot with sleek design
  • Quite operation
  • Good warranty
  • Gaming wise great


  • Limited upgrade option
  • Thunderbolt 3 ports are not present
  • Not easily available
  • Little bit heavy
  • Get warm at times


For some though the price at which it is available might appear to be quite steep. But given the overall value, it delivers this PC is indeed worth investing in, especially if you want to take your computer gaming profession to the next higher level.

Corsair One i160 Gaming PC & Variants Price


Corsair One i160 Gaming PC

These are really exciting times for the computer gaming industry. Gone are the days that these were played as a mere hobby.

Now are times when computer gaming involves big money and draws the most bright and youngest minds from across the globe.

Many are taking this up as a full-time profession and if you need to do the same it is time that you have the best device or PC that would take your gaming career to new levels which is why you need the most reliable computer.

This PC has been designed to meet all the latest needs of the highly competitive gaming industry. Check out best gaming PC brands.

Loaded with a powerful processor and the advanced NVIDIA Ge force Graphics, and more than sufficient storage capacity and fast connectivity, this PC is very reliable on all fronts.

Buy For: Top performance | Excellent shot with sleek design

Beware Of: Thunderbolt 3 ports are not present


In terms of design, the overall design of this highly advanced gaming PC is quite impressive.

At first glance, it might appear to be similar to the previous PC models that the brand has. But many things are improved as well.

The design has the RGB lights which give a very attractive look to the PC. The power supply when compared with the previous models has shifted down to the bottom.

What is worth mentioning about the design of this PC is the convection assisted cooling. This means that users need not remove the top to detach the power cable.

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This computer has the dimensions of 7.88 x 7.65 x 14.88 inches which means that it is quite compact and also has the standard weight of 16.27 pounds.

All in all this PC has been smartly designed to meet the needs of the latest gaming industry.

First off, the force flexibly has moved to the base, which in principle should help with what Corsair calls “convection-helped” cooling, and means you don’t need to eliminate the top to confine the force link.

With respect to the light lines that run down the front of the framework, they default to blue out of the container.

However, starting up the organization’s iCue programming, you can alter the shade of the eight absolute LEDs (four in each strip), or have them change dependent on temperature changes or what game you’re running.

The allure of the One is it’s a completely manufactured gaming PC with the best parts accessible in a shockingly reduced, almost quiet case.

It’s a machine you can remove from the container, plug in, download your games on, and you’ll be playing in as meager time as could be expected under the circumstances.

There’s no dabbling essential since Corsair has just done the entirety of the difficult work for you.

On head of that, it is completely encased in a structure factor that you can only with significant effort recreate in the assembled your-own reality.

Like Vlad noted in his audit of the first, the One offers a reassure like equipment experience — complete with a full-framework two-year guarantee — for PC gaming.

You’ll need it to be seen, as well. The center plan stays an up-to-date looking column with some garish yet elegant current style.

The case is made of dark aluminum, so it feels high caliber, and it’s totally smooth on the front face.

Each side board is spotted with ventilation openings that twofold as tasteful detail. The openings for cooling blur into a clever enhanced visualization through and through, mixing usefulness into the external plan of the case.

The front corners incorporate the most attractive part of the plan, aside from its shape: Two crisscrossing LED takes run start to finish on each side.

These have been overhauled from last time, and now each stripe has four independently adjustable light “zones.”

Using those, you can get a decent going shading slope impact going that makes it appear as though the light is streaming down the situation.

Out of the container, these are set to a static Tron-like light blue, yet you can undoubtedly transform them in the included Corsair iCUE programming.


The key factor on which the buying of any computer depends whether it is a gaming pc or otherwise is the level of performance it delivers.

The great thing about this PC is that it has been designed in a manner that enables it gives a top-quality performance.

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It is loaded with all the latest features. To begin with, it is powered by the very powerful Intel Core i9 99000 K processor.

This latest generation Intel Processor enables the gaming pc to give killer speed that is most essential in this highly competitive gaming industry.

