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  • This gaming desktop comes with quite standard configurations.
  • The purchasing price of this product is quite reasonable.
  • This is a perfect choice for beginners to run any easy to moderate task.
  • The users can enjoy most of the recently released AAA games, but they have to compromise with the graphics.
  • Having the hybrid storage configuration, this computer can offer faster processing.


  • To perform high-end tasks, this computer is not recommended.
  • The capacity of the solid-state drive is insufficient for the gamers of this generation.
  • Some of the users can face issues with the installed RGBs.
  • The cooling system of this PC is not of advanced level.
  • The most useful USB Type-C port is missing from this device.


This is a moderately configured gaming system made for moderate uses and is available at a very comprehensive price tag. The combined outcome of this PC is quite stable but it is not sufficient for the professionals.

CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Master GMA888A4 & Variants Price



In the last few years, the universe of computer gaming has witnessed a lot of changes.

Through these rapid changes, various advanced technologies are introduced. From display resolution to speed, everything has changed a lot.

CyberpowerPC is such an international PC manufacturer, which mainly offers high-end systems, which are suitable for high-end gamers.

Such high-end gaming systems come with very high specifications and mainly, for this reason, such products are too costly.

For an entry-level gamer, it is quite impossible to invest such a huge amount of money initially.

To grab such entry-level gamers, the company has started to launch moderately configured gaming desktops, in recent years.

This type of PC is not too costly like the other high-end gaming desktops.

For the entry-level gamers and for those who want to purchase a very decently performing computer, this type of easily affordable system is one of the best options to go with.

This CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Master GMA888A4 Gaming PC has a very standard configuration and for this reason, it can produce a very standard performance with moderate workloads.

It is advised not to run any high-end task on this computer. For its moderate configurations, this device is unable to process high-end tasks smoothly.  

Buy for: This PC is available at an affordable price tag. It can offer very stable performance. For easy to moderate tasks, this is one of the affordable and wise choices.

Beware of: High-end users will not be satisfied by using this PC. The users need to upgrade the initial capacity of the Ram and SSD, to make it more proficient. This computer is unable to handle 4K contents.

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Best uses for: Gaming, Dota 2, photo editing and other purposes.

Design & Build

Unique eye-catching design, RGB light, transparent glass panel, etc have become the basic identities of a gaming PC.

Like the other gaming desktops, this product has plenty of RGBs. The main color theme of the device is black and white.

The entire device is quite compact and is placed upon four small stands. The front panel of the case is white and there is a logo of the company at the bottom side of it and the logo is silver in color.

Half of the portion of the front panel has transparent glass. Through the sturdy glass panel, one can easily observe two ring lights.

These lights are placed just behind the glass panel. The logo of the company is also embedded in the centre of the ring lights.

On a regular desktop, we can find some USB ports on the front panel. To enhance the beauty of the front panel the manufacturer has shifted these ports to the upper panel of the chassis of this gaming desktop.

Another large RGB ring light has been placed at the rear panel of the case. This big ring light and the other components that are installed in this gaming desktop are visible through the transparent side glass panel.

The quality of the glass is quite good and is not easily breakable. By looking at the device from the outside one can find only one or two wires in it.

The cables inside the case are managed quite professionally. For sufficient air ventilation, the upper panel has got plenty of vents and upon that panel, there is a dust filter.

The entire upper panel is black. At the rear side, there are also some ventilation holes and most of the ports are located at this side.

The other side panel is also black. Like the other gaming systems, this one is not so bulky.


Besides attractive design, the gaming PCs have to offer very high performance. A gaming computer must have the capability to process various data quite smoothly.

On this note, the configurations of the system play the most crucial role and among various parts, the processor and the GPU play the most important roles.

In every gaming desktop, an efficient dedicated graphics card is very necessary. In the universe of graphics cards, Nvidia is still the ruler.

The company has varieties of updated graphics cards with different price tags. To play most of the updated AAA, real-time games, a GPU of Nvidia is a must in a PC.

This gaming computer of CyberpowerPC has Nvidia GeForce GT 1030. This graphics card is the most affordable and efficient choice to play games with 1080 pixels.

The capacity of the graphics card in this device is 2 GB. This is a good graphic card for beginners but it is not recommended to perform any high-end task or to play various games passionately.

The users can get very clear visuals by using this graphic card as it has DirectX 12 technology. The users will get good fps, from the GPU’s end, but they have to keep the game settings as low as possible.

In order to avail this desktop at an affordable price, the developers have attached a processor of AMD in it.

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We all know that the price of the products of AMD is comparatively less than the processors of Intel. Nowadays, in terms of performance, both are in the same class.

