CORSAIR Vengeance 6180 Gaming PC Review – Price & Specs

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  • Great design
  • Radeon RX graphics
  • AMD Ryzen CPU
  • Storage is great for performance
  • Immensely compact


  • Not available at times
  • Not always available
  • Loud at times
  • Turns hot at times
  • Not easy to assemble

In case you are looking for a gaming computer the first and foremost thing that you would look for is that it must be completely reliable. Check out CORSAIR Vengeance 6180 gaming PC review and best offer price.

Gone are the days when computer gaming used to be merely a hobby. Now with the bog money involved it has become a serious profession that many are seriously pursuing.

If you look at the Corsair Vengeance 6180 gaming computer, you can indeed expect reliable overall performance. Check out best prebuilt gaming PC.

This is a very powerful gaming computer loaded with some of the most advanced features, whether it is its speed, the overall design, graphics or storage capacity, it is ideally engineered to take your computer gaming skills to the next level and make you highly competitive.

CORSAIR Vengeance 6180 Gaming PC & Variants Price

CORSAIR Vengeance 6180 Gaming PC Review

CORSAIR Vengeance 6180 Gaming PC

Buy For: Great design | Radeon RX graphics

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Beware Of: Not available at times


Given the incredible performance levels, the highly sophisticated NVA RDNA architecture to deliver superb graphics, and the liquid cooling technology which enables this Corsair gaming computer to remain very cool even if it functions over long periods, it is all that you would look for in the ideal gaming computer.

The best thing about it is that it is NOT so reasonably priced. So considering all these factors this Corsair gaming computer is the perfect in the current gaming scenario but as it is not always available and remains hot at times.

Design & Build

When it comes to design you would be happy to know that this Corsair gaming computer has been very smartly designed.

It has been engineered to deliver a high speed that is most essential in any gaming computer now.

Along with this to deliver the ultimate gaming experience this computer also has the AMD Ryzen CPU & Radeon RX 5700 Series graphics card with the Navi RDNA architecture.

The design is such that it also looks very attractive, owing to the very smart and dazzling RGB LED synchronized lighting system.

Besides, it has been designed in a way with liquid cooling technology it stays cool for long hours.

The best part of the design is it is very flexible and can easily be upgraded at any time.


Speaking of performance, what you look for in any gaming computer, you can expect a high level of performance from this Corsair gaming PC.

It has been provided with the most sophisticated features that enable it to do so.

To begin with, this pc is powered by the very powerful 3rd gen AMD Radeon 7 3700 X, and the Radeon RX 5700 graphics.

As a result, you would get the ideal speed that is very important for any gaming computer in this highly competitive industry.

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It is also very compact at the same time.

Combined with the superb graphics that this gaming computer has been provided with you can experience the ultimate gaming experience that you seek in this current gaming environment.

Also in order to enable it to stay cool over long hours this Corsair computer also makes use of the liquid cool technology.

This computer is also driven by the very efficient Corsair iCUE software that is very fast.

The computer also has a high-resolution display screen for a great user experience which complements the high-quality graphics of the computer very well.

So given all the highly advanced features of this PC, you can rest assured that you would get the performance from this gaming PC.

Storage & RAM

To meet the latest requirements of the current gaming industry this computer has been provided with the more than adequate 2 TB Hard Disk Drive.

Te 2 TB storage is surely more than sufficient even to store the most advanced and latest games and applications.

Along with the high storage, the great thing about this Corsair gaming desktop is that it also has the above then the standard 16 GB DDR4 3200 RAM.

With this high capacity RAM, you can perform multiple actions with complete ease and ensure that this PC has great speed.

Ports & Connectivity

Amongst the various important things that any modern gaming device must-have, the connectivity is of utmost importance.

The good news with this highly advanced gaming pc is that it offers great wireless communication as well.

This does both over Wi-Fi as well as over BlueTooth. Thus on buying the pc you can be sure that getting connected instantly is no problem.

Apart from this computer also has several ports. Check out CORSAIR Vengeance 5185 Gaming PC Review.

So with this, you can easily plug in USBs as well as various input devices too that often become essential in any gaming computer.

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Additional Features

When it comes to additional features there are the 140 individually addressable RGB LED lights that are fully customizable and synchronized throughout the system.

This is what gives the computer a very attractive look.

Apart from this as a part of the additional features, it has the liquid cooling technology that enables the computer to stay cool even if it operates over a long time.

You would also be happy to note that this computer has 1 CR2 battery that is required included in it.


What Do Users Think about CORSAIR Vengeance 6180?

If you go through the user reviews you would find that most users are quite happy with the overall performance and the design of this computer.

Many have found this an ideal gaming computer which surely enhances the gaming performance of the users.

But the price and unavailability will be an issue.

Other Expert Views

Most experts like Tech Power Up are quite impressed with this computer. They are quite happy with the overall design and the level of performance it offers. Some experts are quite happy with the fact that this computer is “NOT” reasonably priced and feel that it is an ideal buy at the price at which it is available.

Toms Hardware is saying that if you are having a strong premium gaming desktop then this Vengeance is a strong option for every user.