Along with the same for the best and most immersive user experience this computer also has the latest NVIDIA Ge Force RTX 2080 Ti graphics.

Thus users can have a truly immersive gaming experience with it. The cooling system of the PC is very efficient as well due to which even if it performs over long hours the performance levels are consistent at all times.

Last but not least the computer also has the Windows 10 operating system which enhances the overall performance of this gaming PC.

At the default fan settings during gaming, fan clamor is to a greater degree a delicate hum than the sort of articulated blowing sound I’m utilized to from most reduced gaming towers I’ve tried before.

Indeed, even with cooling set to the Extreme setting in the iCue programming, fan clamor was still moderately quieted.

That is no uncertainty partially because of the way that the vast majority of the gadget’s warmth is transmitted through the radiators on the sides.

The 140mm fan in the top certainly debilitates heat, yet it since it isn’t doing the main part of the cooling, it doesn’t have to turn extremely quick.

Inside, the One is worked around a custom fluid cooling framework with autonomous coolers and radiators for the CPU and GPU that will initiate as vital.

This permits Corsair to pack really very good quality parts into such a little case and still keep up worthy working temperatures, but on the other hand it’s the motivation behind why redesigning the CPU and GPU is so troublesome.

Storage & RAM

The gaming pcs and devices must have high levels of storage and RAM. When it comes to this PC it has a very high storage capacity of 2 TB Hard Disk Drive.

It also comes with 480GB M.2 SSD. This is more than sufficient to store all the most advanced and bulky gaming applications that might be needed to be stored.

To go along with the same this computer also has the award-winning 32 GB DDR4 RAM.

So the PC can perform multiple tasks with a seamless ease that would gaming very efficient indeed.

Ports & Connectivity

Apart from the high storage capacity and RAM what is also very essential now for the modern gaming PC is the fast and efficient connectivity.

You also need a sufficient number of ports. The good news with this computer is that the computer can easily be connected over Wi-fi and Ethernet.

Apart from this the pc also has the 2 USB ports and a 3.5 mm audio jack and a VR Ready HDMI Port for plugging in the important input devices.

Additional Features

Speaking of additional features this computer has the latest preloaded Windows 10 operating system that makes the computer very user-friendly.

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It also has the patented highly efficient cooling system that is hardly available in other similar Gaming PCs which makes it stand out from its competition.


  • Brand: Corsair
  • Storage: 2 TB HDD
  • RAM: 32 GB
  • Storage Type: SATA
  • RAM Type: DDR4
  • Processor: Intel Core i9 9900K
  • Graphics: NVIDIA Ge Force RTX 2080 Ti
  • Processor Brand: Intel
  • Product Dimensions: 7.88 x 6.75 x 14.88 inches
  • Operating System: Windows 10

What Do Users Think of Corsair One i160?

A great way to assess any product is going by the user reviews. When it comes to this you would find that many users are more than happy with this gaming PC.

Some users claim that this is a powerful PC with a console-like design and thus very impressive. Others also claim that though it is very powerful it performs silently.

Though some feel that its performance is a bit inconsistent but overall most users are quite satisfied with it and recommend buying the same.

While these are generally standard market parts, the case configuration drives us to the Corsair One’s greatest drawback:

You can’t redesign quite a bit of it. A significant positive for work areas, ordinarily, is that you can purchase new parts and trade them in for your present yield once they begin to show their age.

On account of the One, it’s arranged only so to fit the parts accurately inside the minimized limits of the case.

Thusly, it’s not so much made to be tinkered with by the shopper post-buy, implying that the majority of the framework is unchangeable at purpose of procurement.

Other Expert Views

If you are to scan the views of experts like Toms Hardware you would also see that most experts are quite happy with the overall performance and design of this computer. They feel that though slightly priced but this computer is worth investing in.

The Verge is saying that overall performance is really good and it is cool while performing in gaming and other attributes. Little bit happy though but it is true that it is having a heavy built.

PC MAG is saying that it is having an attractive CPU speed and also having a great CPU speed and also quite at major times. If you ignore the price in front of its performance then it is a perfect thing to invest upon.

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