Even in some cases, we can see that AMD’s processors are offering more features than the similar components of Intel. This gaming PC has AMD Ryzen 3 3100, as its processor.

The average clocking speed of this processor is 3.6 GHz, and this clocking frequency is more than enough to smoothly play Dota 2 with moderate game settings.

This quad-core processor can offer very fast processing and it is a good option for effortless multitasking.

This processor comes with advanced Zen architecture and to enjoy any light to moderate level game, this processor is a good choice.

Having sufficient cache memory the responsiveness of this processor is not bad. By using a VR glass with this computer, the users can also enjoy the contents in 3D.

To maintain the inner temperature of the case within a limit, the manufacturer has installed cooling fans in this device, and to offer sufficient airflow there are plenty of ventilation holes on the chassis.

Windows 10 Home is the operating system, on which this PC runs and it is pre-installed in it.

Storage & RAM

Besides gaming purposes, such affordable gaming systems are also widely used by users to perform various multi-tasking tasks.

Besides a decent processor and graphics card, the multitasking capability of a computer is also vividly dependent upon the capacity of the primary memory and the type of storage that is present in that particular computer.

Two types of storage drives are available in the market. The traditional one is called the HDD. These are mechanical drives.

The price of such storage drives is comparatively less than the other version. The updated type of storage drive is solid-state drives.

SSDs have no mechanical parts. For this reason, the chances of getting collapsed are very low. But, SSDs are too costly than HDDs.

This particular gaming computer of CyberpowerPC has an HDD of 2 TB and this PC has a hybrid storage configuration.

That means both HDD and SSD are present in it. The capacity of the SSD of this gaming desktop is 240 GB.

To make the processing of the computer speedy and to make the device more productive, it is requested to install all the software in the SSD.

The 2 TB HDD is very helpful to the users to store various huge data. The primary memory of this gaming system is 8 GB.

This initial RAM capacity is sufficient for experiencing smooth multitasking and to play games with moderate settings this Ram capacity is quite good.

There are four Ram slots in this product. Three of them are left empty and these slots can be used to upgrade the capacity of the RAM.

If the users upgrade the RAM section of this product, then they can experience smoother processing from it.

The initial capacity of the SSD may seem to be insufficient for many users. The upgradation facility is also present in this section.

Hence, the users can install an SSD of their required capacity by replacing the initial 240 GB SSD.

One thing that needs to be noted is that there is only one NVMe slot. That indicates the users can use only one SSD at a time on this PC.

Ports & Connectivity

As this type of gaming system is vividly used for performing various multitasking tasks, these two sections are very crucial.

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This product of CyberpowerPC is a full tower gaming desktop. For this reason, there is plenty of space for USB ports.

And it has numerous USB ports. We have already mentioned earlier in this article that some of the input or output ports are placed on the upper panel of the case and the rest are located at the rear section of it.

There are a total of six USB 3.1 ports and two USB 2.0 ports. For Ethernet connectivity, this desktop has one RJ45 port. This device has inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity of version 802.11 AC.

By using this advanced wireless connectivity, the users can connect various peripherals wirelessly to the desktop.

This feature helps casual and multitasking users a lot to perform their regular jobs. A full set of 7.1 audio channels is present in this computer.

By using these audio ports, the users can get HD audio output.

Additional Features

The RGB lights that are present in this computer have seven colors in them. The users can change the color by using buttons only.

These RGBs are not controllable by any software or remote. This affordable compact gaming desktop comes with a USB wired gaming keyboard and with a wired gaming mouse.

The specifications of the device are partially upgradable. But the users cannot install a liquid cooling system on this PC.

The users will get access to the inner section of the chassis through the side panel, which has transparent glass. 1 year’s parts and labor warranty is attached with this product.


What Do Users Think About CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Master GMA888A4?

The users who use this PC for performing casual, regular jobs are satisfied with the performance and speed of it.

And being available at a very affordable price this PC helps many gamers to fulfill their dream of purchasing a gaming desktop.

But this desktop’s specifications are not up to the mark according to the many high-end users.

Heating issues, some interesting noise, insufficient SSD capacity, lack of liquid cooling are the main reasons for which the high-end users avoid this deal.

Many users have stated that they have faced major issues with the installed RGB lights. These lights were getting off automatically.

Some users said that the manufacturer should give special attention to the cooling section of the PC. The system has severe heating issues.

Even while performing multi-tasking for a long time, they have faced hanging issues and this problem is the consequence of overheating.

The beginners and the entry-level Gamers are truly satisfied with the performance of this product.