Dell Chromebook 11 3189 Review – Price, Pros, Cons & Spec

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  • A bit hefty
  • Glare on display
  • Heat up little bit
  • Not good for much works
  • Service problems

Chromebooks are a big hit with the schools. It is convenient to use and highly immune to virus attack. Dell Chromebook 11 3189 Review is based on Google’s OS.

It is a convertible piece that you can easily bend into tent and tablet modes so that the students can use the touch screen with ease.

They can easily share with their friends what they are currently busy with and interact with the Android apps as soon as Google updates its patented OS for support.

Though the laptop does not offer the brightest displays or most powerful performance, it has multiple salient features including durable body, excellent battery life and strong audio output that make it a great option for the young students.

Dell Chromebook 11 3189 & Variants Price

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Dell Chromebook 11 3189 Review

Dell Chromebook 11 3189 T8TJG 11.6-inch Traditional Laptop review2

Buy for: Sleek design and good battery life.

Beware of: Glare on display

Best uses for: Students, remote learning and other purposes.

Customized for students’ needs, the model is designed strong enough to survive abuse in the school days. The two-in-one beauty makes it super easy for the students to use the Chromebook.

The students can read and write from any mode or angle. The easily convertible device allows the students to switch between different modes namely flat, laptop, tent or tablet.

It is a kids-friendly and kids-proof model. It features a spill-resistant and sealed keyboard with Drop Protection and rubberized edges so that it can endure heavy shake and jolt in backpacks, buses, lunchrooms and lockers.

Battery has staying power even beyond the last bell. With battery life lasting for 10 hours at a stretch, it will easily get the students through their longest stay in school.

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Dell has designed this Chromebook with a view to bring evolution in the world of modern education. It features a galaxy of Google apps suited for school education, including Classroom.

The core features help both students and teachers but in different ways. The students can stay organized and connected with each other whereas the teachers can create and distribute the grade assignments more conveniently and quickly.

It enhances engagement between students and teachers, thanks to the Dell Activity Light that is an innovative 3-color LED. It comes with a visual indicator that ensures communication without any interruption.




Dell is a tech tycoon. The world-renowned name is known for its innovative technology supporting the high-end features thrown into each new system. Dell Chromebook is quite popular among the students and teaches as it offers a new mode of interaction and engagement.

This Dell Chromebook model is a beauty with a beast-like body. It is a perfect model for the school-goers while helping the teachers improve their engagement with the pupils.

Built around a Celeron processor, the Chromebook accommodates 4GB memory and 64GB eMMC drive apart from some best-in-class components.

Google gives more power to it. The device supports a wealth of Google Apps to suit particular education needs of the students.

The display quality and overall performance are definitely not the USPs of this Chromebook, still it deserves kudos for offering a number of excellent features in keeping with the students’ needs. Read more about top 10 high end Dell laptops.

Performance – Processing Power


Dell Chromebook is built around Intel Celeron N3060 processor. The device is powered by 4GB of RAM for web browsing. However, the combination is not good enough for some heavy multitasking.

During our test, we opened Netflix on one tab while watching CNN in another and the experience was pretty fine. However, as soon as we opened another tab, the machine slowed a lot.

You can keep four tabs open without any video streaming and the pages will load quickly. Up to eight pages, you will not get frustrated but beyond that, loading will be pretty much slow. Read more about top 10 high tech Laptops.

Design & Build

Design & Build

The Dell Chromebook 3189 sports a plain design. However, the look is not boring at all. The grey plastic cover sports the company logo at the centre and a Chrome logo on the top corner.

The other top corner houses a three-colour light that allows the teachers to communicate with the students without experiencing any kind of disruption.

The device features rounded corners and a rubberized strip envelops the entire outside edge in order to make it immune from shocks and bumps. The body feels durable and it will serve the students throughout their school days.

The stiff hinges prevent dislocation of the lid whenever it is bent back into tent, tablet or stand modes. However, these are not too tight to move with ease for the young students. The deck shares the same gray aesthetics with the lid.



The 11.6-inch display has a comparatively slow resolution (1366×768). Still, the system manages to offer strong colour reproduction. We watched an HD movie on YouTube while setting the HD at 720p and the colours look true and bright.

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The touch screen responds quickly. When it runs in tablet or tent mode, the device needs just a tap on the text box to produce an on-screen keyboard. It is less likely that an experienced typist will feel comfortable with such an on-screen accessory but that will work fine for short inputs.

The screen brightness felt fine for indoor use though experience will not same if you are using it near a sunny window.

Whether you are using the device in tent, tablet, laptop or flat mode, the viewing angles are extremely important. And believe us, the model delivers. The screen features wide viewing angles from top, bottom and sides.

