Dell Inspiron 3168 2-in-1 Laptop Review – Price, Specs, Pros & Cons

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  • Incredible design
  • Great color
  • Portable with great graphics
  • High rated
  • Affordable


  • The Battery is sub par
  • Not so well with the storage
  • Support is not enough
  • Not always available
  • Audio is not great

Now it is all happening in the digital world. Read full Dell Inspiron 3168 2-in-1 laptop review.

Every profession, every industry can spread its wings with the help of smartest and quickest digital activities.

No matter which platform you specialize in, you will need the assistance of technologically advanced laptops every time you invent and proceed ahead.

Keeping this universal truth in mind, Dell presents fully-featured 2-in-1 laptops both for home and office.

Being the world-class provider of several computing essentials, Dell occupies a powerful position in introducing versatile laptop variants at standard price.

At the same time, Dell laptops are highly reliable to accomplish various multimedia based projects as well as to get immersed in popular online games.

Today Dell Inspiron 3168 2-in-1 Laptop Review will show you the real side of it.

It is absolutely needless to say that a number of leading brands worldwide are offering streamlined desktops and laptops to cater to the increasing demands of innumerable users.

But it is the superiority of any Dell laptop which can be measured by its trendy features and up to date technology.

The currently discussed variant under Dell Inspiron 3000 series is hardly an exceptional.

It is designed in a way to suit your exact profession, so you can utilize Dell Inspiron 3168 the way you like. Check out most popular laptop brands.

Dell Inspiron 3168 & Variant Laptops Price

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Dell Inspiron 3168 2-in-1 Laptop Review

Dell Inspiron 3168 2

Our present blog has chosen Dell Inspiron 3168 to set a critical evaluation of its overall features.

With this specific variant, Dell has succeeded in introducing high-tech convertible design at 35K range, which means the ultimate affordability to satisfy your limited budget.

With such convertible design, the device truly comes at a cheaper cost to make you instantly fall in love with it.

If you are in need of an efficient notebook for taking daily notes on your subject or making essential documents related to your business, then the Inspiron 3168 is bound to win your heart.

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Weighing just 1.5Kg, the laptop is incredibly handy and portable regardless of your destination. It means that you can carry other essential stuff too.

Though it is not the lightest as well as thinnest laptop available in the market, it is still easy to handle.

The laptop can be the favourite choice of several students and business people for its workstation and academic level power and technology.

Most of its state-of-the-art features motivate you to create something new and take your performance to the next level.




Dell Inspiron 2-in-1 laptops really invite you to have the exciting experience of mesmerizing Dell cinema with a wide spectrum of sleek design choices.

They are highly efficient and versatile in a nutshell. They bring the best of two different worlds – professional and entertainment.

All of them come with upgraded Intel Core processors, high-definition displays and reliable storage to ensure laptop capabilities in a flexible design.

Having a convertible design, the Inspiron 2-in-1 laptops offer utmost working convenience.

You are allowed to use them in notebook, tablet, tent or stand modes while editing photos, streaming your favourite videos, preparing a document or updating a blog as well.

Moreover, longer battery life up to 6 hours, high-end graphics and energy-efficient processors are some important features which have made them stand out in the crowd.

Maximum laptops belonging to Inspiron 3000 series are incredibly affordable to help you make a decision of purchase anytime and anywhere.

Apart from being affordable, they are customizable too, so that you can upgrade some of its features as per your convenience. Take a at best Dell laptop list.



Dell Inspiron 3168 is powered by Intel Celeron N3060 processor. It is one of the latest processor variants offered by Intel and it performs at a speed from 1.60GHz up to 2.48GHz with Turboboost technology.

Having 2MB L2 Cache, this processor is the backbone of this 2-in-1 notebook. For this reason, you can hardly notice any lag while throwing heavy workloads on it.

It has undergone several performance tests and achieved satisfactory score to fulfill your hectic schedule.

Either you are browsing different sites or preparing important reports or streaming movies or shows, the laptop will provide you immersive experience during every hour.

It is also graphically rich to motivate you in playing various popular gaming titles, creating an impression all around.

Design & Build


When it comes to analyze the design part of Dell Inspiron 3168, it gets highly significant as Dell has managed to offer an innovative and comprehensive design through this iconic variant.

Being available in an assortment of colors, the laptop appears bold and radiant with a glossy, sturdy finish, making a groundbreaking statement everywhere.

Its adaptable design is created to astonish you at a single glance. Its 360 degree hinge gives you four distinct modes to cater to your working needs and suit your hectic lifestyle.

Do whatever you like in your convenient mode – stream funny videos in tent mode, get connected to social media in tablet mode or make informative or elementary report in laptop mode as well.

The laptop is slim and compact enough to fit in your official bag or laptop bag without least effort. Check out 10 best laptops list.

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As a result, this 2-in-1 notebook becomes an essential business or travel accessory, accompanying you in every thrilling situation.

It comes in multiple vibrant colors like black, red, blue and white. Moreover, it ensures powerful build quality to prevent any sort of external hit or damage.



