Dell Inspiron 3670 Desktop Review

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Dell Inspiron 3670 Desktop


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  • Nice design
  • Enough storage
  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Performance


  • Price
  • Browser issues
  • Computer gets locks up
  • File misdirected
  • System showing errors


The system is definitely not the best in class but surely good enough for business users!

Dell Inspiron 3670 Desktop & Variant Products Price


This Dell Inspiron model features standard PC configuration. The machine houses reliable hardware components that deliver performance up to the mark.

Though i3 is not among the high performing processors but considering its price label, you cannot help but agree that it is fast and reliable enough.

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Dell Inspiron 3670 Desktop

Buy for: Nice design | Enough storage

Beware of: Price

Best uses for: multitasking, students, accounting, basic gaming, etc.

The alternatives:

Design & Build

I will never say that this Dell model has got an incredibly unique and fascinating look but without any doubt, it dons an engaging design with some subtle characters.

Dell Inspiron 3670 Desktop Interior View

Its shining body radiates like any polished metal and feels extremely sturdy.

It is definitely not out of the box but will not fail to tease you with its simple yet lovely look.


Wrapped around Intel Core i3-8100 processor that can pick speed up to 3.60GHz, the Dell Inspiron desktop computer is capable of offering high speed required for multitasking and memory-hungry multimedia works.

Dell Inspiron 3670 Desktop Processor

The machine is designed to be versatile and it clearly implies that the system is able to deal with any kind of work thrown at it.

During test, I experienced no problem while working on a multimedia project despite keeping multiple browsers and apps open.

Storage & RAM

The Dell Inspiron device offers plenty of storage space to allow its users to dump files, games, apps, movies and other items in the system and also ensures quick retrieval on demand.

The device houses 1TB of Hard Drive that spins at the speed of 7, 200 rpm.

Dell Inspiron 3670 Desktop Hard Drive

The amount of storage space is enough even for the heavy users and the high spinning speed makes sure that you can retrieve any file within the blink of an eye.

The system integrates 8GB DDR4-2400 RAM.

Dell Inspiron 3670 Desktop RAM

The figure is not very high but is enough for multimedia tasks and other memory hungry works.

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Ports & Connectivity

Dell has decorated the system with the necessary number of ports to enable the users to connect some most important external devices.

Dell Inspiron 3670 Rear Ports

Additional Features

The system runs on Windows 10 Home Operating System. The hardware configuration of the Dell desktop is carefully chosen and assembled to ensure compatibility with the OS.

The system comes with DVD-RW drive. The desktop offers stunning image quality in terms of clarity, detailing and resolution, thanks to integrated Intel UHD Graphics 630.

The system supports wireless connectivity, thereby making is possible for you to stay connected anywhere.

Dell Inspiron 3670 Wi-Fi Adapter

In addition, the desktop model also accommodates a 5-in-1 Media Card Reader. Check out Dell Inspiron 3670 Manual.


What Do Users Think about Dell Inspiron 3670?

The Dell Inspiron 3670 desktop is a full-size desktop computer.

It has 8 GB RAM, a 256 GB solid-state drive and 1 TB hard-disk drive which help the users to store huge amount of data and its SSD helps the user to transfer large amount of data in a very small time.

As a full-size desktop computer, the parts which are used here can easily be upgraded and this device allows the users to replace its parts when those are no longer in use.

It offers 3.5mm microphone and audio out port. 7th generation Intel processor is used in it which can process any job in a flick of time and reduces the precious time of the users.

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One of the drawbacks of it is that it is not made for high end gaming.

Our Testing & Analysis Report

We extensively tested the Dell Inspiron 3670 desktop for multitasking purposes and were very pleased with its overall performance.

While working on multiple casual applications, we were able to smoothly switch between them. Applications such as Microsoft Office Suite, Google Chrome, and Adobe Photoshop were tested, and we did not experience significant lag.

However, it is not recommended to rely on this device for regular use of classified applications due to its 8GB of RAM, which limits processing speed.

The Dell Inspiron 3670 desktop is a reliable option for students. They can smoothly work on applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Adobe Reader.

This device can also facilitate attending online classes through platforms like Google Meet. Additionally, students can use this device for entertainment purposes.

We also tested this device by playing low-graphical games such as Minecraft, Fortnite, GTA Vice City, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Far Cry 2, and Max Payne 2.

By adjusting the game settings to the lowest possible, we achieved decent FPS and enjoyed these games on this PC. Therefore, this device can be considered for playing casual, low-graphical games.

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