Corsair Vengeance 5182 Gaming PC Review – Price & Specs

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  • Not easy to repair
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  • Sometimes problem in ports

If you love PC gaming and hence crave for having a smart gaming rig, you will definitely have your dream come true. Check out Corsair Vengeance 5182 gaming PC review and best offer price.

All you need is just to narrow down the list of best gaming PCs available on the market worldwide till date. Even if you find yourself quite inefficient in doing so due to lack of knowledge, you must not be worried whatsoever.

Here one of the best gaming desktops has been picked up for review, in a way to make your search smoother & hassle-free.

The Vengeance 5182 gaming PC offered by Corsair holds the capability to win your heart and satisfy your gaming appetite for multiple years. Check out best prebuilt gaming PC.

Corsair Vengeance 5182 Gaming PC & Variants Price

Corsair Vengeance 5182 Gaming PC Review

Corsair Vengeance 5182 Gaming PC

Buy For:  Fantastic Design | Friendly Gaming desktop

Beware Of: Not easy to repair


Undeniably, the Vengeance 5182 comes at a decent price for the extraordinary features. This pre-built gaming rig assures an impeccable build quality for many years to come. It runs several latest gaming titles at 4K as well as highest visual fidelity even at fluid frame rates.

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It is absolutely the system that will cater to your needs at every pace. But all these will be your you can avail it, as it is very hard to avail.

Design & Build

The Vengeance 5182 has been thoughtfully engineered with one of the best PC cases available across the world.

The Micro ATX case used in its structure looks gorgeous, highly compact and handy to make sense.

In spite of being a compact sized device, it is able to easily accommodate the components of any length at a time.

These may include graphics cards of any sizes, a complete-sized ATX power supply, and three solid drives and dual hard drives. The system holds an overall dimension of 16 x 11 x 14 inches while it weighs about 40.7 pounds.

The Vengeance 5182 gaming PC comes with premium-quality tempered glass panels all on its three sides.

This modern feature of PC design lets you clearly see through its four RGB fans, RGB CPU cooler and RGB memory. The system appears continually shining when you are engaged in excited PC gaming.


This gaming system derives all the power from An Intel Core i7-9700 9th Gen processor situated in its hardware configuration.

The eight-core chipset has the maximum clock speed up to 4.7GHz. It offers unparalleled gaming performance without any discernible hiccups.

With such ultra-high and superfast processing power, the desktop helps you accept all the toughest gaming challenges at once.

The CPU is accompanied by NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 super graphics card that assures smooth frame rates and realistic graphics.

Having an incredible graphical power, the system supports Darksiders 3, Hitman 2, Battlefield V & other latest gaming titles in 4K settings.

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Storage & RAM

The system is packed with 16GB of Corsair VENGEANCE RGB Pro DDR4 memory.

The high-performance RAM is wonderfully lined with trendy RGB LEDs to make the desktop more impressive than you think.

The 16GB size of 2666MHz memory is sufficient to play several graphics-intensive gaming titles every now & then.

It provides you with complete multitasking ease, enabling you to handle different workloads at a single time.

More excitingly, the desktop features 2TB HDD (hard disk drive) that may grab your attention in just few seconds.

The hard drive gives you ample space to secure a large number of gaming applications, media files, 4K videos, documents and movies as well.

Ports & Connectivity

In terms of ports & connectivity slots, this gaming PC can be considered a beast.

The front panel is well equipped with dual USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports, headphone jack and microphone jack.

At the system’s back, you will find 4 USB 2.0 ports, a USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C port, a single USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-A port, three DisplayPorts, a 7.1 surround sound channel, an HDMI output and Gigabit Ethernet slot.

For smooth wireless internet connection, the PC has 802.11ac 2×2 Wi-Fi connectivity option as well.

Hence, this Corsair gaming PC offers all the essential ports to cater to your daily computing needs.

Additional Features

The Vengeance 5182 gaming desktop provides you absolute convenience to upgrade the system and its internal components in future.

The tool-less design of the PC makes it easier for you to get direct access to the slots for SSDs and hard drives.

It is the double chamber design of this Vengeance Gaming PC that assures cable management to be a hassle-free job.

The desktop is pre-installed with Windows 10 Home operating system to bring you all the latest gaming applications at your fingertips.

It is the functional Corsair iCUE software installed in the system that enables you to observe its performance.

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You can instantly enjoy RGB lighting across all the icue-compatible Corsair RGB gadgets including fans DRAM and others too.


What Do Users Think about Corsair Vengeance 5182?

According to serious gamers & creative users, the Vengeance 5182 is an effective gaming rig that smartly fulfils several computing needs too.

Almost everyone has found 4K gaming highly impressive on this gaming desktop PC.

At the same time, its elegant appearance with RGB illumination does not take so much time to grab one’s eyes.

Some of the existing users of this PC has strongly recommended it for professional-level PC gaming.

Moreover, the system works great in order to manage various creative tasks & other pressurized workloads in time.

Other Expert Views

Leading computer expert Toms Hardware online reviewers like Tech Radar have appreciated the combination of high-end hardware components housed in the system. The Vengeance 5182 is truly a revolutionary desktop PC that ignites the flame of real gaming in every participant. The PC is well equipped with manifold advanced features to take you to the fantastic world of gaming every time you take part.

PC Magazine is saying that this is packed with an upgrade friendly desktop and sleekly designed. It is full of power and has a great workability and functional approach.

Tech Power is saying it is having a great functional approach with a fantastic system if you are looking for a good view point.

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