Although Dell Inspiron 3168 is a budget laptop, it has got 11.6 inch Anti-Glare HD touchscreen display with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels.

Such screen can be quite big for tablet while it seems quite small for laptops as well. But Dell has presented most of their convertible variants with this specific display size.

The visuals are absolutely clear and brighter to soothe your eyes while working for long hours.

But according to various testing, it emits average brightness in low light condition.

That means, the display provides quite darkness at different viewing angles while computing away from direct sunlight.

The touchscreen of the laptop is solid enough for its budget-friendly price.

Its LED-Backlit display shows accurate navigation and accepts three-finger navigation signals powered by Windows 10, ensuring high-level of security every time.



Dell Inspiron 3168 is well equipped with 4GB DDR3L RAM and 32GB eMMC Solid State Drive. Its 1600MHz SDRAM is highly sufficient to enable a brilliant amount of multitasking.

There will be no worry if you open a number of tabs and stream a 1080p video at a single time.

Such powerful configuration provides quickest and seamless multitasking convenience, without annoying you a little.

Furthermore, its eMMC SSD works effectively to store whatever you want to keep safe and intact for longer times.

Dell Inspiron 3168 can be an ideal choice for such robust storage feature among several users and tech geeks. Check out Dell inspiron 3168 manual.

Additional Features

Other specifications

The laptop is the home to various essential ports and connectivity to enable you to utilize it in your own way.

The right side accommodates dual USB 2.0 ports, headphone jack, volume button, power button and Noble security lock slot, whereas the left array contains HDMI output, USB 3.0 port and microSD card reader.

The keyboard of Dell Inspiron 3168 is decent for the price. It not just offers fastest and hassle-free typing experience, but also works effectively for several years.

It is technologically upgraded to lead to faster typing speed and help you complete every assignment in time.

Moreover, the button less touchpad of the notebook provides firmness to your touch. It can register every input perfectly to beat other models of its price.

For such an affordable notebook like Dell Inspiron 3168, premium quality speaker can be quite absurd and unexpected.

But the audio quality of this Dell Inspiron variant is incredibly amazing. The laptop has the potency to fill a large conference room with its superb, awe-inspiring rendition, featuring solid bass effects and crystal clear sound as well.

Dell Inspiron 3168 has many other protective features to grab your attention. The laptop can easily survive in short-term, severe heating condition even up to 65°C.

Therefore you can unhesitatingly carry the device in locked cars or keep it in any locker room. The lid of the notebook is truly sturdy and the hinges feel equally tight even after closing and opening the lid for innumerable times.

At the same time, the internal parts of the laptop are well protected by advanced technology.

As for battery, Dell is well known for ensuring long-lasting battery life to support all of your laptop activities.


Variants Laptops

You can check out there are two variants of this convertible. You can check out these two and then decide on to which one to buy:

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1 AMD 4GB 32GB
2 Celeron 4GB 32GB

Depending on the variant you can decide on to it and for the student purpose it is totally depending on to the affordability and the features.

But still if it is necessary for the student purpose then you can check out this lappy which is definitely a good call for it.

Each of these variants will complement each other with the definite features and properties that are equally giving you a perfect buyer satisfaction.

What Do Users Thinks?

Other experts

Our experts have talked to few users and compiled their opinion about this product.

It rightly goes without saying that maximum users find Dell laptop extremely reliable and multi-functional.

Most of them love its convertible design and brilliant storage capacity. But according to some, its battery life is not more than enough to run the laptop for multiple hours.

The battery could have been more powerful and standard in quality.

This 11 inch device can be considered as either big tablet, or an ultrabook or a tiny sub-notebook or an affordable convertible laptop, because of its handy and lightweight design. Its build quality is also convincing as reviewed by existing users.

Final Verdict


If you are in quest of a budget-friendly convertible notebook, Dell Inspiron 3168 will be the best of best options.

Its performance is incredibly faster than any other variant available at such price rate. Its audio quality is truly surprising and appreciable, while it offers a surfeit of fun color choices.

But it would be more attractive if powered by utmost display brightness and more powerful system battery.

It is versatile and suitable for a variety of professional tasks. Moreover, it will be the favourite choice of teenagers and young adult users.

Eventually, it is the price of the laptop that will ensure absolute comfort for you.

Honestly this laptop is not what we are actually looking for a great overall pack.

But yes if you want to think about something which is having a potentiality to carry out all your social activities then you can say yes to it.

Book it for final this lappy is the one you are looking for.

You can check out the vibrant colors and the looks it is having. In fact here you can see in grey but there are other models which are actually giving you a reason to go cool with it.

For the students and the vivacious family members this is a complete package. You can check out so many options for it.

You can also buy online and analyse the speed performance. It is also having a cloud storage facility which is no doubt helping you store files and other necessary items.

What we recommend here is that concentrate your purpose. If you are looking a lappy for the industrial purpose then this is not the right choice for you.

But if you are looking for your school or academic projects then you can buy it with a green signal.