It will be of great help for the students when they congregate around one system for collaboration.

Graphics Power

Graphics Power

No graphic co-processor is incorporated to deal with the graphic needs. That means, the Celeron processor handles the graphic requirements and works. The on-screen output is not extraordinary but definitely excellent.

The Chromebook produces enough clarity and brightness to fit the needs and expectations of the users. It is a bet that the students will find the device fine and fascinating while working on it. Check our best laptop brand list.


 Storage Parts

Under the cover, 4GB RAM and 64GB eMMC drive are installed in the slot to enhance the level of performance. The students need a good amount of storage space to save their works and that in-house memory capacity is enough to fit their requirements.

RAM contributes to fast booting whereas storage capacity prevents it from going slow even when it is burdened with multiple tasks.

The processor, RAM and storage power are three strong pillars of any device and the Chromebook scores high on all three parameters.

Battery Life


The Dell Chromebook 3189 lasts for 10 hours at a stretch on a single recharge, according to what the brand claims.

During our test, it survived 9 hours and 10 minutes even after continuous web surfing on Wi-Fi. However, that much is enough for most students to get through the longest school days without having to plugg the device in the socket.

In a word, battery life is quite impressive and good fit for the students’ needs.



You can check out the variants below. Storage capacity rises with variants and its features. You can check out the best concepts in touch and non touch variants. Depending on it you can decide which one to go for.

SL.NO CPU Capacity Style
1 Celeron N3060 16 GB Storage Nontouch
2 Celeron N3060 32 GB Storage Nontouch
3 Celeron N3060 64 GB Storage Touch


Other Specifications

Other Specifications

Dell Chromebook is packed with an array of features, some of which are more or less than average whereas others are truly excellent.

Let us start with its webcam. It is one of the downsides. The 720p camera captures rough photos without covering the details. The pixels are clearly visible and that makes the output little grainy.

The webcam is not ideal for video conferencing. However, some fun fillers allow you to play with. Those make multiple overlays on the images and the distorted images will look funny for the students.

The Chromebook 3189 comes with a decent keyboard that offers smooth and comfortable typing experience. The only hitch comes in form of slightly concave keys and the adults with long fingernails will find it difficult to type on the keyboard.

The keys offer 1.4mm of vertical travel and need 63 grams of actuation force, with both figures being slightly above the average.

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The buttonless touchpad offers the right level of sensitivity to allow scrolling with two fingers and swipe with three fingers. Unfortunately, the touchpad makes noise if tapped. It may create an illusion that the accessory is loose but that is not the case.

Dell Chromebook comes with the right number of ports including a full-size HDMI port, two USB 3 ports, an AC power jack and an SD card reader. On the right side, you will find a combo of microphone/headphone jack, a power button, a volume button, a Noble Wedge security slot and a charging status light.

If it comes to audio, the manufacturer has chosen the right kind of speakers. I was listening to Celine Dion’s famous Titanic song while setting the speaker at full volume. Honestly speaking, no distortion in sound quality was experienced. In fact, the audio output was good enough for such a small device.

I tried Final Countdown with the sound set at the farthest point and it showed the true characters of the speakers. It felt that the sound was travelling from my right year to left. The sound felt louder and better in tent mode, exposing the speakers.

I turned the volume down to 4/5th of the highest level and it was enough for us sitting just in front of the laptop. The device is perfect to show a video to a small gathering of students and they will be able to hear the sound clearly.

What Do Users Think?

Other Experts And User Reviews

According to the latest report, this Chromebook has received a grand reception from the target buyers. Find out dell chromebook 11 3189 manual.

The students, parents and teachers are happy to have such a kids-friendly item that will allow the school-goers to get busy with learning activities without facing any difficulty.

Our Verdict

Our Verdict

This Dell Chromebook 11 3189 has several elements that the students will find funny. There are several features that will cater to the purpose of a group of students when they will assemble together for an event.

The Chromebook is especially designed for the school-going kids and middle schoolers. They can use it without any difficulties and convert it into different modes without having to reach out for another’s help.

The build quality feels pretty strong, so much so that daily use and abuses during the school days won’t make it a vintage item for interior decoration.

If it comes to design, simplicity is its USP. In fact, it is a veil for its underlying sophistication. Smart finishing and smarter features make it a good fit for the students.

Display quality is not outstanding, as you will miss detailing. However, audio output is pretty excellent and perfect for a small group of students if they gather at a place to watch a video.

Designed as a multitasking device, the Chromebook performs well even if you keep eight tabs open. But beyond that, it runs slow.

Battery life is another good point about this Chromebook. In a word, the device exemplifies a strong combo of versatility, usability, durability and long-lasting battery life.

If you have a school-going kid, buy it as a surprise birthday gift for him/her.